My long book wish list

Yesterday my mum and I were laughing about how I have such a long Wish List. And yes, a large majority of the stuff on there are - guessitguessitguessit - books. Books are life. (Words are life, Liesl.) I love books, I LOVE THEM I LOVE THEM. Seriously, I could not live without books.

They make me soooo happy.

So of course I need new ones. :-P At least, like ten. Because I have SO much room left in my bookcase. (That last sentance was sarcastic. But those other sentences about having ten new ones weren't. I totally need more than ten new books.)

So, are you ready?

Oh yeah, that's on my wishlist too. Time. (Wouldn't it be nice if you could buy that? I would love to be able to buy time. I'd buy a lot of free time. :-D)


1. Books I already have, but want to re-buy because of the beautiful new covers.


I just can't. (I mean, I can LOOK at them. Seriously, all I can do is look at them. They're so beautiful and ahhh, I want to buy them allll.) I'm especially considering to buy the Anne books. I have a copy of Anne of Green Gables, with Megan Fellows on the front, but it's so tattered and crumpled - I really need a new one. (Plus, I yesterday discovered that Emma has that beautiful Anne of Green Gables copy, so I'm freaking out with jealousy. Haha.) I also have a Rilla of Ingleside copy, but it's a rather cheap one - the cover seriously looks like some kind of ghost story.

And that Jane Eyre cover. OH OH OH. These are all so cryingly beautiful. I have such a weakness for covers.

This is me reading Rilla of Ingleside. :-( Yeah, I REALLY need that purple Rilla of Ingleside copy. Tell me I need it, peeps - you give me confidence, you know. I need someone to tell me rush over to Amazon and pop some things in 'The Basket.' :-P

I'll listen to you. :-P

2. Books I have on kindle/ read but not own and wish to own for realsies.

Ah. The Sweetest Thing. I've read this book twice and I LOVE it, but I don't actually own a copy. I bought it last year, but not for myself - I sent it to America as a Christmas present for my very best of friends, Emma. Soooo. I need to buy it again. (If you're looking for a present for your friends - 'The Sweetest Thing' is a lovely book about friendship. Highly recommended.)

And the other books I have on my kindle - but I NEED to have them. Like, I hardly have any Montgomery books to hold and to turn pages of

Also, which classics-geek DOESN'T have To Kill a Mockingbird in their bookshelf? See? I need one.

Yeah, I also want a library. You're not alone.


3. Books I haven't read and want to buy.

Sooo. I have MILLIONS of books I haven't read that I want to, so don't think I only have eight. In fact, my Goodreads page tells me I have 110 books on my To-Read list. (Which says a lot, because I'm very careful about quickly clicking on 'Want to Read'.)

But yeah, these here are some. 
1. I want to read Fly Away Home because I've heard so much about it and because I love Rachel Heffington's writing style from her blog and because HEY THE GORGEOUS COVER. (Let me die.) 
2. I want to read Jubilee Trail because I loved 'Celia Garth' and I simply NEED to read more of Gwen Bristow's books. 
3. Fifteen, I will probably never buy, because it's far to easy for me, plus it's about a teenage romantic relationship - but it looks so vintage and cute, and I want to read it. 
4. I've heard so much about Ain't we got Fun' and also, I loooove the cover. And the whole idea.
5. I want to read I will always write back sooo badly because it's about a LETTER RELATIONSHIP. I've decided I love letter relationship books so much. :-)
6. I NEED to read True Grit because.... Emma. :-)
7. Eva has always told me I really need to read Jack Cavanaugh's books - and I really need to, she's right. Dear Enemy looks like the one that I would enjoy the most.
8. Aaaaand of course. I have to read The book of The year, Go Set a Watchman.

.... For starters. :-P



(Seriously, if you're a boy and you're interested in me - the way I'll maybe start being interested in you is by making these bookshelves for me.) :-P


  1. Books are so important. Truly. They are :)
    I especially love that first group, y'know, with all the lovely covers. Seriously--they're ADORABLE! Are they all designed by the same person? They look like they could be. I think my favorite is the "Little Women" one, although the GWTW picture is also amazing.

    Right now, a lot of the books on my "wish list" are nonfiction, instead of fiction, which is weird :) I think it's because I'm so busy with college and with my own writing, I don't have so much time to look for new fiction books that I want. But I really wish I had a copy of "The World of Jeeves" for my very own. I also want a "new" old copy of "The Complete Father Brown" because the old design and layout was so much nicer. (Father Brown is my favorite detective of all time, and he was created by my favorite author of all time, G. K. Chesterton, which makes it even better. :) )

  2. Oh yes, Naomi, I would buy lots of free time too. I so need more of that :)

    Wow, that Rilla of Ingleside cover is sooo beautiful!! And they have the wedding cake on there too, haha.

    I love that gif :D

    I've actually never read To Kill A Mockingbird, so, well . . . But I don't know if you'd call me a classics geek, anyway :)

    Oh my goodness, I love that bookshelf! And yeah, I need a library. How'd you know? :)

  3. Oh my! Those covers are sooo beautiful! I think I especially love the Pride and Prejudice one. The little red flowers really make it 'pop'.
    Do you really have a 'basket' on Amazon? I have 'cart'. I almost wish it were basket because I like the sound of that better.
    I know what you mean though; there's something so wonderful about real books, and covers to actually leave about looking pretty.
    Oh! I've been wanting to read Fly Away Home too; and my library has Dear Enemy so I'm going to try to read that one soon. And I think you would absolutely love Ain't We Got Fun! It's sooo sweet and fun.
    Lovely post Naomi!

  4. I knew it!! I saw you'd reblogged my book gif and I was like Hmmmmm Naomi will use this in a book post I betcha. I log in this morning WHAAHAY! XD *pats self on back*

    Hope you don't mind me borrow/stealing this idea like your dream one becuase I'd just made a list of books I'd love to buy and this post came up soooooooo xD
    Gives me somthing to do today as well.

    Yes yes yes that copy of Rilla, ohmywordy! SO pretty! Oh we have little ADORABLE little bookstore at our state libarary and they stock the most BEUATIFUL covers of the classics. That's where I got my Little Women edition I was telling you about. Anyways, I'll get the train in this afternoon and peruse and see if anything catches my eye. Maybe photograph it and email you. I think you can order online too.


  5. OH! I have a book reccomendation for you, mum got me this lovely book and it sounds right up your alley cause you "love letter books"

    Oh.. you've already read it. Tehee!

  6. Ooohhh, those covers are all so pretty! I especially love those copies of Pride and Prejudice and Emma. Gone With the Wind has such a neat design too! I was at a bookstore with friends once when I saw that copy of Emma and they moved on while I gazed at its beauty for a minute or two. So lovely! :)

    Oh, speaking of bookstores, I went to one over the weekend looking for the Emily of New Moon series with my sister, but we found that copy of Rilla of Ingleside instead. I thought the paper looked a bit gray but the text was a nice size and it has such a pretty cover! You should invest in a better copy, if it's one of your favorites! :)
    (Slightly random, but I LOVE this copy of Anne of Ingleside, it's so cute! http://penguinrandomhouse.ca/books/116245/anne-ingleside#9781770498655 )
    To Kill a Mockingbird is on my to-read list. I really should read it, especially since Go Set a Watchman has recently come out! :)

    This was such a fun post to read!


  7. If you like letter relationship books, then you will probably like the first of the Wings of the Nightingale series- With Every Letter. I really enjoyed that trilogy. :)

    I loved seeing all the books you have here- I want to go book shopping now :D

  8. Ahh, books. I wuv dem. :-D
    Yes, I wish I had more time to read too!! (Haha, and why would you have to buy FREE time?! It's free, duh! ;-P)
    I don't own any kindle/e-reads stuff, they're all literal books and I hope to keep it that way. :-)
    Oh, that book, "The Sweetest Thing" looks gorgeous - I just put it on my to-read list, after I found out our library has it! Yay! :-D
    Oh, we own To Kill a Mockingbird but I haven't read it yet (and YES, it's on my to-read list!)
    Yup, I NEED a library. I hope I marry a rich man. ;-P
    I second Emma - True Grit is a must. :-)
    Haha, my what an...uh...interesting book shelf! ;-) Very artistic, but you wouldn't be able to fit many books on it...I suppose you just have a bookshelf AS WELL and call that one the decoration for the room (in place of a picture frame :-P). Yes, that would work. All I need is a wall that is free....huh, that's not happening. :-P (I believe we own around....*counts on fingers*....10 bookshelves. You know, the full length wall kind. And yes, they're all full to the brim. (They contain some school books and children books as well as novels and everything in between, though.))
    I haven't actually counted my 'to-read list', it's just one I scribble on, beside my bed, but I'd estimate that there's around 40-50 books on it. *sigh* And I want to read them all sssoooo badly....
    Well, I suppose the smartest thing to do is take my face away from the computer and stick it into a book! ;-)
    ~Miss Meg March

  9. Yes I spelt Beautiful wrong earlier.. hush.. :P

  10. Jessica, I know, they're extremely important. No, I don't think they're designed by the same person - I LOVE them all sooo much, though. I love the graphic, but yet old-fashioned and simple style of them.
    Oh yes, my brother loves 'Father Brown'! I should read some Chesterson. :-)

    Rosie, I know. Don't we all? :-P
    Well, 'To Kill a Mockingbird' isn't really a classic-classic - it's a modern classic. But still, I really love it, and I want a copy. :-)
    I just know. :-D

    Mary, isn't it beeeeautiful?!!!!
    Oh, you have a cart. We have a basket. :-D Is that a British/American thing? Maybe. I use Amazon.uk. :-)
    I read your 'Ain't we go Fun' review - that's what made me want to read it!

    Evie, Did I? I actually remember pinning those gifs from someone else's board. Well, maybe it was your board. :-P
    Oh yes, steal ahead. :-) And that bookstore sounds GOLDEN. Yes, I've DEFINITELY read 'The Geurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society' (phew! What a mouthful.) I LOOOOOVED IT. :-D

    Emily, the Emma copy is really beautiful! You should've bought it. :-D
    Thank you for telling me, Emily, now I REALLY MUST buy the Rilla of Ingleside copy. :-) (A pity it's a bit grey-purple, though. But never mind.)
    Ohhh! That Anne of Ingleside copy is very pretty! I love the picture and the reddish-ness. :-)

    Morg, actually, I have read that one. And LOVED it. It was the cutest thing ever. :-)

    Miss Meg March, I know. Free time should be free. :-D (You're the only one who got my joke! Haha.)
    I TOTALLY recommend 'the Sweetest Thing.' It really IS sweet. :-D Haha, I hope I marry a rich man too. :-) (Remember Mr Darcy? He has a library. ;-P)
    I know, that bookshelf doesn't fit many books - I'd DEFINITELY need another one. (I don't have place in my room for that either. Maybe in my future home. It would really be cool. :-D)
    I KNOW. OUR LONG TO-READ LISTS. It's hard. :-D

    ~ Naomi

  11. BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS! It's so fun to hear you ramble about books. Really, it is. :-)

    *gasps at the beauty of all the covers*

    I am quite fond of my AofGG book. ;-) I saw it at a used bookstore and literally could not walk away without buying it. (Yes, I have problems. Don't we all.) And I allllllmost bought that Little Women at the same store...but then I figured I'd probably better read it first before I buy it. (Plus my mama already has a copy. Plus I don't even really like the book that much.)

    I gave mama Jane of Lantern Hill for Christmas! Only it wasn't that copy -- it looked more like the Emily of New Moon book. It was real pretty though. :-) Oh, I didn't know you never had a real copy of The Sweetest Thing! Poor dear!

    You know, I don't have To Kill a Mockingbird either! There is not one copy in our entire household! *gasp* What kind of an American family are we?! ;-P I always get the library's copy to read, because it's the one I read first and I love it. :-)

    Jubilee Trail! I've been wanting to read that one too! They have it at my library, so I probably will soon. (It's much thicker than Celia Garth -- maybe that's why it intimidates me a tiiiiiny bit.) Awww, Fifteen looks kinda cute -- though teenage romances can be super annoying. ;-P

    TRUE GRIT. Oh, yes, yes, YES! (Although, isn't that the movie poster? I don't think there's actually an edition that looks like that. Though there are some pretty cool ones.) My copy is kind of modern and boring, but I bought it anyway. The copy I read from the library is old and tattered and has the original Mattie picture on the front...*sigh* I love that book so much. :-)

    I still don't really want to read Go Set a Watchman. You be the brave one and read it first!

    *drools over the bookshelves*


  12. Ooooh!! I like this post! Books are so wonderful! And, wow! Those covers are lovely! They'd definitely be a nice addition to your library!

    Aww! I like the little crying gif. He's so cute. Hmmm...perhaps I shouldn't read Rilla of Ingleside if it's going to make me cry. Does it have a happy ending?

    I've read Jane of Lantern Hill and To Kill A Mockingbird. I don't own them myself either, but I agree, you definitely should have those books on your shelf. I plan to buy them eventually. The Sweetest Thing sounds like a really good book (and I like the cover, too!). I really need to make out a list of books to read!

    I just read Go Set A Watchman a few weeks ago. It's not as good as To Kill A Mockingbird but it definitely kept my interest. It's a rather emotionally packed story so be prepared for some heartache. ;) I know for myself I was feeling in mental anguish right along with Scout. It ends well, though. At least, I thought so. Some of it was a little confusing and hard to follow--I almost think it was not fully edited--but it was worth the read. Harper Lee really has a way with words. Her characters are so real.

    Lovely post!

    ~Miss March

  13. I love beautiful covers. I have leather/leather look sets of classics just to admire. I like the new illustrated covers for L.M. Montgomery books;here is an example from Amazon.

    I want the book shelf tree that I have seen on Pinterest at some point.

    I have some many different book lists/challenges plus I have saved links to other bloggers lists, so that I can add more suggestions later.

  14. Oooh, yes, I want those new beautiful covers too. They're all so lovely. I think I may like those editions of Jane Austen's books best, though. Like the Emma one. :)
    Hahaha, I think we have the same Rilla copy. I agree that it is a little ghost-story-ish. Or just overly romantic. But I do like it. :) Does it have Rilla looking over her shoulder with Ken in the background?
    But yes, you need that copy of Rilla. :) Get it. Life is too short not to.
    I need to write a lot of the books you listed on MY to read list, now. Thank you for the ideas! ;)

  15. Natalie, No, I have this Rilla of Ingleside copy: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-X0JVG8tADoQ/TuJxQcu38hI/AAAAAAAAD0I/IosR1_IR9cI/s1600/Rilla%2Bof.jpg
    The one you have is kinda romantic, but the one I have is more spooky than romantic. Also, Rilla looks like a ghost. :-/

    ~ Naomi

  16. This is such a fun post:D

    Okay, SO. YESH THOSE COVERS. Lemme tell you, there is this specific bookstore I've gone to twice now (it's hours from where I live, so, ya know) that has some of THE MOST AMAZING COVERS EVER. Like those, it has that LW cover and the AoGG (I think), and I'm not sure about the others but they look like them. And it has some of those truly awesome ones that are bound in some sort of faux leather and have those quotes from the book sprinkled around the title. It's quite something--I HAD to have one of Peter Pan for my parents to tuck away for Christmas:D

    Anywho, yes, wonderful lists! Like Emma, I'm a little apprehensive of reading GSaW, hehe. And yes, you should read True Grit! It's got the cleverest dialogues. Very good:)

    Thanks for a lovely post, m'dear!

  17. Naomi,
    Oh, okay. Haha, you're right. It is spooky and ghost-like. I hope you can get the copy you want soon! :)


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