My top 10 most beautiful movies

I stole this idea from Olivia, who posted her list here - she graciously allowed me to steal it. Thank you, Olivia! :-)

A lot of movies are good. Just plain awesome, and all that. But some really stick out in their beauty. There are some movies where every screencap is beautiful; every angle filmed is pause-worthy. These are the movies I want to drool over today. So here are my ten prettiest movies... in no specific order, because I'm cryingly bad at putting things in orders (although the ones at the beginning I love more than the ones at the end - roughly.)

1. Downton Abbey

My, my. Downton Abbey is beautiful. Every screencap makes me want to make a new header to put it in it. :-) No really - every single one (weeelll, practically all of them, okay) is just a delight to look at. The bobbing hats, the jingling dresses, the steamy kitchen, the fancy stairs, the crunchy village. It's a feast for the eyes. :-)
Gah, I can't describe how beautiful this series is.

2. Cinderella 2015

I haven't seen this yet, but I know is breath-takingly gorgeous. It's fairy-tale-like gorgeous, with twinkly swishes, colourful elegance and magical attic-rooms. I've seen pictures of the ball, and totally fallen in love with anything and everything about it. It's all so fresh and sparkly and.... *sigghh* I really have to see this movie so badly.

3. The Sound of Music

When I think of 'The Sound of Music', a picture of the beautiful gazebo, the elegant lake and the pink lemonade in tinkly glasses comes to my mind, and THAT'S BEAUTIFUL. This movie is also sheer delight for the eyes. The interiors of the von Trapp's house - the exteriors of the garden - and even the dark shades of the Abbey.

4. Anna Karenina

I haven't seen this movie, so I can't recommend it, but I've totally swooned over screencaps and pictures. The dresses are such pastel-coloured statements, and the men are so dashing in their blinking light costumes. The ball room is all twinkly and perfectos. I want to see this movie just for the beauty of the rooms and costumes and areas. It's beautiful.

5. The Great Gatsby

Again, I haven't seen this, so I can't recommend it - but I know this movie is BEAUTIFUL. In fact it's perhaps even over-the-top bling-ish. There's shattering glassy parties, with sparkling dances and bubbling champagne. There's breezy rooms with white fluttering curtains. I've seen pictures of darling houses with purple and yellow flowers all over the place. It looks so pretty. I just wish the story was good.

6. Gone with the Wind

Despite the fact that it was filmed in the days when camera tricks weren't possible to make it more swoon-ish, this movie is a feast for the eyes. Especially those scenes with the blazing red skies. I remember when I watched the movie first, I thought it was so beautiful - I really practically lived in Tara for several months. I wanted to have a white frilly dress and sit like a queen on the butterfly-like porch. Ahhh.... it's pretty.

7.  The Young Victoria

I remember, after watching this, emailing Emma in all caps, screaming about the sheer beauty of this movie. I did, didn't I, Emma? Because it's TRUE. This movie is beautiful. Julian Fellowes might get some things wrong, but he does know how to make a movie pretty. He really does. The Young Victoria is a royalty movie, so obviously there's loads of rich lavish-ness about it. But even the rainy out-side scenes and beautiful... ahhhh.

8. Marie Antoinette

This a movie I'm probably never going to watch because I've heard it has some very unsuitable stuff in it (argh movie makers.) But my, I wish I could, because it's BEAAAAUTIFUL. No really, it deserves all and every cap. It's EXAGGERATINGLY beautiful. It's scrumptious, sickly-pink, candy-sweet kind of beautiful. I've seen loads of pictures. The gowns are like cupcakes. The shoes are frilly and lavish. EVERYTHING is ridiculously over-the-top-amazing.

9. Chariots of Fire

I have an unquenchable fondness for the seaside, and Chariots of Fire starts with the seaside. Therefore I find this movie beautiful. But it really is. The Scotland highlands are perfectly beautiful - there are English garden scenes, with fluffy garden robes and perfectly creme-coloured fluttery dresses. It's charming, charming. And the prettiest part is the five-second scene where Sybil Gordon finds out that Abraham won and we see her bedroom - filled with glass perfumes and hair stuff. It's gorgeous. I wish I could find a screencap of it, but I can't.

10. Singin' in the Rain

This is another of those lavish, roaring twenties, magical-like movies. All the lights in the dark nights and movie-stuff. And the fact that it's a musical makes it all jumpy and cheerful and even more twinkly. I really love this. I also love that everything is so perfectly symmetrical (there's a musical for you. :-P)

What are some of your 'prettiest movies?'


  1. Beatuiful choices--I love South Pacific (in spite of their unusual color experiments). Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is also lovely.

  2. I always live in Tara. :) & I agree about Downton Abbey! So lovely! :)

  3. Beautiful choices! I haven't seen some of the movies also but I know that indeed they are gorgeous!

  4. Oh, I ADORE Chariots of Fire!!
    AND I TOO LOVE THE INCREDIBLY TOO SHORT SCENE OF SYBIL'S DRESSING ROOM. It's soooooo beautiful. I really really really want it. :) And I also think Sybil looks incredibly pretty without all her makeup. She pulls off the red lipstick very well, but part of me thinks she's prettier without it. :)

  5. These are all of my favorite movies in one post! I LOVE YOUR TASTE IN TELEVISION AND BOOKS!

  6. Oh I ADORE the Young Victoria!!! Watched it over and over again because of its sheer beauty:)

  7. I'm so happy you did it!:)

    YES. Cinderella is amazing and beautiful and frothy and warmly-fuzzy and YOU MUST WATCH IT.

    Ahh, so many of these reminded me of how beautiful they are!

    I have to watch Chariots of Fire again! I remember the music being soooo epic (I have the opening titles on my iPod) :D

  8. very pretty post!! cinderella is amazing! very fairy-tale-y pretty!

  9. Homeschool Mum, I haven't seen South Pacific, but it *sounds* beautiful by the title alone! :-) And yes, 7Brides is gorgeous too - especially the dresses - so colourful!

    Corinne, Well, Tara is a lovely place to live. :-) And yup. Downton.

    Lois, yes I don't think you have to have seen movie to know whether they are beautiful or not. :-)

    Natalie, SOMEONE ELSE WHO LOVES SYBIL'S DRESSING ROOM SOMEONE ELSE SOMEONE ELSE!!!!! (I was so happy when I read that. I thought I was the only one who noticed that gorgeous place.) I want it tooooo.
    Yes, isn't she gorgeous? I loved her without make-up too. Man, I really need to watch Chariots of Fire again, and screencap that scene. And devote an entire post to it, or something. =)

    Mae, Thank you, dear!

    Madison, Young Victoria is indeed SO beautiful. It's totally-fall-in-love-for-life beautiful. :-)

    Olivia, I'm probably going to see Cinderella after all my exams (end of May), as a reward. :-) Sooo, yeah, still some time, but I WILL SEE IT. :-)
    My YES, the music in Chariots of Fire.... I have no words.

    Ainsley, I love fairy-tale-kind-of-pretty. I know I will adore Cinderella. (I love your new Profile picture, by the way. Keep calm and love Ainsley. Haha. :-))

    Thank you for all the comments!

    ~ Naomi

  10. Naomi,
    Yes!! You should totally devote an entire post to it. It would be SO lovely!


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