Sybil's Gorgeous Room

Natalie, this post is for you. :-)

Several weeks ago, Natalie and I swooned over Sybil Lindsay's room in the comment box. You might have spotted our caps, written in great gusto. We were talking about this super, super, super short scene in the lovely movie 'Chariots of Fire' - where Harold Abraham's love interest, Sybil, hears that Harold won the race. She hears the news in her bedroom. And we happened to adore that super short scene. Screen-caps weren't available on the Internet, so I screen-capped my own!

This picture gives you the best view of the room. My GOODNESS isn't this so endlessly beauty-swamped?!!! I want to sit in that room and have a French maid curl my hair. I want to fiddle with glassy perfume bottles and little beautiful bits and bobs. I know, I know, I sound like a spoilt two-year-old who didn't get his second chocolate-cake-piece, but I can't HELP this state of jealousy. I can't help it at all, I can't.

First of all, this room has stained glass windows. I mean, of all the coolest things. And then we have elegant and fluttery pink flowers on the window sill. And then those mirrors, all hazy and morning-like. And then all the bits and bobs, shining femininity and glorious pinky-ness. I love how this room reflects who she is - it's not over-the-top chic, and I really appreciate that. I love the pictures on the wall, and the messy atmosphere.

And can you spot the little teddy bear? :-P

Ah! Now we get a closer look at the mirror and the little things in front of it. Pictures, necklaces, perfume bottles in the most adorable sizes, shapes and with the cutest little toppings. Gah, I love that sea of endless little things. Also, that pink fan. I'm proud to sat that I am the owner of one very similar to it. If I had a mirror in my room I'd try to put it that way and pretend I'm Sybil. But I don't have a mirror in my room, so.

So, what do you think?!! Isn't it gorgeousness alore, peeps? Corkers? Twinkly? Dazzlingly must-have-one-day? Yes?!? You have to agree, this room is to DIE for. (Almost, that is to say. Because why would a dead person benefit from such beauty?)

I hope you enjoyed my little swoon-post about a ten-second scene no-one in the world probably ever really noticed apart from me and Natalie. If you haven't ever noticed this scene (or watched Chariots of Fire, for that matter (but seriously, watch it)) I am very honoured to have introduced you to this charming little dressing room of Sybils. Now we can all mourn about not owning it together. :-D


  1. OH MY SOUL. It's so gorgeous. I just want to gobble it up. Wowzers.

    Okay, now I'm inspired to re-decorate my bedroom for the third time this month! ;-P


  2. Sqquuue!!! Aww, thank your for dedicating a post to me!
    And -siighh.- Sybil's gorgeous room....I'm just staring at this screencaps...I'm so glad you took them- hope you don't mind if I just save them to my computer haha. ;)
    Look at those soft, fluttery, pastel-colored flowers in the window!! And her fan...and the necklaces...
    I wonder who the pictures are of. Perhaps her parents or siblings? And she's got to have a picture of Harold somewhere....
    I can't get over how soft her hair looks....I want her hair.
    All the little bottles and gadgets and gizmos a-plenty! The whose-its and whats-its galore...
    You want thing-a-ma-bobs? She's got plenty! Heehee. :) (Have you seen the Littler Mermaid?)
    Everything is just so dainty and delicate and lovely. And her dressing gown looks SO silky and elegant.
    So so so pretty. Thank for doing this post, Naomi!! :)
    And yes. We'll mourn over not owning it. -sobsobsob- <:"(

  3. "Now we can all mourn over not having a room like Sybil's." Heehee.
    YES I HAVE SEEN THIS. One of our family's favorites. Although Sybil isn't exactly our favorite character. :-p
    This was a delicious post. Thanks for screen-capping that. How do you do it, by the way? Do you put the DVD in the computer?

  4. I'd have to say the room is much much too cluttered for my liking. I would feel very frustrated in there...but I love your enthusiasm about loving this room!

  5. yes! her room issss gorgeous!!
    i love chariots of fire!!!

  6. Haha, I had noticed you and Natalie fangirling;)

    It is a pretty cool room! STAINED GLASS WINDOWS.


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