5 things I do to make me imagine I'm in a Period Drama

I have the kind of brain that sizzles with imagination. It's quiet and dully dead when it comes to Maths, though, but that's beside the point, right? (Why do we want to talk about Maths, anyway? To start with?)

You all know I love Period Dramas. Just look at my header. You can seen Sybil Crawley from Downton Abbey, Amy Dorrit from Little Dorrit, Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice and Emma from Emma. All the Period Drama-est of Period Drama's, right? So yes, I adore Period Movies. And I love to use that imagine-brain of mine to get shifted into that world of Period Drama now and then.

Want to do it too? Here are five (easy) ways to make you shift into the world of Period Dramas...

#1. When you're in a car, bend closely to the window and pretend you're in a carriage.

This one isn't hard and the effect is very rewarding. Because how many Period Dramas have beautiful carriages? Yeah. All of them. 

This is not hard to imagine when you're driving in a country-side-like area. You look at the trees whizzing past, ignore the fact that you're in a car, and bingo - it's easy as anything to imagine you're in a beautiful gold-gilded carriage, wearing a bonnet and long swishes of gowns. 

(If you're driving past cars and other such un-Period-Drama-like piffle, on the other hand, then it's harder. Then you should look up at the sky. They had skies back then too, you see.)

#2. Peer dreamily in Mirrors

This one might sound extremely... silly... but seriously, it's such a Period-Drama-like thing to do. I know Scarlet O'Hara shouldn't be one's biggest role model, but Jane Bennet did it too. 

Basically, all the Period Drama Ladies stare in mirrors. So do it. At least once every day. For five minutes. Relax. Take your time. You'll be captured to Tara or Pemberly or whatever mansion you like best immediately. Just, look in mirrors in a whimsical way. Mirrors to the trick.

#3 Never lean against the backs of chairs/benches

Sit up straight, always. Pull your shoulders backwards, have that back of yours more erect as a ruler (not that that is actually possible, but hey, you never know until you try it out.)

Even when you are sitting on a bench or a chair with the most comfortable velvet cushion-y backs, don't get temped to lean back. Don't even think of touching the back of the chair. Just sit upwards, erect, in the most beautiful posture ever, and you'll be whimsically whooshed in the sphere of the Period Drama World.

#4. Drink your tea in the elegant way

My favourite way to drink tea (or whatever hot drink I have) is with the palms of my two hands snugly wrapped around the mug, warming my whole body with sheer cosiness. But that ain't Period Drama-like.

So forget about the warmth, m'dears. And this rule counts also for cakes and other such corking nonsense. Eat your cake on a plate, with tinkly silverware. If you want to be shifted into the Period Drama World, that is. Because that's the way they drink tea, holding the little ear and nothing else. Pure sophistication!

#5. Place your hand lightly on the banister when you go up or down some stairs.

I know, I know, that sounds weird. But it works! Ever so well, even. You don't have go down in a robot-style way. You're even allowed to tiptoe swiftly. But place one of your hands lightly on the banister. It does magic. Especially when you meet long stairs - stairs that have delicious curves. We have one at our Church - one that leads down to the coffee room - and it's crazily fun to go up and down in an elegant way.

There you have it! Five easy little things! Try them. And your brain will capture the most Period-Drama-Like moments in your whole life. You'll feel tingles of excitement. You'll love it.

And now, because I haven't had a randomly nice picture in about one-hundred decades (no I don't exaggerate. What? You said I did? You mean person!), I'll end this post with a gorgeous picture of Melanie Wilkes in a puffy dove-mauve gown, touching the banister of Twelve Oaks in a beautifully charming way. Look and learn, my friends.


  1. I knew I should look in the mirror more often! ;)

  2. Oh this is perfect! I love the idea of pretending you are in a carriage & I guess now I know why I like drinking tea the "proper way" so very much :)

  3. Sink meh, m'dear, you've hit the nail on the head! :-D I quite agree. Especially the leaning-head-out-window one-- you can also pretend you're in a covered wagon, heading West on the Oregon Trail. (These are the things that go through Emma's head.) Or you can be like Beatrix Potter, and drive through ALL the parks...


    And oh yes, the banister. Unfortunately our house doesn't have one. :-( Oh! The deck out back does! In fact, that's where I'm sitting right now. I think I'll go try it. ;-P



  4. Haha! YES! I was actually mildly surprised to realize that I do three of these on a rather regular basis ;)

    I pretend I'm in a carriage, stare dreamily into mirrors sometimes, and place my hand "just so" XD It's such fun, isn't it?

    I don't actually drink tea *cough cough*, so that one's kind of out...but yes, I can definitely see that working!

    Ooh, the ruler-back thing and all that rot!:D I agree about the plush chairs thing. We actually just bought an antique (I think) love seat, and I cannot for the life of me sit back in it;) Ramrod-straight is the only way with that chair. But, m'dear, supposing you are relaxing by yourself on a cool stone bench at your home, alone or with family. Could you not lean back then? Molly Gibson did it, after all, and we all know she's "been capable of proper behavior ever since she was a little girl!" ;) :)

    This post was such fun!

  5. a very pretty post naomi!
    i think i look in the mirror too much!

  6. Haha! The things I do when no one else is looking - then I'm in my own period drama! :) Thanks for the cool post, Naomi!

  7. YAY YAY YAY THIS IS EXCITING!!!! And I can't wait to see the ideas you have. I'm listening to the North & South BBC soundtrack as I read, so I'm in an especially period-drama-ish mood. :-)
    Yes. I do this (pretend I'm in a carraige). I also pretend I'm some celebrity in a cab in London. Ha. (That was random...)
    "They had skies back then too, you see." Heehee.
    Yes, I like #3 and I DO it... sometimes. I have horrible posture and so it helps to imagine I'm Lizzy or Anne Elliot (heehee) and sit up SUPER straight.
    Ha. I always hold teacups with both hands, too! But it's not very period-drama-ish, you're right. Bother. :-)
    YES I HAVE DONE #5. But I haven't run into many nice staircases. Ours is split in two and it's Straight and Boring. Heh.
    Thank you! These are lovely good tips and I'll definitely try them. Period dramas... they're such good fun, aren't they? <3

  8. Naomi m'dear you just made school more fun! xD


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