Strangers inspire me!

I've lately realised how much random-strangers-on-the-road inspire me. I've started drawing little pictures and writing imaginary letters to them, and I thought I'd share some with you all. I actually didn't think of this idea - writing letters to strangers - I bumped into a blog several months ago who did it (I've forgotten which blog it is now), and I loved the idea so much it's something I do pretty regularly now.

(Some of these, by the way, aren't exactly to strange who really inspired me, but just strangers I will not forget and I feel like saying something to.)

Dear man who helped a lady find her way to the right train station, 
You're so kind! I could see from the ladies face how eternally thankful she was - and I have the feeling you spent a lot of your time helping her. AND you were carrying her bags. You're such a gentleman! It's a treat to see kind men helping ladies with such respect. You know, I saw you when I was about seven years old, and I still haven't forgotten you. You have, without realising it, had a small impact on my life, and I have to thank you.
Oh, and by the way, I ship you two. I hope you're married by now.
Dear lady who did her wedding photo-shoot at a castle I was visiting with some friends several years ago,
You had a grey wedding dress. GREY.
Of course, your choice, and all that. And it looked kind of unity-like, I guess, next to your brand-new husband, who was also wearing grey. But yeahhh... it was grey.

Dear old man who walked across our house,
I saw you yesterday, so you're still fresh in my mind, but I know I'll never forget you. I mean, you were reading as you walked your dog. Reading as you walked. I smiled instantly through the window. I nudged my older brother when you walked by and said, 'Oh look, we aren't the only ones!' - I really thought I was the only person in our area who reads when we walk. It's fun, isn't it?
And I'm sorry for drawing you with a coat and a scarf - because it wasn't that cold yesterday. My bad.
You're cool and I love you. Although I wish I knew what the book was. I'll guess I never find out... this is a good test for my horrible curiosity. :-)

Dear person who decorated a small ugly tree by the side of the motorway with two Christmas decorations,
Haha. You made me snicker. We cross that little tree every Sunday on our way to Church and every time I see it I want to talk to you. I mean, a person who randomly decorates a small forgotten tree is obviously an awesome person. The tree, I suppose, is also greatly thankful to you, because she now finally has all the attention she deserves. I guess you felt for sorry for the poor little wiry thing.
But I have one (only one!) question, though - when will you take it off? It's almost May now... Christmas is over. Don't worry on my part, though, I love being in the Christmas mood in May. :-)

Dear little blond boy looking out of the window,
I'm so glad I waved at you. You looked so impeccably bored! What were you doing, staring outside? Were you waiting for someone? And you seemed surprised when I waved... you stared at me as if you couldn't believe your eyes. I like it when people look at me like that - like I'm a princess or something.
I hope you don't forget me, because I won't forget you. I might see you again one day - we don't live that far away. See ya, then. :-)

Dear hippie-couple carrying shopping bags,
No, I won't pretend I like your clothing style. Lady-hippie, that purple fur coat was quite nauseating. But you inspired me that day to be myself more - even if people will look up with pulled-up noses of whaaat? I really love that you're different - that you wear what you like and not what other people like. I'm so glad I saw you - I really needed it that particular day.
But I don't like the purple fur. But don't mind me (I know you won't.)

Dear person who wrote 'Don't even think of Parking here!' on his/her door,
You made me really LAUGH. I mean, that's so original. A bit harsh, perhaps, but very humorous indeed. Much better than the 'car-heave' sign. And it worked, too! There were cars all over the sides of the road except in front of your door.
But I have to say, I did *think* of it (well I thought about my mum doing it - not me, because I can't drive). Just for a few seconds. Just to imagine what the expression on your face would be when you found out. Would you say, 'Oh it's okay?' or would you say, 'I hate you! Fined!' - I bet you'd say something harsh but humorous. Ah, I just plain like you, man-or-woman.

Dear Sandra and Cordelia,
Yes, I've even given you girls names; I've thought of you so much!
I met you at the music-school when I was about seven. You two sisters were in the class above my class and our two classes had a joint lesson every Thursday, remember, when we sang those boring songs? I always stared at you. I was very rude, but I couldn't help it. I just found you fascinating! When I was eight I wrote a little story and put you two in it, also as sisters, and I called you Sandra and Cordelia. Sandra, you're the older sister with thick wavy long hair. Cordelia, you're the thin awkward and terribly shy girl who looks a bit like Anne Shirley.
I love how you're such besties and whisper in each others ear, gossiping about the wild bunch of students. I hope you said nice things about me, though. And I'm sorry for staring.
I really want to see you again one day. You just fascinate me for no reason in particular.

That's all! I could think of many more; these are only a few.

Do strangers inspire you? 
What was the latest strange that inspired you?


  1. What a pleasant post! I never really thought about how total strangers can have an impact on our lives. I might have to try this for myself. I guess I could start with the little girl I saw the other day licking an ice cream in her push chair, she looked so happy and contented!
    Naomi xx

  2. Aw, this was such a neat post!
    Makes me wonder what 'stranger' impression I give to other folks...
    Loved these observations/illustrations :)

  3. I do love to think about strangers sometimes, too;)

    Haha, that part about the grey wedding dress…

    AWWWW!!! That picture of the little blond boy is adorable!!

  4. I LOVE this, Naomi!!!!
    I'm going to try doing this. It seems so fun and a great way to remember random people who have a lasting effect on your life!
    It's a funny coincidence, too, because today I saw a girl who looked a LOT like Anna Maxwell-Martin (Bessy from North and South and Esther in Bleak House). I wanted to tell her so, but I'm not the kind of person who just walks up to strangers and tells them they look like an obscure period drama actress. :) haha
    I'll just have to "writer her a letter" now. :)
    I loved your first story the most, but I also liked the "don't even think of parking here!" one and the one about the boy in the window. Your drawings are so adorable and humorous, it reminds me of Daddy Long Legs! (you have read that, haven't you?) You should consider writing a book with all your little drawings included-it would be SO good!

  5. Naomi, I know - I recently realised it myself. It's so true - how total strangers can stand up in the minds of people. :-) Aw! That happy little girl sounds adorable. :-D

    Mary, Haha yes! Same here! I wonder if someone has, perhaps, ever written *me* a letter. That would be so cool. :-) Thank you!

    Olivia, yeah the grey wedding dress. I'm glad it amused you, heehee. Why, thank you! I first thought he looked a little weird, but then I thought, 'Yeah, there's an adorable side about him, too.' I'm glad you think so. :-)

    Natalie, thank you! Oh man, I've had that - seen people who just look a lot like actresses/actors. It's so creepy. :-) I understand why you didn't tell her, of course, but yes, you should write her a letter. =)
    Thanks, I love the first one too - I just know that guy is a Christian. Isn't it lovely to see people doing really kind things?
    MY yes, I have read Daddy-Long-Legs (it's one of my favourite books, so your compliment means a lot) - and yes, I have written several children's books with illustrations. My little sisters really enjoy them. :-)

    Thank you for all the comments, m'dears!
    ~ Naomi

  6. This is so sweet, Naomi. I love to observe people and imagine sweet stories about them-- doesn't it make life so much more interesting? I can remember lots of people who have made enormous impacts on me just by doing or saying tiny little random things. :-)


  7. I myself am quite a people watcher. I am also an empath, so I can sense a person's emotions as well, almost by instinct. I love watching people (or animals for that matter) love one another, just by doing something small for someone (someone they know or don't know). I also spend a lot of time in a childrens hospital, so I am always moved by things I witness in there. Such as watching a mother holding her child in the most awkward way because her entire bottom half is in a brace. I have specific moments that stay in my mind that I think of frequently, but I have never recorded them in any way. Writing letters is a creative way of doing so. I kinda like it! However, I never think of things to say to THEM...

  8. I love people-watching. When I was a teen, my two best friends and I used to hang out at places like malls and make up stories about the people who passed us. So I love this idea of yours!

    Do you also like riding in a car at night and looking in the windows of houses that you pass and imagining what the people who live there are like based on your fleeting glance of the interior of just a room or two?

  9. Naomi,
    Yes, isn't that the weirdest thing when you see people who look like them? It always makes me wonder where are the people who look like me or my family? Why don't I ever see THEM? haha
    Yes, it is! It's just the sweetest thing to see.
    Awww, really? Your sisters are so blessed to have a talented authoress and illustrator writing stories for them! So fun!
    And I'm glad my compliment meant a lot to you-your drawings truly do remind me of hers. :)
    Have a great day!

  10. Emma, thank you girlie. :-) I know you love observing strangers. You actually never told me you did, but you just ARE the kind of person who DOES that. :-D

    Paperdollmom, oh yes! I too, get so moved when I visit the hospital. I love how you described it... thank you for your lovely comment!

    Hamlette, YES YES. All. the. time. I LOVE peeping at interiors of people when I travel when it's dark! I do it so much I look nosy. :-)

    Natalie, AHAHA! Yes, that's true? Why don't I meet MY lookalike one day? I think actually, perhaps we might, but because we know our family so well, every person will look plain different. It's like mum's who have twins don't see much resemblance in them, you know?
    Aww, thank you Natalie, that's so sweet of you. Have a great day too!

    ~ Naomi

  11. Naomi~That's a great point. I never thought about it like that, but it totally makes sense why we can never find our lookalikes! :)

  12. This post: Miss Elliot Approved. :-)
    I read it a week or so ago and had to come back and comment. So good, this was.


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