Favourite Pins #2

Hello all in sundry! I hope you had a lovely happy bursting-with-golden-love Easter, as I did. Easter is, in my opinion, the happiest, smile-iest day of the year. I realised yesterday, I loved it as much as I love Christmas! Which says enormously much.

Well, some while ago I did a Favourite Pins post. Although not my most-read post (it's okay! I ain't angry, dovies!) I decided to do another. I happen to like pins. If you want to follow me on Pinterest, you can do so by clicking on here. And thank you for being interested in what I pin. In advance.

I will always panic. Just about the fact that I'm 'lost' - you know, that word - LOST. It's a word that must be related to panic. :-P

How can one not pin this! Satin gloves with a silver sparkling ring... endless streaming turquoise tulle. This picture is screaming elegance on the top of it's voice and I want to live in it. (Sorry if I sound slightly... different. :-))

Mary Crawley is such a gorgeous lady. I loved her look the most in the first series - she rocks Edwardian hairstyles and tilted hats so well. And those freckles... gah.

I have a recent fondness for elegant gloves. These are SO swoonable. The ribbons and the colours and the beads and the lace!!!!

That child will obviously get far in life. :-P Funny exam papers are my favourites ever. 

How did a child think of this?! HAHAHAHA.

I love blouses with cute collars and cosy sweaters. The mixture of the two is shown so beautifully in this pin. I want to wear them.

I've no idea which movie this is, but it made me gasp-laugh. Emma THOMPSON? Is that YOU?!!

Grace Kelly and Clark Gable being classy. Soooo pinnable.

For someone who loves frothy gowns and romantic balconies, this pin really made me gasp and swoon in girlish delight.

Those soft swan-like colours.

And I pin black and white pictures like mad. Especial '40's pictures. It's my current favourite time area.

Please share a link of a picture you especially like!


  1. Lady Mary! She's so beautiful. I love that picture. :-)

    Emma Thompson! Doesn't she look funny! :-) I think that's from the movie Impromptu, where Hugh Grant plays Chopin, but I'm not entirely sure. I haven't seen it.

    LOVE the one of the gloves. Squeeeeeee.


  2. Totally following you on pinterest now!

  3. I love funny exam papers too!
    I laugh at this picture: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/544020829963695836/
    And yes, your Pinterest is awesome! The vintage pictures always make me smile!

  4. Ooooh, I love posts like these!
    The first picture is SO true and the second picture....sooooooo beautiful.

  5. Happy Easter! I believe Easter is the most important church holiday. Christmas is nice, but without Easter, it's just a baby being born. Easter is what proves that Jesus is true God, and that his sacrifice was accepted as payment for all. So yeah, was pretty excited yesterday :-D

    One of my favorite pins: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/405042560206570919/ I'd like to drink my coffee that way in the morning.

  6. Those are nice:D

    I liked the "I am a rebel" one especially XD

    The frothy gown! *teenage girly sigh*

  7. The gloves are very beautiful. I've never been a fan of tulle though...and personally have never associated it with elegance. Embroidery though, now I find that elegant!


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