Sitting down to write.

Hello everyone. I'm a writer. Every day, I sit down to write.

But there are days when I don't want to write. Actually don't feel like it. Actually become bored.

On one hand now and then we deserve a writing-break. Last week, I took half-a-week off, and did some frivolous wasting of time. Looked at my new rosy sister and ate Chocolate cake. And read Little House books.

On the other hand, sometimes we need to be strict with ourselves.

Tell myself to strive on. 
Type that next word, and the next, and the next. 
Just place one word after another. 
Get those pages filled. 
Finish the freaking chapter. 
Come on, one more word. 
And another. 
And another. 
Word after word. 
I can do it. 
Get into the rythm. 
Get into the mood.


I'm off to write.

What I mean to say is this: Sometimes forcing helps one get back to inspiration. I found that with me, forcing helps much more than taking breaks. Breaks bore me. Although I must say I like looking at Susanna. And I must say I enjoyed the Chocolate cake. But I wasted my time.

And I can eat chocolate cake while I'm pressing in that next word.
And there's time for Susanna those other hours.

Just in case you weren't hungry.

(Seriously, though, these gifs are making my stomach crunch and kerflop and double up in yearning-for-chocolate-ness.)

If you are a writer too, I hope this post inspired you to write, even though you're not in the mood. 
Just get that next sentence done. 
Seal it with that full-stop. 
Then start the next one. 
And then finish that silly chapter. 
Don't bother about it being good - the editing business comes later. :-)

Have a good day, my darling peaches. Feel gold inside. 
Make your eyes sparkle. Turn those lips upwards.

Have you noticed, that now and then I like writing posts with really short sentences? Be honest, chumps, do you find these short-sentence-posts annoying? Because I could see why one would.

Oh, and happy 1st of April.
There's a spider in your hair, by the way.


  1. Hi, Naomi!
    I've been meandering my way around your blog, having found it as a result of the tieyourowncravat blog, having found that one as a result of the A to Z blog. :) What a fun circle of British period drama fan blogs to get lost in. (Loved the Scarlet Pimpernel review! Makes me want to watch it again.)

    I've spent the last five months plotting and writing my second manuscript with only a short break for Christmas and sick days now and again. Lately though, I've been procrastinating. I've done a ton of things, writing related and not, everything except actually getting down to the business of finishing this revision. This week, a major "extra-curricular" activity has pulled my focus, but I'd still have an hour or two in the day if I used it wisely. However, I've finally given myself permission to completely halt progress and do whatever I wanted without guilt hanging over me--until Monday. Crazy as it sounds, I'm getting excited about revising next week! Maybe the cake break was exactly what you needed to get back in the creative flow!

    Best wishes on your writing!

  2. Thanks so much for posting this!

    I do like short sentences from time to time. They serve as a break from long, complicated, flowery sounding ones that, quite frankly, take way too long to read and understand. And yes, I do realize that I just used a long sentence.

    A spider? In my hair? I don't think so. Happy April 1st!

  3. Thank you for this :)
    I have quite the tendency for distraction + long breaks, so this is a nice reminder for me.
    And ohhhh chocolate! Now I want some cake too :)

  4. This was lovely and inspiring! Thanks gal! XD Aaah spider!!! You actually made me flinch! :-P give Susanna a hug from all of us blogger buddies

  5. Natalie, thank you for your lovely comment! I'm glad you've found my blog and enjoy it - your compliment means a lot. :-)
    Thank you for sharing your writing situation - I can totally relate to the procrastinating - I ALWAYS PROCRASTINATE. Who doesn't, actually? :-P And you're right, breaks filled with cake do help you get back to all your creative juices. I guess procrastinating even has it's benefits.

    Chloe Linn, You're welcome! Thank you for commenting. Hahaha, you did realise you just used a long sentence. I love long sentences but sometimes short snappy ones deserve the spotlight, I think.
    Haha, don't worry. There's no spider in your hair.

    Mary, I'm glad you got 'remembered' to write because of me.
    AND I WANT CHOCOLATE CAKE NOW. My gifs are torturing me.

    Evie, Thank you so much, dear! Haha, I always ALWAYS flinch whenever I even think of a spider - you know the kind of shudder-y flinch. Beeeeugh. I hate and abominate spiders.
    Susanna will get that hug! :-)

    ~ Naomi

    And yes. I like this post. :-) It's very artistic.

  7. your posts are so lovely naomi!
    that cake!!!!
    i'm not to fussed about spiders! (:

    Thank you, m'dear! And of course, the pictures. :-)

    Ainsley, aww, thank you! (THE CAKE! Exactly.)
    Well, *I* am definately fussed about spiders. :-P

    ~ Naomi

  9. My favorite part: Finish the freaking chapter.


    This is AWESOME, Naomi.

    But stop it with the cake. ;-P



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