I finally got a pretty copy of Rilla of Ingleside!

So I went ahead and ordered the pretty Rilla of Ingleside copy. The copy I had before was tolerable, but as this is one of my absolute favourite books of all time I decided it was time for me to buy myself the copy the with the cover I had fallen in love with on Pinterest. The pretty purple one with the cake and the train and Dog Monday on the cover. I NEEDED ITTTT.

So I went to Amazon and bought it and NOW IT ARRIVED AND I'M SO HAPPY. (I was quite scared Amazon would make a mistake and end up shipping another copy with a different cover. But it didn't. *Sigh of relief*)

Looooook. Every chapter has a little picture in front of it. This one has a light feather (you can't see it very well in this picture because of the lighting) - OH MY GOODNESS. I have to re-read this tonight and bawwwl helplessly over My Darling Walter. I have to re-live all the amazing feels. This book drives me crazy with the sadness and the happiness and simplistic-feels... OHHH. 

Lucy Maud Montgomery is such a Gem. The WAY she writes. I'm jealous.

Look how goooorgeous. Are you in love yet?

And the Spine is swellegant as well. I always appreciate elegant and pretty spines. Ohh, I love new books. I also love really old books too - books that crumble and have care-worn spines and pages loosened with age. Those have scope for the imagination and we can imagine girls our age reading them in the 30's and the 40's.

But I also love Pristine books. New books - I'm their first owner - and it's all new and pretty and shiny and AHHH. (Actually my RoI copy was 'used', but it looks like new, sooo.)

No, I don't like Amish fiction. I tired of Amish fiction - I used to like it. :-)
All in all, I'm SUPER happy with it. Like, ridiculously so. :-D

Do you order books you already have for a prettier cover?
Do you prefer Old books or Pristine ones?


  1. Both! Old and new that is, but pretty if at all possible is a MUST. ;D

    Btw, I'm so looking forward to your Austen party and hoping my schedule works out so I can participate!! We shall see... Speaking of parties, I actually have an idea, too, for January which I can't wait to spill to a delighted world. ;D (Hee. Okay, that was dramatic, but I can hardly wait. :D)

    And... I know you're frightfully busy these next two weeks, but if you feel like doing a tag afterward, I've nominated you for the Bedtime Movie Tag: http://ladyofanorien.blogspot.com/2015/10/the-bedtime-movie-tag.html. If you're able to/feel like doing it, have fun!

  2. I really need to buy and read the Anne of Green Gables books!! I watch and ADORE the AoGG web series, but I have never read the books.

    The only Amish fiction that I like, is Beverly Lewis's. Most of the other stuff 'does not compute'. (I lived among the Amish for a little while.)

  3. I think I MUST read this book now!! I very much would and have ordered other books simply for the covers:) Why not?


    I have two copies of Rilla and neither of them are half as nice as yours. I'm so happy for you, though! :) *pins all the pictures to Pinterest* AND THE FEATHER. NOOOOO. Walter should NEVER have been sent one of those. (Did I tell you that my family was thinking of trying out a new restaurant once called The White Feather? Elisabeth and I were quietly outraged - and then quite relieved when Mom and Dad decided to go elsewhere. :P)


  5. Do I see the Young Victoria movie on your shelf?? Don't you absolutely ADORE that movie?! gah. Love your color organized books BTW. :D

  6. YAY! It's absolutely gorgeous. And I totally buy copies of books I love for the covers too. They make me happy :)

  7. Eeek, you ordered it! Goodness, it is such a beautiful copy....I think I may need to but it someday too. ;) Ah yes, new perfectly glossy, clean books are the best. I love the feel of new books!!

  8. DOG MONDAY IS ON THE COVER. That is all. :)

  9. It's beautiful! :D

    I think I like older books better, actually. I'm just overall waaaay too obsessed with anything vintage.
    But I like new books too. Espescially the pretty editions. I have a nice copy of "The Secret of the Old Clock" and the other first four books of the Nancy Drew series, but there are these AMAZING editions that I am going to order soon. Can't help it. Too pretty to pass up.

    ~Lydia~ <3

  10. YAY!!! It's loverly! I love that book!
    I don't know. I love the smell of old books, like literally old books whose pages are yellow, but I like my books mostly whole and with their covers on. But then again, if they're falling apart, you can see how much they were loved!
    And yes, someday I hope to own the Penguin Random House new covers for the Anne books! But usually I go with the cheaper version cuz that's how I am.
    Oh and I see Heidi nominated you for the Bedtime Movie tag. I did too, I just forgot to comment! Sorry! Have fun :D

  11. aw!!!!! rilla of ingleside is my favorite!!!! cute copy!

  12. Ohhh, Naomi, this is GORGEOUS. I'm suddenly wishing my own copy was a bit prettier. xD I've got the one with Rilla in the flow-y white dress and Ken and the lighthouse behind her. I've always liked it, but it's a paperback and getting a bit worn since I've read it so often over the years... Hmm, maybe I need to invest in a new one then. :)

    I don't usually have duplicate copies of my books, but I do love a beautiful cover! I think my favorite book cover of all (that I've got at least) is my copy of Les Miserables-- it's black with rows of red trees and birds on the front and back, and it's absolutely beautiful!

    I don't really have a preference as to the age of the book... I love old books if they've got that lovely vintage vibe, but I wouldn't want to have an old copy of a book if it was falling-apart old. Pristine would likely be a bit easier as far as reading and caretaking goes.

    Well, now I want to go reread Rilla again...


  13. Oh that is GORGEOUS!! No wonder you're happy! And I love that word "swelligant". It really fits.

    I definitly prefer old books to pristine ones because then holding them, it's like you are holding history . . . you know, like holding an old worn coin. But on the flip side, I do also like shiny new books because it's so exciting, feeling that you are the First One To Look Into This Book. You know how it is. Two sides of every question :D

  14. Heidi, Thank you - I really hope you can participate! I love your JA-posts. :-) And OHH a NEW party?!!!! I'm very curious! If you need my help with a game, like last time, feel free to contact me. :-D
    Thanks for tagging me! I might complete it after the JA week. :-)

    Erudessa, You HAVEN'T?!! *I* personally thing the book Anne of Green Gables is better than the movie! You'd love it. :-)
    Wait, you lived among the Amish for a while?! I am intrigued. :-)

    Madison, YES YOU MUST. You would really love it. :-D

    Eva, I'm sorry to make you jealous. :-D I knowww. THE WHITE FEATHER. A restaurant named the 'white feather'?! That's a funny name. (Well. Funny. Not really 'funny.') :-P

    Sarah, Yes you saw that correctly. I LOVE IT TOO. :-D Haha, yeah, my colour-coordinated bookshelf. ;-)

    Anna, yes, same. Pretty covers make me SO happy. :-)

    Natalie, Yes, isn't it a beauty?!!! I'm so proud of it. :-D Yes, the feel of new books is amazing. :-)

    Jillian, I KNOW. :-D

    Lydia, Exactly. I LOOOVE Old books too - but I also like New ones - especially, as you said, when the editions are really pretty. (Like this one.)

    Ashley, The SMELL of old books. It's AMAZING. I still don't own all the Anne books... I must, soon. :-D (Yeah, money's always an issue with me, too. The best is to find a balance. :-))
    Thanks for nominating me! I might do it after the JA week.

    Ainsley, Isn't it?!!! So cute. :-)

    Emily, I KNOWW RIGHT. I'm sooo happy with it. I've been stroking the glossiness like people stoke their cat, haha. Oh, yes - you have that copy - I know which one you mean. That one's nice too. :-) Wow, your copy of Les Mis sounds so epic! True, that's another good thing about new books - they're 'stronger.' :-)

    Rosie, I'm not sure if that *is* a word - but I saw it written somewhere in a comment once, and I've loved it ever since. :-)
    Yes. I know. I love old books too - Because you can imagine Other People Long Ago reading it and that's such SUCH a thrilling thought. :-)

    Thanks for the comments, all!

    ~ Naomi

  15. That's such a BEAUTIFUL copy of RoI. I just love that purple cover.

    Wish I could say more but I have to go write a paper about Stalin :(

  16. I love your new background with the roses!! AND THAT HEADER! Oh my goodness, it is sooo lovely. The colors are awesome. And you've got Elinor, and Emma, and Captain Wentworth -- it is just perfect :) :) :)

  17. Just saw Rosie's comment pop up and had to hop over and see the new look... Squeeeeeee!!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS, YOU INCLUDED ANNE AND CW!!!!!!!!! ....from the '07!!!! ;D I know we've discussed it before and you're not as crazy about it as I am ;), but oh the feels! I'm soooo happy you included it! (And, of course, all the P&P and Emma '09 pics are splendid. ;))

  18. Due to Rosie's and Heidi's comments I too came over to have a look and it's LOVELY!!!! So beautifully sweet and pink and Jane Austen-y. Great job, Naomi!!!

  19. Thank you, Rosie and Heidi!!! I'm so glad you like it!

    Heidi, yes, you know my opinions on 07 Persuasion - but, I ADMIT - that picture is pretty darn adorable. :-D

    ~ Naomi

  20. Oh, and Natalie, thank you too! :-D

  21. I was going to say the same thing--it's lovely :) And Edward and Elinor! From S&S 08! *happy sigh* That movie is a GEM. Seriously.

  22. YAY! You got the pretty copy! I'm glad. You NEEEEDED it. :-D Now you can give me your old one.

    And what is that Young Victoria book on your shelf??? Is it about the movie, or about Queen Victoria? I must know!!



  23. BOTH

    And oh dear god that book is so beautiful!!!

  24. Emma, Yes I DIIID. That 'Young Victoria book' is the DVD. :-D Don't worry, there is no amazing book I own that you don't know about yet. Hahaha.

    ~ Naomi

  25. Hey Naomi,
    I just wanted to ask a quick question, very much related to this post. (I just thought about it, otherwise I would've asked earlier.) Is Rilla of Ingleside a stand alone book to read, or should I read the ones leading up to it first? (Just say I had THAT much time on my hands.... :-P) Anyways, that was all, except I agree with everyone else and think the book cover scrumptious! :-)
    ~Miss Meg
    P.S. Oh, and to answer your questions - no, I don't order books I have already, just for a prettier cover. Actually, I don't buy books at all! (That sounds TERRIBLE. Let me explain.) I put books on my 'list' for Christmas and my Birthday (my 'present' list) and often times get them then. I borrow them from cousins and friends, and I read the ones in our house. We have about 9 bookshelves crammed full of books (and still they pile up! And we want more! :-P) and I've not read all of them. Not even close. They're SO many good books, and they're at my FINGERTIPS, I just have to find the time to get to them. So I don't buy my books, because I've got plenty here (or at my library also) and that's enough to keep me satisfied at present. If I came across a darling book at a bookshop or something, however, I wouldn't hesitate in buying it. :-)
    And as for the other question, it's hard to say. I like pristine ones because they're clean and pretty and fresh. I like old ones because they smell DIVINE and look so loved and sentimental and romantic....Our books, even old books, are in good condition (well, generally speaking) so they're not crumbling or anything. But I still love new ones - so it's a tie. :-D

  26. Miss Meg, Well, *I* think you can read RoI without having read all the others. :-)
    I only normally buy books for Christmas/Birthday, too - I don't have enough money to buy loads. :-D

    ~ Naomi

  27. I love it! Beautiful beautiful, makes me want to read the book all over again. But of the tears I'll shed!


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