"Look, Caroline," he said, "how Laura's eyes are shining."

I am a HUGE Little House fan. I've read all the books, of course, including ALL the Martha books, ALL the Charlotte books, ALL (but one because that one is SUPER expensive) the Caroline books, ALL the Laura books (duh) and ALL the Rose books. (I'll stop typing the word 'all' in caps - it sounds very obnoxious.) I've read all of them at least three time. Not kidding you, I promise. Most of them have been re-read about ten times, happily. I've also read a lot of About-Little-House books and Laura's diary and so on.

I'm STILL a fan. I never tire of those lovely golden-glowy-filled books. I love it all, from Ma's dress patterns to Mary's presents to her family when she comes home from the blind school.

I have such great childhood memories concerning Little House on the Prairie. That day when I read 'the Little House on the Prairie', 'Farmer Boy' and 'On the Banks of Plum Creek' in one. sitting. That day when Grandma bought my sister that entire Martha and Charlotte series for her birthday, and I was happier about it than my sister was. (I have them in my possession now. Hahaha.) That time when my other Grandma photocopied some of the Garth Williams Little House pictures for me to colour in. That time when I created a Little House folder and decorated with Laura and Nellie pictures. That time when some friends of ours gave us a Little House magazine which I went absolutely crazy over. That time when I memorized some Little House songs. Those many times when I yearned to go to a corn-husking like Caroline. Oh, and those times when I wanted to have Ma's raspberry dress. Those days when I Mama and I watched Little House episodes in the attic. (I mistook Mary for Pa and then Mama realised I needed glasses. Thank you, Little House. :-D)

As you can see, I could go on and ON.

I just LOVE the Little House world. I still do. I ALWAYS WILL. I will force my children to read them. :-P I recently re-read my favourite Laura-book, Those Happy Golden Years and fell in love with her whole life and the whole Little House world again.

Garth Williams is one of favourite illustrators. He's carved images in my brain and I love them all so much.

Don't you just love the bit in Little House on the Prairie where they go to town and dress up for it? I love the idea of dressing up to go to town. You know, ribbons, and Sunday clothes, and all that. And then Laura and Mary both get candy, and Mary's candy has a nicer 'poem' engraved on it. And then they get new dresses, and Laura's so happy. And Pa buys Ma a cooooaaat. (I'm always squealing over every tiny Pa-and-Ma-are-cute scene. I love it when Pa plays 'vulgar' violin tunes to tease Ma. Those two are so adorable. I love the latest Caroline book to bits and you know why.)

Oh, and Aunt Lottie. I think it's weird that Laura and Mary call her cousin Lottie. She's actually Ma's younger step-sister. But maybe this is another Lottie. (If you're a huge fan like me, read this touching letter Laura wrote to Lottie years later. I almost cried.)

And the Christmas. Laura's new dollll. I will never get over how cute that cousin-happy-pancake-man-Ma's-new-shelf Christmas is. I'll re-read it soon, for Christmas. :-D

Oh, and do you remember all those happy moments in On the Banks of Plum Creek?!! (This was my favourite book for years and years.) The house under the ground (which I still want to buy) and then the new house with the attic and 'two rooms (!)' And then all the Nellie Oleson scenes. I love all the Nellie Oleson scenes. I'm probably Nellie's biggest fan, haha. I love her doll and her dresses and her parlour and her whole birthday party. :-)

And Ma's Vanity cakes. I've ALWAYS and I STILL want to eat those. They sound like so much fun to eat.

AND THEN THE PLUM CREEK CHRISTMAS. Ahhh. It makes me so happy, that Christmas. All the Christmasses in all the books make me so happy - I can't pick a favourite. I remember the Plum Creek Christmas - the one where Laura gets a fur coat and muff - was my favourite for a long time, though. I even made a children's book about it, for my little sister.

In The Shores of the Silver Lake, I always felt so sorry for Laura because Docia let her daughter do crazy wild things, and she couldn't. Oh, and THE TRAIN TRIP. I don't know why, but it makes me so happy.

And then we have all the other books. I'll just go through some of my MANY favourite bits.

When Pa shovels snow from the beds. I've always thought it sounded ridiculously fun. When Laura sees Nellie agaaaain. And oh, the whole mean-but-hey-fun Eliza Jane plot. Poor Eliza Jane. (I still don't like her, though.)

Ida Brown and Mary Power. I Love them, especially Ida. Ida sounds like the kindest girl ever. Oh, and when Laura and Mary Power buy name-cards and Laura exchanges one with Almanzo. And when Ma's writes that poem in Laura's album - I love that poem. And when Reverend Alden comes again and talks with Mary, who's blind, and tells her that Blind Schools exist. And then Mary goooeees. And when Pa buys Ma a sewing machine. And when Carrie did her recital with her buttons inside out. And when Laura found Grace in the patch of violets. Oh and Mrs Boast. I LOVE Mr and Mrs Boast so much!!!!

(*coughs politely after another long badly-written paragraph and pretends nothing happened*)

Ohhh, and Those Happy Golden Years. I rambled about it here. If you want more of my rambles, that is to say. Which of course you don't.

Thank you for letting me ramble on a bit. I just needed my love for these amazing books to flow out SOMEwhere, for someone to listen.

Of course, I'm not really finished yet. I haven't told you how I want a whatnot, how I want a popcorn-ball and how I love it when Mary wore pink ribbons and Laura blue. I also haven't spoken about the Caroline series - how BADLY I want corn-husking parties to go back into the fashion - and how I love Charles as a booooy - and how I want to be part of the Ingalls-Quiner community. I love how two of Caroline's siblings married two of Charles' siblings. I also haven't yet expressed my love for the Rose books - how I hate that she never married Paul and how it makes me cry when Laura goes home for Pa's death.

Oh, oh, oh. I love the Little House books to bits. Thank goodness they exist.


  1. I know just how you feel--I LOVE Little House, too :) I read all the books SO many times as a kid it wasn't even funny. I think I would have to say my favorite is "The Long Winter," and I'm not exactly sure why, except that it's just so--well, EPIC. I mean the way they have to work so hard to survive, and all that. And then they do make it through in the end, and I feel sooooooooo happy.

    I also love Farmer Boy--I mean, seriously, all that FOOD. And I love the way she describes EVERYTHING so that you can see it all in your head.

    Okay, I don't mean to make you jealous here--but I must tell you, I've actually been to visit Laura Ingalls Wilder's home in Missouri. You know, Rocky Ridge, where she lived with Almanzo and Rose and where she wrote all the books? It's a lovely, lovely house. I just adore it. And there's also a museum next to it where you get to see PA'S ACTUAL FIDDLE. I ain't kidding. It's just plain awesomeness. If you ever come to America to visit Emma you really should consider making a visit there. You won't regret it :)


    I've been reading those books all my life. Well, I mean, it sure seems that way. Basically I GREW UP with them. I LOVE THEM.

    Dear me, I seem addicted to caps too :)

    My favorite, I think, is On The Shores Of Silver Lake - though I'm not sure why :) I love the exicement with the building of the railroad, and then how they stay in the house all winter and there is music and warmth and laughter!!! Oh how I love that . . . AND the Boasts! They are such fun to read. Goodness. Laura was a wonderful writer :D

    Her Rocky Ridge home is amazing. Just beautiful - and they have all sorts of things from the books - Pa's fiddle and the lace that Ida gave her on her wedding - it is AWESOME!

  3. I have SO many fond memories of these books. I think they were some of the very first books I read on on my own, and just like you I have reread them quite a lot.
    Though, I must admit I have never heard of the Martha and the Charlotte books, who are they about?

    I think my favourites are Little Town on the Prairie and These Happy Golden Years - I loove reading about Laura's and Almanzo's courtship.

    And the Plum Creek christmas - that was my favourite chapter too!
    So lovely to be reminded of all those little moments I loved from all the books.

  4. GAH! Why did Rose not marry Paul?! It kills me every time I think about it...he was...awesome!!!

    Why is my favorite Caroline book like...$100?! I'm thankful I can order it from the library. ;) CORN HUSKING. YES. YES. YES.

    Have you ever listen to the audio books? I adore them...I've listened to them probably a total of 50+ times each. ;P don't you just ADORE that sketch where Mary is trying on her new dress for college? GAH!

    I'm always shocked at those people who say they have never read the Little House series...I about cried in the Rose series when Pa died. ;( I really do enjoy the Caroline series and the Little house. I dearly wish they did audio books for all of them. :) Lovely post, as always!

  5. LOVELY post. I adore these books as well. I need to reread them all! x

  6. Jessica, Oh, The Long Winter is really good. It has never been my favourite of the lot though, because 'not much happens.' (That's what I used to say.) I have read that one a lot of time, though, still. :-D
    Ohhhh. Farmer Boy makes me SOOOO darn hungry!!!
    I did know there was a museum with Pa's violin! AND YOU VISITED IT. Well, now I AM jealous. :-D

    Rosie, I LOVE THEM TOO. These books are so many people's childhoods. :-D Haha. I love on the Shores of the Silver Lake - it the first Laura book where she's kind of 'grown up', I think. AND I'M IN LOVE WITH THE BOASTS. Nicest couple ever. :-)

    Rose, Oh, the Martha series and the Charlotte series are about the grandmother (Caroline's mum - Charlotte) and the great-grandmother (charlotte's mother - Martha). There are four books of each. They aren't half as good as the Caroline, Laura and Rose series, but I still like them.
    ME TOO. Almaaaanzo. I LOVE HIM AND LAURA. Their buggy rides are way too cute.

    Sarah Margaret, I KNOW. ROSE AND PAUL SHOULD HAVE!!!!! That's why I really do Not like the last Rose book. Didn't it annoy you? She went off with this rich town guy! (And she divorced him later. Bluh. She should've chosen Paul.) AND YES. CORN-HUSKINGS. I WANT ONE. I don't even care if I get a red ear, haha. :-)
    I don't really like listening to audio books, because it always goes too slow for me, but those sound like fun!
    Glad to hear of someone who also loves the Caroline and the Rose books!

    Jillian, AWW THANKS. These books are goooold.

    ~ Naomi

  7. I think I like TLW best partly because it's all about winter and SNOW, and I used to live in a place where we had really snowy winters, but then we moved away when I was eight years old to a place where it HARDLY EVER SNOWS and winter is just blaaaaaaaaaah. So "snow," to me, is basically equivalent with "lost paradise." (Okay, not literally, but you get the idea.) That's why I love TLW, and that's also why I love "The Silver Chair" best of all the Narnia books. Because it has SNOW. :)

  8. Awwwwww:D

    I really like the first picture. It's scrumptious!

    I don't think I ever actually read all of the Little House books *ducks*, but I LOVED Little House in the Big Woods and some of the others. I should reread them all soon:)

  9. Oh my, you must be the biggest LH fan ever! :) I've always loved the books and movies, but I don't think quite as much as you.
    To mention at least ONE of my favorite scenes, I love in the first book when Mary and Laura play in the attic with all the food stored away up there.
    Oh! And the dance at their grandmother's house. Oh wait, that was two scenes, oops. ;)
    I NEED to read all of the other books-IN ORDER. I read some of the Martha, Charlotte, Caroline, and Rose years a loooonng time ago but I don't think I ever read them all. My library is going to get a long list of requests for those books as soon as I can.
    This was such a darling post!!

  10. You are making me crave a re-read really badly!!!!! These Happy Golden Years was always my favorite and I would re-read just it (skipping over the rest of the series) over and over again as a child. :)

  11. Hi, Naomi--sorry to bother ya, but I have rather a Burning Question. How do you go about making fan-videos of the kind that you've been posting on YouTube? Because they're really COOL and I want to try and do the same thing, since I have some good ideas about how I could do it--but I can't figure it out. In particular, I can't figure out how to actually access the clips and such, since what's available in "Creative Commons" seems so limited. Like, how do I actually get real P&P clips to put together in a fan video?

    Hope you don't mind my asking ;)

  12. Oh dear, I didn't mean to make you jealous! But seriously, it is the coolest thing - if you ever (I should say when, not if, should I not? :)) come to America to visit Emma, you should consider making her house one of your stops. It is just AMAZING. You would love it :D

  13. Naomi, I know!!! I can't believe she divorced him..I mean, he obviously was an annoying guy. PAUL WAS FAITHFUL. AND HE HAD AN AWESOME JOB. Oh yes, the last Rose book annoyed be greatly. I plan on not reading it for a while. lol. I always feel bad after reading it. ;)

    Yes, I love audio books because I can have them and still work around the house. ;) One can't wash dishes and read a book...sadly.. :P

  14. Jessica, I know what that feels like. Snow is awesome! I wish it snowed more here, too.
    About fan-videos - what I do is I find scenes on Youtube and 'convert them to MOV' using http://www.clipconverter.cc/ - when you have converted the scenes/videos you need, you can sort them/cut/copy/arrange them on a movie-maker thing. (If you don't have a movie-maker tool on your laptop, it's downloadable for free on the Internet. I asked my sister to do it for me, haha.) There are a lot of P&P05 clips on Youtube, but no P&P95 clips. Sobbb.

    Olivia, that's alright. I won't bombard you with rotten tomatoes! :-) No need to duck! :-P But yes, you should reread them. :-D ALL.

    Natalie, I probably am! YES. THE DANCE AT GRANDPA'S. I LOVE THAT BIT. I love it when Laura watched her aunts get ready and comb their hair. :-)
    The Martha and Charlotte years are fun, but I LOVE the Caroline years and the Rose years better. But yes, you should read them all. :-D

    Lois, I always re-read my favourites. Those Happy Golden Years is the one I've probably read the most. I think. :-D

    Rosie, don't worry - I'm not JEALOUS jealous. I'm just rather envious. Haha. I think I would love it. :-D

    Sarah Margaret, AHH finally someone who UNDERSTANDS me about Paul and ROoooose. :-) PAUL IS SO AWESOME. Don't you love it when he wears his father's clothes and Rose can't believe how handsome he is? And I'm always so glad when he realises Lois is nothing. :-D Poor Paul.
    Yes, that's true, about audio books. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  15. Thanks so much for telling me! I'm pretty sure I do have a movie-maker tool on my laptop already. I can't wait to try it!

    One more question--how do you get the background music? Do you also get that off of YouTube? Also, do you ever run into copyright problems, or anything, with using the clips/songs?

    Mmmmmmm . . . are you sure there are no P&P 95 clips? Because I know that Rosie and I watched P&P 95 for free on YouTube just this spring. I think it was uploaded under a Spanish title or something, but the video was in English. Couldn't you use that? If it's still up?

    Haha, yes, I would LOVE to make a P&P 05 video. I have the most marvelous idea for one :) Even though I know you don't care for the movie, I STILL think it would make you laugh :)

  16. Oh! You make these books sound so deliciously good. (I can't believe you read three in one sitting! You must be a fast reader!) I have to admit I've never read any of them through. I've read bits and snatches every now and then but I've never been able to get into the stories--probably because I didn't start at the beginning (skimming books is such a bad habit). They sound like such a darling series, though. Really, I don't know why I never read them!

    Thanks for this post, Naomi! It was so sweet! And the pictures you chose are lovely! :)

    ~Miss March

  17. Jessica, oh you take a song from Youtube and convert it to mp3 or something, and then you can put it as background music on the movie-maker thing. I use this: http://www.youtube-mp3.org/
    Yes, sometimes Youtube closes the video for some countries (remember you can't watch all of my videos) but *I* think that as long as you don't make money of your Videos it's fine. Maybe you can mention on your Youtube channel that 'you don't own anything.' Haha. :-)
    Yes, I know full P&P95 episodes are availiable on Youtube, but those take AGES to convert. It's much easier to convert short separate scenes. But yes, it's possible. :-)

    Miss March, Aw, you never read them! What a childhood you must have had?!!!!! (Haha, I'm just teasing. :-D)
    Thank you!

    ~ Naomi

  18. The way you love these stories so much makes me happy. :-D

    I've only read Farmer Boy, Little Town on the Prairie, and The First Four Years (within recent memory, that is...I think I read Little House on the Prairie once, but that was eons ago, so it has pretty much all flown my brain by now). I love her world too -- the simplicity, family values, and love. I like the TV series, sorta, but the books are so much better.

    (But I still like Michael Landon. I don't care what you say.) ;-)


  19. I know, the books are way better. I like the TV show too, though, although so many things annoy me. One day I'll write a '100 book in-accuracies in Little House TV show' post.

    And I'm not Mr Landon's biggest fan. I don't care what YOU say. :-P

  20. Thank you, Naomi!! I'll try it as soon as I have some more free time, hehe.

    Oh yeah, I've never watched the Little House series, but it always DOES annoy me that Pa--Michael Landon--doesn't have a beard. He needs a beard, folks. Otherwise he ain't Pa. (IMHO)

  21. Naomi, I totally understand..seriously, it's soooo frustrating! If she was going to marry that other guy, she shouldn't have divorced him! :P
    oh yes, yes, yes! lol. I admit, I did feel a bit pad for Paul when Lois tricked him-but hey, ya know. ;) Wouldn't having an auction for a lunch be soooo fun?! ;)

    Have you ever watched the Little House on the Prairie 2006 movie? It's totally awesome. The guy who plays Pa is TOTALLY how I imagine him! It's so awesome. Plus, it's like four hours long.... :D

  22. I am so glad other people were as mad when Rose didn't marry Paul. I loved Paul so much and Rose should have chosen him. Just gahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!



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