In which I show you a story snippet because I don't have time to write a real post

I've started a new story. The kind that I'm better at. (Yes, I'm still writing the WW2 one, but there's no harm done with two projects at once.)

Well, the title speaks for itself. It's a lazy excuse for a blog post, I know, but here it is, anyway. I wrote it several minutes ago, and I hope you like it, and all that.

Mark that it has not yet been properly edited, please. And if you happen to stumble across one, tell me if there are any painstakingly embarrassing typos. Thank you; you really are a good sort. :-)

It was a marvellous occasion, Nathan Rum – or, as we called him, Rummy –’s engagement party. My good friend, Parker, and I were remarking on it on the duration of it. We were standing somewhere on the side, with a glass of champagne in our hands. I was also nibbling on a home-made jam biscuit; made by Rummy’s mother. They could have been better. 
“Nice party, right?” Parker started. 
“Yes? Um, oh, yes,” I said. I kind of half-woke up, as I was musing over my neighbour’s dare to his twin brother, which, I thought, was a very unreasonable dare and which, I decided, I had to tell him when I came home. 
“Oh yes,” I repeated. “Jolly nice party.” 
“Rummy looks very happy.” 
“Ghastly shoes, though, he’s wearing,” I remarked randomly. Because they were rather odd. Red and white; the tapping-kind. 
“I thought the same,” Parker agreed. “He’s not, after all, Fred Astaire. He has no right to wear tapping shoes to his own engagement party.” 
“Ah, but ‘right’ he has. He has every right. It’s just that I happen to think nothing of them.” 
“You don’t?” 
“I don’t.” 
“I think they make a gorgeous couple. Look how their smiles match!” Parker smiled broadly, looking rather oaf-like when the smile was at its broadest point. 
“Ah!” I chuckled. “Nonono – I didn’t mean that I think nothing of them – as in, Rummy and Laura. I think nothing of them, as in, his shoes.” 
“Oh. Yes. Yes, of course.” Parker smiled again, although he didn’t reach the oaf-like part. “So you do think something of Rummy and Laura.” 
“Oh yes, of course, yes.” 
We looked at them together for a moment. It was an awkward moment, because Laura just happened to kiss him as we looked, and Rummy just happened to stroke some hair behind her ears. Parker blushed. I don’t know if I did, but I don’t think so. I might have. 
“Ah, yes,” I said. “Very nice. Jolly sporting couple. But I disagree with you about their smiles. Laura’s smile isn’t half as crooked as Rummy’s smile.” 
“I suppose,” Parker mumbled. But he was thinking of something else. I asked him what, and he said, “I want to get married, too!” 
He looked like he was about to burst into tears. 
“Cheer up,” I awkwardly said. 
“No! I can’t!” 
“What do you mean, you can’t? Of course you can.” 
“But I want to get married!” At this stage, Parker reminded me of a spoilt one-year-old, with yellow curls and blue eyes, who was fed on caviar. 
“Oh, of all the things, Parker. Of course you can get married.” 
“How?!” Parker gasped, realising things he had never realised before. “How can I? No girls like me. No girl has ever liked me.” 
“Mmm,” I mused. He had a point. He had a reason to worry. 
“Do you want to get married, Marty?” 
“Me? Married?” I gave a scoff, and choked ever so slightly on a bit of Rummy’s mother’s home-made jam biscuits which could have been better. “Oh, nonono.” 
“Why not?” 
“Well. Well – I. Welll.” I spluttered a little, suddenly realising that I did, in fact, want to get married. Or engaged, at least. I looked at Rummy and Laura again, and saw how Laura’s arm was so snugly tucked into Rummy’s arm, and how they laughed so happily. 
“Well?” Parker asked. 
Parker simply looked. He always had been one of my more patient friends. 
I finally found my voice. “Well! I suppose – yes. Yes! Yes, old chum. I’m on the same boat as you, old chap. I want to get married too!” 
Parker and I shook hands. It felt like a special occasion, so we drank on it, re-filled our glasses, and drank on it again. “How jolly!” Parker exclaimed, and he smiled some.

Well? What say you?

And let's finish off with an adorable picture, just because.


  1. Why, this is some of the best writing I have read in a long time!
    I love every bit of it!! The scene, the dialogues - you can almost hear the posh accents.
    It's got a bit of a Wodehouse feel (which is definitely a good thing)- is it inspired by his books?

  2. My goodness, Rose, thank you!!! And yes, I was somewhat inspired by Wodehouse. I'm glad you noticed. :-)

  3. Wow, I love this! Just has such a wonderfully light, tangy, witty feel when one reads it! Thanks for sharing it. I love to read story snippets and this one was particularly good :)

    I say, three cheers for Wodehouse!!! Rose is right, it does sound like him :)

    Mmmm, no - didn't notice any mistakes.

    The picture's from Little Women, uh - the 40s version, right? I haven't watched any of the Little Women movies, just seen clips. Anyway, it is adorable!

    Oh, and I heartily agree on having more than one project going at once! I'm doing that myself. It keeps me from feeling bored, although sometimes I feel rather guilty about it and am glad to hear that you do it too!! :D

  4. Hee-hee. This is darling, Naomi. I read the whole thing in Hugh Laurie's voice. ;-D

  5. Of course there are a few grammar things that seem a bit off to me, but I'm not going to mention them here because that would be annoying. ;-P (You don't have to publish this comment.)

  6. I was about to say the same thing--this reminds me a lot of Wodehouse! I really enjoyed it--it's cute and funny and makes you smile :)

    No, no harm at all doing two projects at once :) Especially if that's the way you work best--I myself don't think I could actually WRITE two stories at once, but I can definitely "brainstorm" for multiple stories at the same time. That's what I'm doing this weekend, actually :) (And I just found the PERFECT actor to "cast" for one of the characters in my Holocaust story and so I am VERY HAPPY.)

  7. This was fun, Naomi! :D Thank you for sharing it! I love reading people's stories. And this one sounds like it will be a gloriously jolly read, if you finish it. I like the characters already! Poor Parker. There's got to be a girl for him somewhere!

    ~Miss March

  8. Heehee, I can definitely hear the Wodehouse-inspiration in this! ;)
    This was adorably funny, Naomi! Good job! What is the story about? Is it just about this character, Marty, or are there more points of view? I love how effortless your writing and dialogue seem. I could see it all in my head as I read it!

  9. *sniffles at all the darling comments because really*

    Rosie, The Little Women picture is from the latest Little Women version - the 1994 one, I think.

    Emma, I wish you WOULD tell me. Seriously. It's not annoying. :-P

    Jessica and Miss March, thank you SO much!

    Natalie, Well, I've only literally JUST started, so I haven't got the whole story planned out. I think the story will be entirely from Marty's perspective - and it'll be about how he and Parker try to find a wife. Hopefully it'll be slightly humorous. :-D

    Thank you ever so much!

    ~ Naomi

  10. This was beautifully written and you write very well!!!

  11. I have tagged for the One Lovely Blog Award over at my blog, stlseeds.blogspot.com

  12. Oh, this is charming, Naomi. :-D I love it - it's a fuzzy warm kind of story that's 'comfy' and makes you want to keep on reading. I haven't read Wodehouse (honestly, my family has never heard of Jeeves and Wooster or whatever their names are) but it's certainly written humorously. Wouldn't it be rather tricky, writing a story from a guy's point of view? Or maybe that's just me. :-) Well, I suppose one has to try new things! (Oh, but then you did that pen enemy story and that was from a guy's point of view...well! Never mind then. :-D) Is Marty short for something or is it just plain old Marty? ;-)
    Jolly good. Excellent, excellent....
    ~Miss Meg March

  13. Aaaahh! Lovely, lovely! So Wodehouse-reminiscent and cosy and nice:D


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