You might be a literary spirit if...

... You prefer the book Gone with the Wind to the movie because the movie doesn't have Will Benteen in it. And Will Benteen is the bestest ever.
... You read bits in books where the characters talk about books with a biiiig grin on your face.
... The mere mention of Walter Blythe makes you weep incoherently.
... even at the age of ten, you were pointing out ALL differences between the Little House books and the Little House movies.
... You have a best friend who is a literary spirit. Because literary spirits have besties who are also literary spirits. It's a thing.
... Captain Wentworth's letter is your favourite part in Persuasion.
... every Sunday after Church, you've at least had two conversations about a book (or a hundred.) And of course with recommendations in between.
... You don't want to watch the third Anne of Green Gables movie because there should have been a Rilla of Ingleside movie in the place of it.
... You have a hard time writing five-star reviews on Goodreads because you LOVE THE BOOK so much that you "can't even."
... You miss your books when you lend them out. (Oh, cousin, give me Violins of Autumn back! I miss you, darling, and I want to read you again.)
... You know that Mr Collins is actually tall.
... people ask you, "what are you reading NOW"?
... You still plan to read Les Miserables one day. Despite the 20-chapter description about the Bishop's head cushion.
... You sometimes go on Goodreads to read mean 1-star reviews of your favourite books and either laugh at their ridiculous opinions or start ranting in front of the screen.
... Max in The Book Thief has several of your favourite quotes.
... it annoys you that Melanie Wilkes read David Coppefield instead of Les Miserables in the movie of GWTW.
... You know that Catherine Moorland was originally called Susan and that Northanger Abbey was originally going to be called Susan, too.
... You know there's never going to be a good movie of Emily of the New Moon because there are no actresses with purple eyes.
... Your favourite social media is Goodreads.

... if you would like another of these kind of posts! :-D


  1. I've never read GWTW or watched the movie :P

    Oh yes, friends that love books - that is so necessary!

    Well, *cough cough* I can't say that his letter is my FAVOURITE part of Persuasion. Yes, I know :P

    Oh that's right! He was tall, wasn't he?

    OF COURSE I WOULD LIKE ANOTHER POST LIKE THIS. :) Ahem. It's just that I love books :)

  2. I am apparently a literary spirit, then :) I've done a lot of these things (although, not ALL of them, but that's just 'cause we literary spirits are a diverse and varied lot. Hee.)

    One other thing that I've done is memorize long passages--even whole pages--of my favorite books. I don't do that as much now that I've not got as much time for pleasure reading (*sniffle*) . . . but when I was a teenager there were few things that gave me more pleasure than mentally reciting a big long chunk of G.K. Chesterton. Because Chesterton's writing is so amazing that I CAN'T EVEN. (See? :) )

  3. Oooh, yes PLEASE:D I want another one!

    Haha "you know that Mr. Collins is actually tall."

    Sometimes I wish certain actresses were younger, because they would be SO perfect for a role, but now they're too old:'(


  4. There's a 20-chapter description of the Bishop's head-cushion? I might just have to read the book to see how ridiculously long the descriptions are!

  5. Rosie, the letter isn't your favourite part in Persuasion?!?? Okay. You may have different opinions. Haha. I wuv books too. :-D

    Jessica, I know - this post was more about things I do. :-) I haven't ever read Chesterson - my brother's always telling me it's so good. I should! Any of his books you'd recommend the most?

    Olivia, Thanks! Haha, same here! I want to star old Hollywood actors/tresses too, but they're practically all dead. Hmmm. :-/

    Chloe, no, no! I was being extra sarcastic! :-) But the first many chapters are alllll about the Bishop's house, though. Not just his head-cushion. Haha. :-/ (That was awkward. :-P)

    ~ Naomi

  6. All of this! Except I've never read Emily of New Moon...

  7. No, I'm afraid I don't :)

    Thanks, good to know that I can have different opinions ;)

    I think I'm just not that melodramatic. Plus when I read the book the first time I was kind of expecting him to talk to her, and he ended up giving her a letter. I don't know - it's hard to explain :P

  8. Okay, um, this is hard because there are SO MANY Chesterton books that I wuv sooooooo much :) First of all, the Father Brown stories are FANTASTIC--although many of them are fairly "gory," being murder mysteries. But here are a few stories without any murders: "The Blue Cross," "The Queer Feet," "The Flying Stars," "The Absence of Mr. Glass," "The Blast of the Book," and "The Song of the Flying Fish."

    I would also highly recommend "Tremendous Trifles," which is a collection of short essays Chesterton wrote about funny, silly, everyday things. Seriously, these are GEMS. Hilarious, every one of them. The book "Orthodoxy," which tells the story of how he converted to Christianity, is also wonderful. And if you feel up for some really crazy adventures, try "The Man Who Was Thursday." That's one of my favorite books of all time, ever. It's just so COOL.

    Hope that helps :)

  9. Oh my goodness, this is so perfect! You got mad about David Copperfield too????? Thought I was the only one!

  10. I think I AM a literary spirit, but I also think I'm a different one to you. ;-) Many of these are can't say that I can relate but that doesn't really matter. Hehe. I've never read Gone With the Wind. We watched the movie yeeeears ago and everyone disliked it so we threw it out. :-P Ahem. And that was the end of that. But I DO smile broadly when the characters in books talk about books. :-D I have yet to read the rest of the Anne series (although I'm very eager to!) so I will have to wait awhile before I can weep incoherently about Walter Blythe. ;-)
    Yes, I did occasionally remember that the movies of Little House are SO different to the book - but I still loved the movies anyway.
    Well, almost all of my friends (that I have in my face to face life, haha) aren't book kind of people. Which is very sad for me, but I can't do much about it. I don't particularly like 'besties' either (sorry, I'm not pointing fingers or anything, let me explain) because it makes it rather awkward for people who want to become friends, when they know they've already got a best friend, so you are just going to be another friend that can't compare. So I don't have a best friend, I love to treat them all the same. :-)
    I have yet to read Persuasion, too. But I love reading about letters (and writing them!) in books. Well, I WOULD have conversations with my friends after church (I rarely do) if people at my church like books, but most of them don't. So.... no go. :-P
    I've seen the third Anne of Green Gables movie. The first is definitely the best, the second is still sweet but the third is rather different. I don't love it as much as the others, but I still like it. Also, I've not read Rilla of Ingleside as of yet.
    I don't have Goodreads. ;-)
    YES....Oh my, yes, I rather dislike lending out my darling books. I am going to be lending the book I'm reading right now (I'd better finish it!) tomorrow to a friend, because she's sick in hospital. But I'm quite happy to lend it to her, because she loves reading, is sick and I'm quite sure will love the book, which 'appens to be "Eight Cousins". :-D
    Haven't read P&P yet....(YET!)
    YES! Everybody does that to me, haha. "So, what are you reading NOW?"
    I do hope to, someday, read Les Miserables. But not just yet. :-P
    Nope, I don't "do" Goodreads. Just because I don't need to. Haha.
    I didn't read the Book Thief, nor have I seen it. *sniff*
    Well, can't say it annoys me that much, because I don't remember Melanie reading. :-P
    Whoops. I didn't know that. I've not read Jane Austen (with a good reason) so I am rather unknowledgeable about that.
    It is rather rare to find actresses with purple eyes, I must agree. Hehe. :-P
    Um....no. I've not been on Goodreads. ;-)
    Yes. I would. Thank you. I think I can call myself a literary spirit. ;-)
    ~Miss Meg March


    Especially Walter and Will and Max having the best quotes and Melanie reading Les Mis and BASICALLY ALL OF IT. :)


  12. You must do another post like this! I may or may not have made a little happy sound when I saw the title...:D

    I haven't read all of the 'Little House on the Prairie' books, but I've read enough to know that most of the show is fictionalized!

    Reading about Walter Blythe as a child makes me a little sad because, well you know why. ;) I watched the third 'Anne of Green Gables' movie only because my sister wanted to, and goodness...it was terrible. I could rant about it but I won't! Just don't watch it!

    I love the picture you used! It's so pretty!


  13. I honestly seen the movie of GWTW-and I almost yelled through the whole entire thing. I didn't read the book, but it's on my list of books to read, including all of Jane Austen's works.

    And I'm on GoodReads all the time-and I think I am a literary spirit, and people do keep asking me what I'm reading all the time.

  14. Jillian, wow, we seem to be similar! :-) And you should read it! :-)

    Rosie, haha, I understand. It's fine.

    Jessica, wow, thanks! I can't choose where to start now! Haha! :-) I LOVE the sound of 'Tremendous Trifles.' I might start there. :-)

    Amy, thank you! Haha, before I saw GWTW, I read your GWTW review and read that they changed les Mis to David Copperfield. It's bothered me ever since. :-P

    Miss Meg March, These things are things all rather personal to myself, so it doesn't me you aren't a 'literary spirit' if you don't relate to them all. Don't worry! :-) GWTW is something you either love or hate, so I understand. I love it, though. :-D
    I hope you don't find my continuing 'bestie' mention a nuisance. I love all my friends, of course! If you ever start having Goodreads, you might get addicted! AND YOU MUST READ RILLA OF INGLESIDE. THE END. :-D

    Eva, I KNEEEEEWWWW it!!!! I was thinking about you when I wrote the Will one. Oh, and the Walter one. Duh. :-P

    Emily, ugh, Little House is just SO fictionalised in the movie. I mean, they even adopt three kids. WHAT EVEN. Yeah, I don't want to watch the Continuing Story. It's just NOT Montgomery. :-) Thanks!

    Brittany, Don't worry - I've learnt that GWTW is either a book you LOVE or a book you HATE. Rest assured, Scarlett drives me crazy. But I STILL love the book. :-) And, yes, Goodreads is da bestest. :-D

    ~ Naomi

  15. Well, look at that! I'm a literary spirit! And I never knew! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. ;-P

    Well, a lot of these I didn't know....but then I DID know a lot so I think I can still be a literary spirit. (Although I like the GWTW movie better than the book because it only takes up four hours of my time whereas the book took like two weeks. Sorry.)

    Best friend who's a literary spirit? Check!

    Haha. I don't even write reviews for my favorite of favorite books (most of the time) because I literally CANNOT EVEN. You ever seen me write a True Grit review? Nope. Hasn't been attempted yet.

    Yes, people ask me that! People who know me and my bookish tendencies. :-) It makes me happy.

    I LOVE to laugh at negative reviews of my favorite books! Why does that amuse me so much?!? I have no idea!!


  16. Well, I hate to say it, but I've never read, or watched, Gone with the Wind...
    I don't remember grinning over characters talking about books...
    As I've never read Rilla of Ingleside I'm afraid I've not had the pleasure (or misfortune) of weeping over Walter Blythe...
    *Gulp* I've never read the Little House books either...
    Since I don't have a best friend, I guess she's not a literary spirit...
    Oh, I do like Captain Wentworth's letter! I'm not sure if I could say that it's my absolute favorite part of the book...but it's pretty amazingly good! :)
    Oh, dear. Conversations after church? I fail there, pretty dismally, because I'm so bad at conversation...
    I don't want to watch the third Anne of Green Gables movie because I already watched it and decided it was awful!...like I said I've never read Rilla of Ingleside. :(
    What's Goodreads? (Just kidding, I sort of know what it is.) :)
    I'm beginning to think I'm not literary at all! Haha! I hardly ever lend books to anyone, so I can't say I've ever missed them...
    No! Really? And I've read Pride and Prejudice so many times! How did I miss that fact?...
    Nope, again. I rarely get that question. I don't think anyone knows me well enough to even know if I CAN read! (Haha! That was sort of a joke.)
    Actually, I probably never will read Les Miserables. Long descriptions are too daunting...
    Oh, I never go on Goodreads. I'm sort of out of the loop when it comes to that part of the internet. But I do like to read reviews on Amazon. Mostly, though, I enjoy reading reviews on books I didn't like because I like to see if anyone else had the same annoying feeling about it. (That's kind of awful, isn't it?)
    Oh, dear. I've never read The Book Theif, either! Naomi! You're making me feel very illiterate! Haha!
    Gone with the Wind again! ...I'm so out of it! ;)
    I didn't know that! Jane Austen must have had a thing for the name Susan!
    Would you believe it? I've never read Emily of New Moon...yeah, I'm beginning to wonder about myself, too!
    Nope...I don't visit Goodreads enough for it to be my favorite social media.

    Wow! I didn't realize until I started commenting, that none of these points really apply to me! I'm afraid I'm not much of a literary spirit! Haha! (Though, I would love to see another one of these kinds of posts...so maybe there is a little hope for me!) :D

    ~Miss March

  17. Emma, You AAAAARRRREEE?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Biggest surprise in my life.
    You don't have to know ALL of these to be a literary spirit. You just might be one if you know ONE. :-D GWTW didn't take you two weeks. It took you at least FOUR. I remember. :-D
    One day you should try to review True Grit. It might end up looking like my RoI review, though. You saw that one. :-P YAY! You do that too? Negative reviews are Hilarious. Hannah and I were reading loads last Saturday - she got really angry when she read that someone thought Watership down was 'just about silly rabbits hopping around and eating green things.' Haha.

    Miss March, Ohh, don't worry darling! I'm sure you are a literary spirit - just a different type. We don't seem to have read many of the same books, that's all! (As I mentioned earlier, this post are all things I personally relate to. :-)) BUT YOU MUST READ RILLA OF INGLESIDE. IT WILL SERIOUSLY CHANGE YOUR LIFE. There, I said it. :-)
    Goodreads is soooo much fun, though. But one can definitely be a literary spirit without an account, don't worry. :-)
    I hope you will be able to relate more with the next of these kinds of posts (if I do one!)

    Thanks for commenting!

    ~ Naomi

  18. YES!!! Max has some of the best quotes in The Book Thief!

  19. First off, that first picture is SO beautiful!!! And-and-I actually own one of those books! My copy of Northanger Abbey is that edition. :)
    HA- "You don't want to watch the third Anne of Green Gables movie because there should have been a Rilla of Ingleside movie in the place of it."
    Even though I shockingly sort of like the 3rd Anne (I see it as more of a "different story" than an Anne story) I wouldn't be upset AT ALL if they had done a Rilla movie instead. Not at all.
    I do miss my books when I lend them out! The worst is when people NEVER return them. This has unfortunately happened to me. :(
    Heehee. I read Les Mis already, so I guess that makes up for the books on this list that I haven't read yet...cough.

  20. Yesssss! Will Benteen is UHMAZING!!! For Pete's sake, he was possibly the only character with sense in the whole book. (Did Rhett have sense?)
    I'm pretty sure the whole reason I never got into the Little House TV show was that except for the first few episodes, it didn't come close to matching the book!
    Captain Wentworth's letter is sooo beautiful!
    I'm so scared to watch that third Anne movie...
    I haven't read The Book Thief, but Max was amazing in the movie! (I know, I shouldn't say that to a literary spirit :P)
    Goodreads is life! (Although I don't think it's my favorite..)
    I would love another post like this, and I don't know if I've said this, but daisies are my favorite and your background makes me sooo happy!

  21. Madison, I know! "Words are life, Liesl." That one is my favourite. :-)

    Diana Barry, (Lovely username! Haha!) I KNOWWWW. WAAALTER.

    Natalie, Ohhh! You have that Northanger Abbey?!!! I'm JEALOUS. :-) I guess the 3rd Anne movie could be considered nice if one doesn't think about the books. But I know I will, so I don't really want to watch it.
    Or when people give them back after YEARS. That's a nuisance too. Wow! You read Les Mis! That definitely is something. :-)

    Ashley, I know! Will was the Besssst. I ship him and Carreen so hard. AND THEN HE WENT AND MARRIED SUELLEN. He doesn't deserve that. Ahhh, the feels.
    (And no, Rhett is not completely sensible. Haha.) I did (and do) love the Little House TV show, but as a completely different thing. Once I start comparing it to the books - no.
    Haha, that's okay. I'm not shocked. Max's quotes are the same in the movie, I think. :-)
    Aww, thanks! I love Daisies too. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  22. I can relate to almost all of these. :)

  23. Ooooh you need to email me a photo of your copy of Violins of Autumn its on my to buy list :D


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