In which I randomly talk about Downton Abbey

{Spoilers of all seasons (although if you go to the picture of Rose, from down then there are only spoilers from up to season two. So if you've seen the first two series, you're safe to go.}
{Also, I have to warn you that some time in this post a gif of Matthew Crawley will appear in front of your eyes. It is a very handsome gif. Be prepared.}

- My grandparents live ONE HOUR away from Downton Abbey. (As in Highclere Castle.) How have I not visited this beautiful place yet?!!!!

- I have an "I love Downton Abbey" sticker on my laptop. For some odd, mysterious reason unbeknownst to us all. (Also, Emma gave it to me, and I love her.)

- I miss Matthew an AWFUL lot.

(But at the same time, I like Henry Talbot a lot too. But Matthew was better. Duh. He had blue eyes and all that.)

- Edith and Bertie are stinking cute together, you guys. Edith really did get bad luck when it came to lovers, didn't she? First Anthony - wow, and that couldn't have ended more dramatically. Then, after a string of other useless gentlemen, that creepy journalist - who vanished. Terribly rude, I know. Finally, she found Bertie... and we all love him. Bertie is good. Bertie is the best. (Also he and Edith fit together. Edith finally succeeded in finding a good match.)


- Three of my cousins have MET the actor who plays Sir Anthony (and Mr Weston in Emma!), and my uncle (aka their father) has met him twice. They went to the same party or something? Ugh, I am jealous. (Yes, they are aware of this. And the worst thing was, they didn't think it was anything big of a deal. But really... a Downton Abbey actor, guys. :-O BE EXCITED. Just for the sake of it, be excited!)

- Tom Branson in season six is so different to Tom Branson in season two. I miss the old Tom. (Do you?)

- Remember when Mary walked up the isle to marry Matthew? That was beautiful. And so unpredictable. Like wow, we just didn't see that coming, did we?

- Rose really has the best wardrobe. Tied with Mary Crawley, of course. No-one can really beat Mary's wardrobe - it has no bounds. (As beautiful as Mary's wardrobe is, I'd pick Rose's wardrobe if I could pick one. She always looks unbelievably gorgeous and adorable and sunny. Mary's is almost... too much for me. I would not cope with it.)

(But remember when Rose's hair was crazy?) (And remember when she dressed up as a maid?) (And remember that lovely black Jazz singer?)

- Let just keep on reminiscing. Remember when Mary wore that ugly top hat? Remember when Edith was super mean? (And remember. It's Edith's fault that the Pamuk scandal went abroad... like seriously. That's the whole reason why M&M had love story complications. Edith has a lot of apologies to make.) Remember when William and Thomas had a fight in the kitchen and Daisy totally crushed on William? And remember that Daisy used to have a crush on THOMAS. Like really girl, get your priorities straight. Remember when Robert wore white suits? Remember when Sybil was a suffragette and she got hurt and Matthew helped her up (after Tom did - wow, Sybil really is lucky) and Mary felt this tinge of jealousy? Love that scene. And remember Cora in Edwardian clothes? And remember Patmore getting glasses?

- And then season two... BLOWN AWAY.

(This is the gif I was telling you about. If one could hug gifs, I would hug this one for at least ten minutes right now. And my life is really busy; so that says a lot.) (He looks so boyish and shyyyy.)

- Season two is my favourite for many reasons. It has a tone of seriousness and the Important Things... because of the war. Downton suddenly is overshadowed by it. Life is way more than frocks and chauffeurs and lovers quarrel and yes, even newspaper articles. There's a war going on. Matthew almost died. Tom is politically involved (at least he is in his brain) and he and Sybil tie together through that. Sybil finds higher purpose through nursing. And, miraculously, Lavinia and Mary become friends through the hardships of the war and a certain wounded fiancé. Just... everything is more emotional and real and it really gets me.

- I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bit where those annoying girls give Tom a white feather and he goes, "I'm in a uniform" and after they say, "Wrong one", HE GIVES THEM A CHEEKY SMILE AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH. (He really doesn't care a jot what people think about him and just wow can I hang out with him?)

- By the way, it's hilarious how Belgian people pronounce 'Downton Abbey.' I'm glad I have a British accent.

- On the subject of accents: If you're American, don't forget to pronounce the T in "Downton." Thanks.

(Apparently black lace is epic.)

- Sometimes I wish there weren't THAT many Downton Abbey fans. I meet a lot of them, and although I feel a certain connection whenever I do, there are a lot of them. Too much. (Because if there were fewer, there would actually be tickets available to visit Highclere Castle.) My mum's friend at Church. The lady down three roads. The lady who lives down the road of the the lady down three roads. My dad's collegue. My cousins. The man at French Classes. The teacher at French Classes. My great-uncle. My second cousin. My second cousin's husband. Endless list I tell you. This is a good thing! Means I know what to talk about! But it does make me 'just another fan' and that sometimes takes the fun out of it.

(But it's okay; I'll bear it with as much grace as I can muster.)

- I own a book called "Behind the Scenes of Downton Abbey" but I got it when there were 'only' four seasons, so now I really want the new 'Behind the Scenes of Downton Abbey.' Emma and I found it in several shops back in June, and we itched to buy it. It was seriously the coolest book ever; endless full-colour pictures; each character analysed and talked about, and even an episode guide at the back. (Buy me it.) If only price tags weren't a thing in America.

(Mary's hat in the gif above = WOW WOW WOW WOW.) (Also, they are a cute married couple, right-ho, Jeeves?)


  1. This post is was so nice; it just feels like we are all sitting down and having a cozy chat together, with rain falling down outside and a fire sparkling in the fireplace.

    (Excuse the details. I love details.)

    That GIF of Bertie and Edith - ! They just look so happy and relaxed that it's simply peaceful to look at them; a thing that I'm doing over and over again.

    Wow some people leave out the T in Downton Abbey? That I did not know. How do you do it exactly?

    And I get the whole "just another fan thing"- I feel so dastardly selfish when I experience it and I work hard to get out of it, but it is a real thing.

    Is it strange how excited I am about DA considering I've never seen it and am not exactly planning to? It's just that I've heard so much about it and immersed myself so inordinately in it that I can't help myself. :) Besides which, my Period Drama Pinterest page is pretty much ALL screenshots from it!

  2. I may have cried while reading this post. I MISS DOWNTON ABBEY!! Don't get me wrong, I think 6 seasons did it justice. But I never grew tired of it. Ever. Certain themes? Of course. And I wasn't 100% pleased all the time, but the flaws made it real. I watched it faithfully for every year of my highschool. I feel like it represents an entire season of life that has left me :') It's beautiful. Someday I shall muster the courage to rewatch all the seasons and NOT TAKE SIX YEARS! *sigh*

  3. I love this post with hearts and confetti. Random thoughts make me smile. You are right. Edith is very comfortable with Bertie. I stand corrected. I remember now she looks QUITE comfortable with him. I remember all the whens.

    I am American and I might forget to say the t. I say "Dow (baby sized barely there n with tiny t) on Abbey." Like "Down'un Abbe'ay." I appreciate the gentle correction.

    (How do you say it? Like the people on the show? Downton Abbey, with a crumpet and some scones?" Oh, Lady V: "Why does every day involve a fight with an American?")

    :P ;)

  4. EhhhhhhhhaaaaahhhhhhhhhOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH.

    The gif. You warned me but it didn't make a difference. OH, MATTHEW HOW I LOVE THEE.

    It's all coming back. I think I forgot how much I love Matthew and I'm remembering it all now and OHHHHHH THE PAIN.

    (We always pronounce the t, you know we do. :-))

    I LOVE YOU AND I LOVE THIS SHOW and I really wish we could watch more of it together. :-)

  5. How do you forget to say the "t" in "Downton"? I mean, how is that even POSSIBLE?

    Lady Edith ain't the only resident of the Abbey who needs to apologize for a lot of stuff ;-)

    That is a very cute gif of Matthew Crawley. Very cute, indeed. *nods approvingly*

  6. I think you will like this Downton Abbey music video about Matthew and Mary:


    (Anonymous Blog Reader)

  7. Your grandparents live ONE HOUR away from Downton Abbey???! You'll HAVE TO go and see it, so you can tell us :-) From a distance of course...

    I hadn't noticed that Sir Anthony played Mr Weston :O Now I see it of course, but I hadn't thought about it before ^^

    Yes, the old Tom! He's too fancy now, and is not that cute rebel we had before... I'm glad that he and Henry got that car repair-business, it suits them ;-)

    That Pamuk-scandal makes me laugh (a little bit) now. It's all over! What a relief!
    Somehow this made me laugh so much: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beYzKH6JkHU

    YES! There are A LOT of Downton Abbey-fans! But I think it'll cool down soon, now that the series is over. The REAL fans will endure, though ;-) (BTW, I recently made my cousin to be a DA-fan :-D)

  8. Even without seeing DA, I really really loved this post. It's just so sweet and beautiful!! (I really want to know how Belgium people pronounce Downton Abbey now.)

  9. Sob sob sob sob I can't believe I finished Downton Abbey. I'm in shock and denial!!! Rose! Mr. Branson! Edith! Mr. Bates!!!!!
    Haha yes I do remember that lovely jazz singer. Wasn't that part awesome?


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