Downton Abbey Week Wrap-Up!

(Cute gif alert!!!)

It is over! I enjoyed it a lot, and it was SO fun to swoon and talk (IN CAPS) about Downton Abbey with you all. I enjoyed this week more than I thought I would - and you know, I SO am not tired of talking about DA. I could go on for days more. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, posts, and general supportive enthusiasm.

Tag Answers:

Meredith at 'On Stories and Words' wrote a great posts on DA Underrated characters
Rachel at 'A Girl's Place' listed things she loved about DA
She also wrote a post about the beautiful costumes
AND a post about 'Downton Abbey Did You Knows' which I really recommend you checking out. :-)

(If I forgot you, do give a shout!)

 Also, Long Live Downton Abbey. Am I right? ;-P


  1. I had a great time at your "party"! Cora and Carson would be proud of your hostessing skills! :)

  2. It was great, Naomi. :-) I'm so glad you did it!

  3. Thank you for a lovely, lovely week :-)

    By the way . . . why does the above photo of the DA dining table show two people standing up and everybody else sitting down? I DON'T UNDERSTAND.

  4. I leave you these two images of Downton Abbey:



    Unfortunately the second one has a misspelling!

    (Anonymous Blog Reader)

  5. Yes. This week was very fun, even if I haven't seen Downton Abbey...

    ...yet. ;)

    ~Miss Meg

  6. Hi, Naomi! :)

    First, I want you to know I thoroughly enjoyed your Downton Abbey week. Reading your posts was so fun and reminded me why I love that show.

    Second, I am a new blogger (longtime lurker) and am hoping you might follow me and please give me some tips on successful blogging.


  7. Thanks for organizing Downton Abbey week! I really enjoyed reading all the posts, made me miss DA. Maybe it's time for a rewatch? (He, an organized rewatch, is that an idea?)

  8. Yes!!!!!! LONG LIVE DOWNTON ABBEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love Edith and you-know-who :) :) :) *ship ship*


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