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Ahh, the costumes in Downton Abbey - everyone raves about them, everyone swoons over the lace, the sleeves, the swoosh, the embroidery, the hats... because really, they are absurdly, insanely beautiful in this show. It makes the level of costuming so high for all the other Period Dramas. Everyone in DA always looks impeccable, the necklaces and hats are in perfect balance, the clothes have all the wrinkles in the right places. Let's also not forget the hairstyles! I mean seriously IT IS AMAZING. These characters could all be in magazines in every single snap shot. Not fair.

Basically what I'm going to do in this post is just talk about the clothes & wardrobes I love best. It might be random, and it will be filled with loads of pictures. Excuse me and pardon me if it bores you to death, but really, I couldn't have a DA week without at least some appreciation post for the costumes! (Imeanreally.)

(By the way, I apologise to the lovely characters downstairs in Downton, who probably won't be mentioned at all in this post. But I love them still. They just don't have many dresses of many colours. :-P) (Money does do SOME things. :-P)

Mary's wardrobe in season one and season two was serious life goallls. She looks so good in Edwardian fashion - the corset makes her posture so regal and the hairstyle and statement hats make her look so stunning and Mary-like. It's funny how some characters look way better in Edwardian and some look way better in Twenties-clothing! Lady Cora is another example - she looked so good in Edwardian clothes - with the high collars and impressive sleeves she looks like royalty. Sometimes she looks rather weird in 20's outfits. :-P

I also LOVE Sybil's clothes in Season one - the purple dress is my favourite:

(Here's a beautiful collage of the purple dress, if you're interested.)

Sybil is still in her teens in the first season, which means her outfits are slightly girlish and her hair is still half-down, in a thick braid, or with a half-updo. I love her light blue and light pink blouse-outfits, and the triangular collars. I love her white dress in the garden party too. And of course, one MUST mention her adorable light blue bloomers. :-)

I will forever love that scene. :-) Especially Tom's adorable smirk in the window... cuz he approves wholeheartedly. :-P

In Season two, there's the great War, so everyone wears slightly more simple clothes, and of course they pull it off like gold. Lady Mary's wardrobe is still my favourite, of course - but we should take a sec to talk about the men IN KHAKI. I mean they look fantastic; especially Matthew. :-P Tom Branson looks swoon-worthy as always, in his dark green chauffeur garb with his cap and leather boots, but the khaki clad men almost steal the show. :-)

My favourite dress of Mary's in Season Two (my favourite dress in season two, PERIOD) is the one she wears in the following picture. It's a blouse and a skirt actually, but the blouse is soooo pretty. *insert heart-eyed emojis, like loads of them*

ALSO THE SCENE WHERE SHE SINGS AND MATTHEW COMES IN. It is seriously my favourite scene in the whole entire show, I think. :-) :'-)

I LOVE Mary's wedding dress!!! The wedding dress itself isn't that spectacular actually, but that was the fashion of the time and she does look brilliant. Her veil is stunning and I LOVE the head peice, with the leafy silver thing. And I know I say it often, but Lady Mary looks so much better with long-hair-updos than that Willy Wonka bob-cut.

(But she looks good whatever, don't worry.)

Both of Edith's weddings were a sight for sore eyes. She looked best in wedding number two and HAPPIER TOO haha, but WOW LOOK AT SYBIL AND MARY AT Edith's first wedding!!!!!! Mary's blue dress is immaculate and diviiiine (the flutter on the sleeves at every little breeze!!!! Ahh!) and Sybil's purple and lace dress is gorgeous too. I love Sybil's bob; she looks so good in one.

Sybil and Mary seriously outshone Edith on her first wedding day, ha.

(This picture was suppose to be a gif, but it's not. moving. Whatever.) (I love her outfit and the hat is JUST COOL. She looks great in it.)

Edwardian style wasn't very nice on Edith - and her hairstyle in Season One was UGH so unflattering! She became wayy prettier when the bob was invented and she had those finger waves in. Cloche hats and a sporty silhouette and long necklaces suited Lady Edith to a T. She looks brilliant now. Her second wedding dress was shockingly pretty. :-)

And you know what else she wears so well? Those hats with one side flat up. She slays in those kinds.

This pink outfit is probably my favourite of Rose's. Look at all the little white beads embroidered all over! And then the creamy pearl necklace and her hair peeping under the white hat?!! Gorgeous.

I cannot finish this post without mentioning Lady Rose's wardrobe!!! At first it's very girly and tomboyish; a lot of sailor-ish looks (which I think is perfectly adorable), and her hair is out of control and frizzy. Her hats are plain with a simple ribbon. Then, as she matures and grows into a lady rather than a teenager, her clothes become more elegant and classy - but still very cheerful and bouncy and fun and colourful - just like her.

Her hair is always gorgeous too, and HER WEDDING DRESS. <3

My sister and I like to joke about how lazy these characters are that they can't even DRESS themselves, but actually if you look at the way they are dressed it's almost not surprising! It's like putting on a wedding dress every day, almost, and people often need help putting on wedding dresses. Plus, they had corsets and fancy hairstyles etc. 

Haha. This is when Anna was going away for a week. :-P

What are some of your favourite Downton Abbey costumes?


  1. Oh how lovely! I have my costumes post in my drafts, I've been so busy with French Exam prep!


    I never realized this, but I'm SUCH a sucker for costumes. I mean, I could look at pictures and read about them for hours, it's kind of unsettling. :P

    (It's rather amusing, because my older sisters absolutely loathe drama and romance and all that Downton has (and they don't care a fig about costumes, really) (unless they involve a nice horse, a nice saddle and a nice pair of cowboy boots, hat, and chaps)... so yeah, I'd never watch it with them. :P Jane Austen and them, for example, do not go together. *cough* My elder brother enjoys them more. :P)

    I love fluttery dresses and skirts with dainty belts and gorgeous blouses and scrumptious hats and GENTLEMEN IN KHAKI UNIFORMS (also navy ones! Oh my gosh, MEN IN NAVY UNIFORMS :P) and I love pretty and loose hair dos and beads and rings and amazing things that make my eyes sparkle!!

    Also, I love Sybil already. <3 <3 (That bloomer picture. XD)

    Haha, I KNOW. It's quite ridiculous. :P Upper class ladies of that era (IN THE MOVIES, anyway) are so pathetic, really. They don't do much, heh. (Even in Jane Austen movies...) That annoys me a lot. But anyways, I do think movies make them look like they work less than they did, although I'm sure it's partly true... and yes, I understand about not being able to put on clothes by yourself. You should try putting on a corset yourself! (Tip: It Doesn't Work. I've tried.)

    I wanted this post to go on forever... *dreamy sigh*

    ~Miss Meg

  3. These are absolutely 100% gorgeous! I unfortunately am not well acquainted with Downton Abbey, but these outfits are priceless.

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  5. I so agree with everything you have said here! Including that Mary looks better in Edwardian styles (I don't like her haircut A-TALL) and Edith looks WAY BETTER in the twenties clothes. :)

    Pardon me, but one of these days you still owe me a critique of the wardrobe in Gone with the Wind...

  6. I wish I could just comment with all the outrageously unladylike noises I feel like making right now. Ahhhhhh, we will never get over the gorgeousness of this show. :-) (Nor do I ever want to.)

  7. That skirt-and-blouse combo on Lady Mary is beautiful. I would totally wear that.

  8. I am drooling!!! Oh yes, the HATS! I'm all about the hats!!!! They are just SO dreamy!!!!! And you are right- everything here is GORGEOUS!!! I always get excited when I see Lady Mary's wedding dress because MY MUM IS BEHIND somewhere!!1

  9. I enjoy costume posts :D This one was lovely!! I think Lady Mary's is my favorite wardrobe :)

  10. Money does do SOME things.

    Bahahaha. True, that. ;)

    I absolutely adore to death that striped, lace dress of Mary's. Second from the right in your collage. IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL.


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