Period Drama Dresses ~ Pink

Pink is my favourite colour, so I've been looking forward to the pink Period Drama Dresses. Here they are! I hope you enjoy!
 Two randomly lovely pink pictures.... aaaand now we can start!
Liesl von Trapp's gorgeous pink dress. Oh how I love this dress. It's simply adorable. It's gorgeous. I just want it. I always have, as a young girl. I remember envying her pink dancing dress when I watched it as a wee kid for the first time. I remember wishing that I could make my dress so light at puffy and twirly as she could. I tried, but poor me, I couldn't. :(

I love Rose' pink garden dress as well. It's simple but elegant. She's also wearing it in the picture on my header- which proves that I really love it. Oh and by the way, don't you love the old-fashioned pram in the background of this picture?
Do you think that this dress is the same one? Because if it isn't... well I want to say that I love it as well. Edith's brown garb however- I do not care much about. Come one Edith- you should look a bit more glamerous.

I know Daisy is only an undercook, but I love her pink dress she wears on her outing to the sea. She looks so pretty!
I know this dress of Meg's is supposed to be unsuitable, but I can't help it- I like it a lot! Well, yes, it is too low-cut, but apart from that, I think it's absolutely delightful.
Oh dear. I have suddenly remembered something terrible. I have forgotten my favourite pink Period Drama Dress! I have forgotten it! Oh dear!!!

How could I have forgotten Emma's lovely, darling, pink ball gown! She wore it when she danced with Mr Knightley! How could I forget! I am sorry readers.
It has layers and layers of different colour fabrics to make a shimmery effect and I love it dearly.

Emma also has two other pink dresses which I admire greatly.

But then I admire all Emma's dresses greatly (especially her pink ball gown and her yellow flowered one.)

Which pink period drama dress is your favourite?
And have I missed one out?


  1. Out of the dresses that you picked I absolutely LOVE Liesl von Trapp's pink dress. Ever since I was a young girl I wanted that outfit. :-)

  2. Hi Naomi! I love pink and I love all these dresses! I love Cynthia Kirkpatrick's pink ball gown in Wives and daughters. Your blog is gorgeous, love the background!


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