Period Drama Dresses ~ Purple

In the old days, the colour purple was often used for widows, just out of their black morning clothes. There are however, many nice purple dresses, and not all of them are worn by widows.
Let's start with the widows first, shall we?
Violet Crawley. Violet by name and Violet and Purple by Wardrobe. No, she doesn't always wear purple, that would be unsuitable for a Countess, but the majority of her Wardrobe is purple. He most famous outfit, is the one in the picture above. It's not my favourite Period Drama Dress, but it's certainly not bad, looks extremely fine and luxurious and suits her excessively.

Another someone who wears purple and violet a great deal, is mean Mrs Gibson. She has about seven different purple-ish dresses! I counted them once! In the whole, I am not very fond of Hyacinth's Wardrobe (who is?) but there are a few which are just about good enough to find a place in my blog.
No really it isn't too bad. I mustn't be hard on poor darling Hyacinth. I said "poor darling" for a JOKE, people. Mrs Gibson is stingy and obnoxiously appalling. She is not poor and definitely not a darling! 
This one is really not bad.
I simply adoooore Mary's purple "train" suit. I call it her train suit because she always seems to be wearing it in the train-platform scenes. In this picture she's with the odious Mr-Whats-its-name (yes, IT not HIS) but she also wears it in the scene where she meets Matthew there. And she kisses him on the cheek. Ohhhh.
The steam makes it so romantic! I wish we still had steam trains!
Ah. Sybil's purple glory. This dress is simple, but divinely beautiful, as Anne puts it. It's made of silk-- isn't it? I love the white collar- everything in this dress suits Sybil so well-- and I love Sybil, so I love the dress.
We are currently watching the marvellous 'Lark Rise to Candleford' series, and I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying it! I love Dorcas Lane (Julia Sawalha)- and she also has some lovely dresses, including this purple one! (see above picture.) It is not my favourite dress of hers for she has many others, but still I really like it a lot.

 The Pratt sister's clothes, however, is entirely another matter. They just wear anything that is in the latest fashion, but they make it slightly exaggerated and with weird, flashy colours. The only dress I can find myself 'liking' are the two in the above picture.
To conclude this post, I am going to mention Little Dorrit, who also seems to wear purple a great deal. 
 I love, love, love her purple wedding dress! It's silky, sheeny, scrumptious and elegant! This is definitely a dress I'd love to wear myself!
So... what's your favourite purple dress, and have I forgotten it?

PS. Sorry for mentioning Hyacinth so much in this post. It is not because I like her, or something. :-)

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