Period Drama Dresses ~ Yellow

Yellow Period Drama dresses today!
Normally I am not excessively fond of yellow dresses, but there ARE some very pretty yellow Period Drama frocks and dresses.

First on the list is Queen Victoria's in 'Young Queen Victoria' of course. It is so... amazing. Just look. What an amazing piece of fabric. It's completely draped in lace and finery. Wow. I simply cannot have enough of this dress.
Her hairstyle is not exactly my favourite, but I do like all those yellow flowers.  I'm sorry, but I don't have much more to say about this dress apart from that I simply ADORE it and that I wish with my whole heart that it was mine.

Another yellow dress which I am very fond of is Mrs Bank's one.

I love those little flowers all around the white bit. Yellow really suits Mrs Banks. When one thinks of her, one thinks of the colour yellow. (At least I do)

I have read somewhere that Jane Austen once said that her Pride and Prejudice heroine 'Elizabeth Bennet' had a favourite colour, which was yellow. The makers of the movie probably didn't know this, because Lizzy doesn't really have a yellow dress.
However, there is a very pretty yellow dress in P&P, worn by Charlotte Lucas' younger sister, Maria Lucas.
I am really fond of this dress. I love the little white stars and the three yellow flowers across the front. I have always loved this dress and I always will.
Marianne Dashwood in the 2009 version of Sense and Sensibility also has a yellow dress. I am not very fond of this gown, but I like it all the same and here it is.
How could she fall in love with this Whilloughby? He looks like a rat. I'm sorry readers, but Whilloughby is supposed to be handsome.
Anyway... back to the yellow dress. I like it, but something lacks.
How on earth could I forget Emma's yellow gown! The gown she wears in best of all scenes --the kiss scene! I am in love with this gown. It is simple, but at the same time so, so pretty and dainty and fresh and light! Oh I WANT it!
Is there another yellow dress I have forgotten?
What's your favourite yellow Period Drama dress?


  1. Ooooooooh yellow what a lovely sunshiney colour! :) I do love those yellow dresss but my favourite is the yellow cardigan that Marianne wears in the 1995 Sense and Sensibility, you know the one costume where she has that big hat on! Great post Naomi :) hope to hear from you soon about my header.

  2. I love this color series. How many yellow dresses does Emma have in that film? She seems to wear sunshiney colors a lot, peaches, yellows, peachy-pinks, coral.
    I think that Willoughby is handsome (but not as much as the other,more accurate, Sense and Sensibility), BUT he looks evil, like you know he is a rake.

  3. Evie,
    Yes I know that cardigan. It's very pretty- I had forgotten about that one.

    Livia Rachelle,
    Emma has one yellow dress but sometimes she wears it with long sleeves underneath and sometimes not. Yes she also has a lot of dresses in that same sort of colour. Oh I just adore her wardrobe.
    Thanks for commenting!

  4. I LOVE all these dresses! I never really liked yellow, but lately I've been drawn to it. It's so pretty and sunny and cheerful. :)

  5. Oooooh! Yellow! :-)

    Yellow is not my favorite color either, but there are some gorgeous yellow dresses in period dramas! Victoria's yellow dress is one of my vewy favorites. LOOK at all that lace and those ribbons and the roses and ohhhhhh......!

    I like Marianne's yellow dress in S&S 2008, although it's not my favorite. And yes, Dominic Cooper does rather look like a rat. I REALLY did not care for him as Willoughby. He's supposed to be handsome and charming, not creepy! Humph.

    And Emma's yellow dress, my favorite yellow period drama gown! I love this dress. And that scene. I just plain love it all. :-)



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