Period Drama dresses ~ Orange

I was thinking yesterday, 'Should I do orange period drama dresses? I can't think of any.'  So I decided to skip orange and go to red immediately.
Of course there was Caroline Bingley's orange dress, but I don't really like it
But this morning I suddenly realised that I could find some orange dresses. Edith Crawley has quite a few (which I don't really like, but anyway) and the movie Wives and Daughters has some as well.
And then my dear mother said that Scarlett O' Hara probably had an orange dress (which I don't think she has, but I'm not totally sure).
So I changed my mind and decided to do orange period drama dresses anyway.
OK. NOW we can start.

Yes I know it doesn't really look orange. But in this blog: The Dashwood Sisters- Wives and Daughters Costume Study it's called 'Molly's orange-sprigged dress'  and I like it, so I decided to add it anyway. After all it IS my blog, so I ought to be able to choose things. (Sorry. I hope I don't sound spoilt. Tell me in the comments please :-)
Now that dress of Molly's is just so cute. So sweet. So youthful and feminine. I love the puffed sleeves and the comfortable look of it.
Now we come to Cynthia.

I am quite a fan of Cynthia's wardrobe. Don't roll your eyes readers, I mean it. Honest. I just love her dress. They are unusual, yes. They are special and over-the-top (sometimes), yes. They look a bit wild, perhaps, yes. But they aren't ugly. I'm sorry, readers, but I don't agree with you there. I love all Cynthia's dresses and her hats and sometimes her hairstyles. I love the exoticness and elegantness of it. I can't help liking her costumes.
This orange flowered dress is no exception. I love those strange colour combinations and that flowered pattern. And those puffed sleeves.

Another orange flowered dress! This time, it is perhaps more according to your taste. As all of Emma's scrumptious dresses, I simply adore this dress. She wore it to her governess's wedding to Mr Weston. Oh I love it.

As I mentioned earlier on in this post, Edith Crawley wears a lot of orange. I am not very fond of most of them, but this one here is- I must admit- very pretty indeed. I love the shiny goldish pattern at the top and the darker orange skirt. Oh at that silk sash! Lovely!
Now I shall show you an orange dress which I don't like:
Yik. Yikes. Beurgh. *Vomits*
This dress is seriously NOT my style. I'm sorry Edith, but I do not like you in this dress. (I also don't like you with Mr Rochester, but that's another story *winks at Emma, who's probably the only one who knows what I am talking about*)
This is an unflattering, grotesque dress. What is Edith thinking!
Anyway. Here ends my orange post.
I shall as usual end with my two questions :-)
What's your favourite orange dress and have I forgotten one?
PS This dress of Molly is orange-ish, but more reddish. I LOVE it though.
PSS My mother was wrong about Scarlett O'Hara. Sorry mum. :-)

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  1. I love this period drama dresses series you've been doing, m'dear. Tis excessively diverting. :-)

    I actually love the color orange, but sometimes orange dresses can be obnoxious if they're really bright or overdone. "I have the greatest dislike of the idea of being overtrimmed. Quite a horror of finery."

    Um, anyways. I love all of Molly Gibson's dresses! They're soooo cute! That flowered one is one of my favorites. I don't know if I'd really call it orange, though. I guess the flowers are orange.
    No, you know I'm not a huge fan of Cynthia's wardrobe, but I do like some of her dresses, including that orange one. And I've never said they were ugly, just so you know. :-P At least, I don't think I have. Or have I? Anyway, I do rather like her unusual style. And she has some lovely hats too. Her hairstyles, however....okay, I'm not going to lie. They're just weird.

    I don't normally like Edith's dresses quite as much as Mary's (and SYBIL'S!!! *sob*), but I love that first orange one! That was in the first season, wasn't it? You're right, Edith does wear a lot of orange. Mostly I like her dresses, but that blue and orange one....ugh. Fashion police! I know, I know, it's the 20s, but that dress is just plain ugly. Navy blue and orange do NOT go together.

    Hmmm, I don't know what my favorite orange dress would be. Molly Gibson has a really pretty burnt-orange-ish dress that I love, and I also love that orange dress of Edith's.



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