Period Drama Costumes ~ Red

So... it's time for the red Period Drama Costumes today! And mind you, I have a lot!
It was the easiest thing in the world to decide which dress would get the honour of standing at the top of this list. My favourite Period Drama dress: MARY CRAWLEY'S RED DINNER DRESS!!!
(Sorry but the capitalisation was necessary.)
Simply saying that this is my all-time favourite Period Drama Dress is enough, I suppose, but I'm afraid I shan't stop here. Oh I simply adore this dress. Those darling sleeves, for instance. That sweet little cut in the middle of it.
And the exquisite embroidery on the dress- it's just gorgeous. All those deep, evening colours- and the dark elbow gloves to finish it all off. This dress is simply beautiful and you can GO AWAY if you don't agree with me.
No. I didn't mean that. I take it back. Stay here and tell me your reasons in the comments. (I'm sure however that all my readers love this deliciously lovely dress.

Next on the list is Scarlett's O'Hara scrumptious red hoop-dress. By simply looking at this dress one get's obsessed by hoops. At least I do. I just ADORE this dress. As Caroline Tomkinson says in Cranford: It's red and there's lots of it!
As all of you surely know, this scene is my favourite scene in all film history (alongside the lake scene and the 'unhappy alternative' scene in Pr&Pr) and the dress Mary wears in it is red as well so... I must add it on my list.
Although it is not quite as pretty as her other red evening dress, I love this dress as well (although it's a tad too bare at the top). I know you can't see the skirt in the above gify, but I love her skirt. It's with a lot of layers, with scalloped edges. In short, this is a really pretty dress in a really, really pretty scene.
Some people may call this dress orange rather than red, but to me this is red. And again, I love it fiercely. Molly looks so pretty and mature and so elegant in it.

Again, a debate of colour. To me, this lovely simple dress of Elizabeth Bennet is red, but I have heard some people call it pink rather than red. Well it is me who takes decisions here at my blog, so there.
I love this dress of Lizzy's although it's not exactly my favourite of hers (since she has so many even more scrumptious outfits). But this red dress is really adorable and... I could wear it myself.
I almost wanted to leave this dress out, but I actually rather like it so I decided not to leave it out. It's a lovely long, warm nightgown with frills and ribbons. In case you don't know who's wearing it, it's Bobby from 'the Railway Children' (Jenny Agutter as a child). We recently watched this movie, and I noticed this pretty nightgown this time.

How could I forget my favourite Scarlett O'Hara dress? How come this isn't earlier on my list! Scarlett's red and white Christmas dress is absolutely adorable. I normally hate Scarlett but I love her in this dress. She looks so sweet. I love the white and red bits at the bodice! It's just adorable!
(By the way, my dear friend Emma has written a splendorious review on 'Gone with the Wind' and you should read it: here.)
But there are also ugly red dresses. For example, Scarlett has one. If you want to see it (which you probably don't) click on here. It's simply loathsome, is it not?
But most of the red dresses are beautiful!
Which one is your favourite?
Have I missed one out?


  1. I think Lizzy's dress is red; it just has a funny fabric texture that makes it seem pink almost like it has white and read threads or somethings.

    One of my favorite red dresses is from the old movie with Judy Garland "Meet Me in Saint Louis" her gorgeous red velvet Christmas dress. It is perfect.

  2. Oooh, goody! A lot of my favorite period drama dresses are red too, so I'm sure I shall enjoy this. :-)

    MARY'S RED DINNER DRESS. You're absolutely right, the capitalization is necessary. :-P Ohhhh, how I adore that dress! I love everything about it! And I like that feather she wears in her hair with it, but she's not wearing it in that picture. (I think she wore it when Mr. Napier and Mr. Something-I-Can't-Read were dining with them.)

    And Scarlett's delicious red dress. Yes, yes. You know how I adore that one. :-) THE SKIRT.

    GAAHHHHH, I never get tired of watching that gif of Mary and Matthew! I've been sitting here watching it for some minutes now, haha. And Mary's red dress is lovely, of course, although I must say that's not one of my top favorites of hers. That scene is one of my favorites in film history as well, but my absolute FAVORITE Downton Abbey scene EVER is when Mary and Matthew are dancing, and Matthew says "You are my stick" and ohhhhhh I just fall to pieces every time. *sigh*

    Yeah, I personally think that's orange. But I suppose I can see how you might think it's red. And to me that dress of Lizzy's is definitely pink, but, like you said, who makes the decisions here? :-P

    Scaaaaaarlett's Christmas dress!!!!! I love that one. LOOK AT THE SKIRT. Ahem, sorry. Didn't I tell you I am obsessed with hoopskirts? :-P

    Oh, and thank you for mentioning my review! How sweet of you. :-)



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