Period Drama dresses ~ White

Today I'm going to talk about my favourite white period drama dresses. That is not-bridal-gown-dresses. Oh me oh my, there are lots and lots of white dresses that I simply adore. Be prepared girls. This post will probably bore you. If you aren't interested in white dresses you can go away. I won't be offended. I really don't want you to spoil your time on a post which doesn't interest you in the least.
But for you who do- like me- like white dresses (which I hope you do and which I am pretty sure that you do) you will hopefully enjoy this post.
Please note that these dresses aren't in any particular order.
One of them is the dress Mary Poppins wears in the 'It's a Jolly Holiday' scene. Actually that scene bores me because I know the song SO well, but the dress! I have always (ever since I was nothing but a wee little lassie) wished to possess it. I might one day. Isn't it so nice when wishes do come true? (I'm quoting Anne, by the way, people who didn't notice.)
Anyways, without further ado, here is the beautiful dress...

I just love every little bit about that dress. I love the little red things here and there, I love the bits of lace over and around it, I love the see-through sleeves, the modesty of everything, the wide and twirly skirt, the elegant parasol to match, the white shoes, the hat and the many frilly petticoats underneath.
Oh I just love it. Have you understood that by now? Sorry. Ahem. I really should stop and behave.

The next one.
Scarlett's white and frilly sheer delight. The dress that makes everyone look like a cloud- airy and beautiful. I WANT that dress. It's just... stunning.
In the book she wears her green barbecue dress in the first scene. I'm glad they did this one.
It's just so frilly and fussy and... all those layers... those short frothy sleeves...  I have to go on.

Anne of Green Gables' greatest wish on earth was to posses a white dress. It was her greatest ideal of earthly bliss, as she put it.

It's lacy, elegant, frilly, white and has puffed sleeves. It's just perfect. Anne looks so lovely in it. I think it's the prettiest dress of Anne's. It's ever so much more nicer than her first puffed sleeved dress. Redheads shouldn't wear light blue. But white suits every single girl.

Now we come to Downton Abbey. Edith has such a beautiful white garden summer dress. She looks so pretty. I think white really suits Edith. Orange doesn't and she always seems to wear it. Anyways, back to the point, I just adore this dress. And that row of shiny even pearls just finishes it all. And the hat is beeeautiful. Envy envy.

Don't you agree? Isn't it simply georgeous? Truly Scrumptious. Truly you are Scrumptious. You're the answer to my wishes... ladida....
...sorry about that. I was singing a song. You know the song 'Truly Scrumptious' in the Musical 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.' There's a lady called Truly Scumptious and-- OH! She has a nice white dress as well....

Agree. That really is beautiful. Especially that hat. Don't you think that dress resembles Anne's white one? The same sort of puffs you see.
We watched this movie today. It's such a lovely musical although there are some scary parts near the end. But still not THAT scary if you're old enough. Have you seen it? Aren't the songs just so lovely?

I'm going to stop here, even though I'm sure there are millions of other white dresses I simply adore. But I must go now.
What is your favourite white dress? Have I missed out one which I shouldn't have missed out?


  1. Oh how simply beautiful! I love these dresses, I think my favourite would have to be Mary's its just so pretty! thanks for a great post Naomi )

  2. http://ramblingsfromaustralia.blogspot.com.au/2014/04/sunflower-award.html

    Miss Naomi I invite you to answer the questions at the bottom of this page which I created after receiving the tag from Miss Jane Bennet :) thanks for being so welcoming

  3. Ohhhh, all these dresses are so gorgeous! Yes, I ADORE Mary Poppins' white and red dress. And THOSE SHOES! :-)

    And of course I love Scarlett's delicious white flouncy dress. Who doesn't love that dress? :-P

    Yes I know, why does Edith always seem to wear orange? I love that white dress of hers, and the hat...oh, envy envy. I want that hat.

    And Truly! Oh, I love her dresses! And I remember even when I was very little I always thought her hats were so scrumptious. I haven't seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in YEARS, so I don't really remember any of the songs. But I do remember that I used to think it was really scary at some parts! The child catcher? EEEEEEK!!!


  4. Great selection!!! I just love all those dresses....if I had to pick JUST one to own though it'd probably be Scarlett's....or perhaps the one from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang...I don't know....it's so hard. :)


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