Why Mr Knightley is my favourite hero

Some of you may or may not know it, but Mr Knightley in the 2009 Emma version is my favourite literary hero. Not my favourite Jane Austen hero, my favourite literary hero. That means he ranks higher than Matthew Crawley, Mr Darcy or any other one. Mr Knightley is my idea of an ideal hero!
Mr Knightley is kind. He has such a good heart - he's always saying wise, kind things. He has his faults (after all, no-one but God is perfect, right?), but he's such a good, nice, kind man. Who can't like him? He's so sweet!
Mr Knightley is active. Some people have kind hearts and say nice things, but don't really act them out. But Mr Knightley does. He went to Harriet when she had no dancing partner. He stood up for Mrs Bates... he does things. He doesn't just sit around and say wise things.
Mr Knightley is witty. Kind, wise people? Nah. Boring. That might have been your reaction. But no, Mr Knightley is witty. He says funny things - has funny facial expressions. He makes me laugh. It is perfectly possible to be good, wise and witty. Mr Knightley shows that.
Mr Knightley likes children. I love it when Mr Knightley runs about with the children, throwing snowballs and lifting them on his shoulders. You can see he really enjoys it. That's another reason I like him.
Mr Knightley is a gentleman. He just is. The way he clothes. The way he addresses people. A perfect gentleman.
Mr Knightley argues well. Haha. I just had to stick that in somewhere. Because I love the way Mr Knightley argues... I kinda love it when he's angry - he does it so well.
Mr Knightley is romantic. Yes, on top of being kind, witty, wise and the perfect gentleman, Mr Knightley has a romantic side to him - which he shows when Emma is around. He has a very gentle way of dealing with ladies, and his romantic one-liner is one that everyone knows: "If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more."
Mr Knightley is gentle. We see him cross. We see him argue. We see him irritated. But we never, ever see him strike someone. He's far to gentle and nice for that.
Right, as I said, he does have his faults - but in the whole, I think he's definitely the nicest hero there is. He's the sort of man I'd like to marry one day. I'm sure you all agree. :-) I made this post for the honour of Heidi's Emma week. Do pop over and join the fun. If you haven't played the game yet... click right here and give it a try!


  1. Very interesting to read Naomi :-)
    I can see why he is your favourite now, and slowly he is becoming mine :D

  2. Oh, my Naomi!!!!!!! Can I squeal...please???? Eeeeeeeeeee this is so good!! Honestly, dear, I just LOVE IT!!! :) :) You did an amazing job! So balanced and strong...

    (Oh my, excuse me while I do a mental dance....)

    This post is just so incredible and I'm sooo thrilled!! You said Absolutely. Everything. So. Perfectly!!!!!! (Honestly, you've got me all tingles, Naomi..... :))

    And the picture you chose????? ;)

    Seriously, dear, this has just topped off my entire cup of happiness!!! :) Thank you so much!!! ;)

  3. I agree with this ENTIRE post. :)
    Mr. Knightley is one of my favorite literary heroes. Perhaps not THE favorite but definitely one of.
    I just love how you listed out all the reasons you like him!

  4. I completely agree with all of your points. Mr Knightley is the definition of a gentleman.
    I really think the portrayal in the 2009 version got all his good sides out so well it.

  5. *big smiles* Yup. I'll totally agree. In fact, that's the kind of guy I married. You have to latch onto the good ones when they come along.

    Unleashing the Dreamworld

  6. Evie, I'm glad you can see why he's my favourite. :-) Nooo don't steal him from me! You may have Colonel Brandon. Just kidding, of course... :-)

    Heidi, I LOVED your comment and I did a little squeal right alongside yours. I'm SO glad you loved this post! Your compliments made my day! :-)

    Nathalie, I'm glad you liked this post. Who's your favourite hero if Mr Knightley isn't your absolute favourite?

    Rose P, Yes I know - I don't like Mr Knightley half as well in the other versions. He was okay in the Gwenyth Palrow one (and very bad in the Kate Beckinsale one, I think) but in this version he was absolutely splendid!

    Crystal, Good for you! By the time I've reached marriagable age all the good gentlemen will only be the fictional ones! :-P

    Thanks for commenting!

    ~ Naomi

  7. Naomi~ Hmm, I'm not sure. It changes sometime. :) It's really hard for me to narrow it down to ONE because there are many I admire! I would say that Mr. Knightley is definitely within the top 3 list of my favorite Austen heroes, though. The other two are Mr. Darcy and Henrey Tilney. Perhaps I'll do a post on my top 10 heroes sometime soon!
    Thanks for giving me the idea! ;)

  8. Naomi~
    I'm still probably going to do the Top 10 Heroes post but I was thinking about your question and realized my favorite hero is probably Gilbert Blythe. :)

  9. Mr. Knightley is my favorite, too!!! Isn't he just the best ever? I agree with everything you've mentioned (because it sounds like you read my thoughts exactly!)

    Great post! :)

  10. I have always been torn between Knightley and Darcy. On the one hand, Mr. Knightley is undoubtedly the better man from the getgo, but I identify with Darcy more. I too am anti-social, standoffish and arrogant. Though I dearly love to dance and I don't have problems with marrying outside my 'class' since I don't really have a class, but anyway.....
    And while I'm sure that Mr. Knightley would make a slightly better husband and father (though the way Darcy interacts with his sister warms my heart) what should someone like me do with someone as nearly perfect as Knightley? I wonder if Emma ever realized the extent to which she didn't deserve that man. So I can't choose between them on the level of 'a man' or on the level of 'possible husband'.
    Oh my goodness...they would be such good friends! Knightley would be all kindness (like Bingley) but he should also stand up for himself and actually make Darcy dance and bring out his gentler side....and they could have intellectual conversations and stand in dark corners conversing in low gentlemanly voice, while their wives made faces at each other.

  11. This is great! Mr. Knightly is amazing! I have so many fictional crushes, its hard for me to choose just one. I love Mr. Darcy, Matthew Crawley (like I know he's yours and all, but...XD) Mr. Tilney, Captain Wentworth and Gilbert Blythe. Why does it seem that all good men are in books?! XD

  12. Oh yes! I do so lovely Mr. Knightley!! <3


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