“Tomorrow they may wrap fishes in it—but I was a star for ONE WHOLE MINUTE!!”

Guest post by Jessica Prescott and Rosie McCann

Are you wondering what that title could possibly be referring to?  
We’ll tell you in just a minute.  But first, we have to give a big thank-you to our dear old pal, Naomi, for letting us write this guest post—
“About what?” you ask.  
*coughs*  Um, yeah—about that—
So . . .  

We want to tell you the whole story from beginning to end.  We’ll take turns.  (Yes, we are very polite and we know how to take turns.  Ahem.)  From now on, Jessica’s thoughts will be in blue (like so), and Rosie’s thoughts will be in red (like so).  
Let’s begin, shall we? So. One night I was talking in a languid manner about some book or other to Jessica, when she said ‘Wait.’ So I waited. Turns out, she’d heard one of our younger sisters mentioning that NEWSIES WAS COMING TO OUR THEATRE!!!! I promptly lost my head and proceeded to feverishly grab the laptop next to me and google it. AND IT WAS TRUE!! I started screaming and gasping, “It’s true! They’re really coming! Jessica, look!!!” She came back into the room and was immediately greeted by more of my unintelligible gasping.
“Relax,” she said.
Then, “How much is it?” she said.  
Yep, I’m afraid I really said that.  ;)  
RELAX?? Sorry, but that was not humanly possible at that moment. I kept screaming. I couldn’t help it, though I sure our family thought I’d gone loony! I mean to say. Relax? :P Nope.  
Soooooo. Despite my fumbling, I was able to find out pretty quick that the lowest priced tickets were $35 each. What? But we couldn’t back down now. We decided to ask our Dad to go with us. And so – Jessica went intrepidly downstairs to Open Negotiations. Just kidding.
So, I went and told Mom and Dad about it in what Rosie calls a “thoroughly reasonable and self-contained manner.”  (Thank you for the good press, m’dear.  Much appreciated.)  Long story short, I offered to pay for about three-quarters of the ticket price if Dad would go with us—because, after all, you can’t ask your Dad to pay $90 or whatever to go see a show that he’s never even heard of and doesn’t know if he’ll enjoy.  Not right, Jeeves.  And Dad said, OK, that’s a deal; so Rosie and I ran back upstairs to order tickets online.  And then we went to bed (although whether we went to sleep immediately is another matter altogether).  
Annnnnddddd . . . two weeks later, it was SHOW TIME!!!! *shivers with excitement and squee-ness*  

When the overture began AHHHHH THE THRILLS. “Now . . . Is . . . The . . . Time . . . To . . . SEIZE . . . THE . . . DAY . . .”  
The spotlights went on and there was Jack (JACK!!! I had to stop myself from screaming. Understandable, I’m sure :P) and Crutchie up on the top of Jack’s “penthouse.” Ach, the chills when Jack started singing “Santa Fe”!! Joey Barreiro was a WONDERFUL Jack. His voice was amazing, and just the passion and emotion he displayed . . . !!! And then at the end of the song, when he puts his arm around Crutchie and sings “Don’t you know that we’s a family? Would I let you down? No way!”, it was just – awwwwww the FEELS! AND IT’S JUST THE FIRST SCENE. Like What Even. I couldn’t believe how emotional I felt :P Gah.
Yeah.  Can we just take a minute here to reflect on the sheer awesomeness that was Joey Barreiro’s Jack Kelly?  He was just SO COOL.  He’s a real Italian New Yorker, which of course is absolutely perfect for this show ‘cause it’s all about New York City.  His accent is perfect, his looks are perfect, and he’s just got this fantastic, hard-hitting passion and intensity, but in a really direct and down-to-earth and almost “practical” sort of way . . . So yeah.  He’s a great Jack.  I think he’s my new personal favorite, honestly.  (And all the Jeremy Jordan fans rise up in a body and throw rotten tomatoes at me.  And I smile serenely and say, “Sorry, guys, I know Jeremy is awesome, BUT YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING TILL YOU’VE SEEN JOEY.”)

The scene where Jack, Davey, and Les have to run away from Synder (you know, the guy who runs that awful so-called orphanage, “The Refuge”) is really cool. Davey and Les had just offered to take Jack home with them and have dinner, and Jack is like “Uh, that’s real nice, Davey, but – no thanks – I just – um – remembered I have to meet a guy – he’s probably wondering where I am . . .” Jack’s kind of trying to put up a tough-guy front, ‘cause he doesn’t want anyone to know how lonely he actually is. By the way, when Davey says “You could meet our folks” and Jack says “You’ve got folks?”, it’s just soooo sad . . . Then Snyder spots them and they run away into the theatre. Medda Larkin is there, and she yells at them something along the lines of “no naughty boys in the theatre at this hour.” And Jack says, “Not even me?” and he goes down and hugs her. It’s so sweet! She is such a wise and loving person, a kind of mother figure to Jack :)  
And now we come to . . . “The World Will Know.”  ALL DA FEELS.  
This scene was just soooooooo well done—but hey, is that any surprise?  ALL their scenes were well-done.  You can just feel the newsies’ shock and anger and desperation, really, when they find out the price has been raised.  They know they can’t afford it, but they feel trapped—they’re all like, “What do we do now?”  And when Jack is like, “We STRIKE!!!”—well, suffice it to say that we got thrills.  Lots of them.  Only, it’s not so simple as that, because you can’t just “go on strike” and hope to win if you’re a bunch of rag-tag orphans with no money.  Or . . . can you?  ;)
Well, long story short, Jack and Davey manage to rally the other newsies to defy Pulitzer and go on strike—it’s so cool how those two work together, by the way.  Jack is the “boss,” definitely, and he’s the one with all the charisma and fire, but Davey is the one with the “brains” who knows how to make a logical argument and convince people . . . and there are moments in this scene where Jack is kind of “at a loss” and fumbling for the right words, but Davey steps in and says it for him.  Gah.  I LOVE DAVEY.  And then they all start dancing and singing and it’s EPIC.  I have no words, folks.  None.  
Oh, and I especially love the part where they sing “The world says ‘no’—WELL, THE KIDS DO TOO!!!”  They all line up, close together, right at the front of the stage and they’re looking up at the audience and they’re just so MAD that you can’t see how it’s possible they could ever lose.  They look about ready to take on the entire universe.  

But when no one else is showing up to help them, (it’s so heartbreaking, btw, when Jack calls to Specs “Can you see anybody else coming?” and Specs gives him a mournful thumbs-down), all the newsies are kind of frantic. They have to live. If they don’t sell papers, they can’t eat! They start to talk about giving in to Pulitzer. Jack doesn’t know what to say, and he turns desperately to Davey. “You tell them, Davey.”
Now is the time to seize the day . . .” Davey goes back and forth among the newsies, trying to rally them. When he sings, “Courage cannot erase our fears – courage is when we face our fears”, a thrill just ran through me and I wanted to jump up and sing with him. It was such a GREAT MOMENT, guys!
And then when three boys show up and pick up stacks of newspapers!! THE TENSION! But Jack just looks them in the eye. “I know someone put you up to this, boys. But you gotta strike! It’s not just about us. This is for every kid in every sweatshop and every factory and every alleyway in New York!” They hesitate for one long second, while the audience holds their breath – then one kid shouts “I’m with you!” That’s the turning point . . . and its soooo awesome.
THAT IS SUCH A GREAT SONG, YOU GUYS.  But, of course, it can’t last long—it’s followed by a fight with the Delanceys and Pulitzer’s other guys, and the newsies lose, badly—and, worst of all, Crutchie gets taken away to “The Refuge.”  NO!  NOT MY BABY!  LEAVE HIM ALONE!   But they take him away, and Jack is about frantic . . . and he goes back to his rooftop and sings “Santa Fe.”  It’s just . . . heartbreaking.  I tell ya, guys, that Joey Barreiro is Something Else.  He pours everything he has into that one song and it is INCREDIBLE.  So much emotion.  There’s even one part where he turns away from the audience and leans on the railing, just sobbing . . . Like a kid—a hurt, lonely kid.  Which is what he really is, for all he tries to put on a “tough guy” front.  Sheesh.  Jack, I LOVE YOU.  

Sheesh is right. You all know I am physically unable to actually cry over books, plays or movies (sorry, it’s not like I don’t want to!!) but when Jack sang “Santa Fe” I had tears in my eyes. The stage was all blurry. The other song that did that to me was Crutchie’s new song, “Letter From The Refuge”. On that song, I was soooo afraid that I was just going to start sobbing right in-theatre. It is ABSOLUTLELY HEARTBREAKING!! Crutchie’s in bed, all over blood from the beating Synder gave him. It’s a small cramped bed, that he’s sharing with another fellow . . . He writes a letter to Jack. “Guess I wasn’t much help yesterday . . .” (Just – I’m going to break down thinking about it, especially when the guy in the bed hits him “Otha people are tryin’ t’get some sleep here!”) And he signs his letter, “Your friend . . . your best friend . . . your brother, Crutchie.” His voice is just literally trembling with emotion. And I am shaking in my seat. And can barely see for the tears.
“King of New York” was awesome, too—a lot more cheerful, obviously :D  And here I’d like to pause to give a special shout-out to one of the best members of the entire cast:  Race, played by Benjamin Cook.  He’s absolutely HILARIOUS—stole every single scene he was in.  He’s got this really strong, really high tenor voice (high for a guy’s, I mean) and the BEST facial expressions and just soooooooo much humor.  When he flings out his arms and yells, “Cut out your moanin’ and let’s all pause to drink in the moment . . . I’M FAMOUS!!!!”  And then, of course, we get into one of the most rollicking songs in the whole show—“Ya don’t need money when you’re famous—they gives ya whatever ya want, gratis!”  I just loved it.  
I was really, really looking forward to hearing “Brooklyn’s Here,” because it’s my favorite song in the entire show—and Spot Conlon and his boys certainly did not disappoint me there :)  It was way, way, WAY more exciting than just listening to it on the soundtrack.  SO.  MUCH.  ENERGY.  And it comes at a really low point in the story, too, when Pulitzer’s just about broken Jack’s spirit and everything is horrible . . . and then, all of a sudden, we have the cavalry coming over the hill :)  “Now them soakers is in for a soakin’ . . . What a sad way to end a career . . . They’s a joke, but if they think we’s joking . . .”  YES YES YES.   

Then comes “Something To Believe In”, which, by the way, was Dad’s favorite song. I loved it too.
“Guys like me don’t end up with girls like you.” And when they start singing. “The world finds ways to sting you . . . and then decides to bring you SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN” - I can’t even begin to describe how it affected me. There is so much emotion!!! Jack finally has someone!! “For sure?” “For sure.”
They are so sweet!
“And if you weren’t an heiress, and if your father wasn’t after my head . . .”
“You’re not really scared of my father.”
“No. But I’m pretty scared of you.” Awwww . . .
I have something to believe in . . . Now that I know you believed in me.” AND THEY KISS. All da FEELS, peoples!!!!!
AND THEN THE ENDING SCENE.  THE ENDING SCENE, THOUGH.  When Pulitzer finally, finally gives in.  And when Jack goes out on the balcony and yells, “Newsies of New York—WE WON!!!!!!!” and they all start cheering—I JUST CANNOT TAKE IT.  It’s too much.  And then Crutchie comes back from the Refuge—and Jack hugs him—and Katherine and the other newsies convince Jack to stay with them instead of heading off to Santa Fe—and he and Katherine kiss again—AND ALL THE NEWSIES ARE CHEERING LIKE MAD . . . GAAAHHHH.  Okay.  I have no words.  You’ll just have to take my word for it that it was amazing.  I wasn’t crying, but my heart was pounding like crazy.  
When they came out for their bows, too . . . Only, being the Newsies, they don’t just walk out calmly.  They dance onstage and do cartwheels and spins and backflips and everything—and you better believe the audience is cheering.  (I was, too ;) )  It was epic.  And when Jack came on, last of all—well, I pretty much lost it.  I just started screaming “JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!”  I’m sure I sounded like a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert—but hey, I don’t care, these guys are better than Justin Bieber and they deserve some fangirling, too.  

Man, the EMOTIONS. It was over. IT WAS OVER. I was sad that it had ended. And I couldn’t believe that we’d actually seen it. The whole thing. But at the same time, I was just OVERFLOWING with happiness to see Jack and Crutchie reunited, and Katherine at Jack’s side. Ach, I can’t even. FINALLY, Jack is happy. The newsies have WON. And Pulitzer is in his proper place. The FEELS, I mean to say, what? I just couldn’t stop screaming. And I didn’t care :P
Let’s give it up for the NEWSIES OF NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I couldn’t agree more, Rosie.  And remember, all of you:  “Now is the time to seize the day . . .”  (You’re welcome.)  
Thanks again, Naomi—we had a blast!  And thanks to all of you who actually managed to sit through that ;)  

Thank you girls for writing this. I'm so jealous, I can't even.



    This post is giving me way to many thrills. Seriously. Stoppit.

    (Jeremy Jordan is still da best tho. No arguein')

    ~ Naomi

    1. Glad you liked it, Naomi!! We had SO MUCH FUN writing it. Passing the laptop back and forth . . . you should've heard us giggling over it :)

      Sure, Jeremy Jordan's great - we're not sayin' he's not or anything! Joey, though - I can't even. He was AWESOME!

    2. I KNOWWWWWWW. It was incredible. And I'm SO HAPPY we got to go. And thanks again for letting us write about it :)

      I LOVE all the pictures you included by the way--especially the one of Joey and Morgan. They are just too cute. Oh, and you know the fourth picture from the top? Where all the Newsies are dancing? Well, the guy on the far right, closest to the viewer--THAT'S RACE. I LOVE HIM!!! Seriously, he was absolutely incredible.

      Yeah, I know. Jeremy is awesome. BUT YOU HAVEN'T SEEN JOEY. That is all. ;) (Seriously, I wish there were some good videos of Joey on YouTube. There are none yet 'cause he only started in October. But soon . . . maybe . . .

  2. YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

    You two are just too lucky. ;-P I'm so happy you had such an amazing experience!!!! (Was this your first Broadway show? Cuz that's amazing by itself. The first time -- well, the only time -- I saw a professional Broadway show, I couldn't contain my excitement. Like, I was bursting.) Wow, you got tickets for just 35$? That's amazing! Usually they're much MUCH more.

    Awwwww, it all looks so WONDERFUL! Are these all pictures of the cast you saw?

    I really, really enjoyed reading this! Thanks so much for sharing some of the magic with all us peasants back home. ;-) SEIZE THE DAY!!!


    P.S. I agree with Naomi, though -- Jeremy Jordan will always be the best. No one can touch him. Sorry.) ;-P

    1. Thank you!! Yes, it was our first Broadway show! And it was AWESOME.

      Some of the pictures aren't of the same cast we saw. The bottom three are definitely the cast we saw. The top two pictures haven't got the right Jack, but the third picture from the top is the Jack we saw, Joey Barreiro. And I know Jeremy Jordan is GREAT, but I have to say, Joey was AMAZING. JUST AMAZING!

      I'm so glad you liked reading it!! We had a great time writing it :)

    2. Yeah--it was our first real Broadway show. So it was . . . um . . . pretty exciting :) I know, right? It was a great deal--of course, we WERE in the last row, really high above the stage, but we could still see and hear perfectly.

      You'll never know what Joey's like until you've seen him. ;)

    3. Okay, okay, I guess I have to give Joey a chance. ;-P

    4. YES. You must. ;) Who knows--maybe he'll even play Jack on Broadway someday! And then you can see some videos and All That.

  3. Ok!!! Now I really want to see this!! I heard about Newsies about a year age, but I didn't know much about it. Since following several of the girls in this blogging circle however, I have heard quite a lot about it and now I really want to see it!!!

    1. Sorry--I was trying to reply to YOU actually--and I ended up just writing it as a new comment. Anyway. :)

  4. YES. If you ever get a chance to see it live, PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT AND GO because it is an absolutely incredible experience. (And check out the soundtrack on YouTube. Just listening to the songs is SOOOOOOOO much fun. :) )

    I'd never heard of Newsies until just a few months ago. Now it's my favorite musical of all time. (Honestly. It is.)

  5. Oh man, I really have to try Newsies, I've heard so many good things. :D

    I liked your story about roping your dad into coming! I tried to convince both of my parents to take me to My Fair Lady, but it didn't work. Oh well. ;)

    1. YES. If they come to your city, YOU MUST GO. They are AMAZING!!

      Haha, yes, well it wasn't such a hard thing after we got up the courage to ask. Because you see, our Dad is really into plays and so on. So he was pretty open to the idea :)

  6. I have not seen the Newsies movie yet but from the songs and clips I have seen, it looks amazing! Even though I don't know a lot about the Newsies, I think I just felt a slight twinge of jealousy. Ok, I'll be honest, I'm jealous. :)

    It must have been incredible watching the play on Broadway. The dancing looks really great and so much fun. This also looks as if its a story that really pulls on your heart strings.

    From a person who is most likely about to become a Newsie fan when she goes to YouTube to watch some more videos and clips, what songs would you suggest I listen to first. And which song out of the entire musical is your favorite?

    1. Yes. It was absolutely wonderful--plot, characters, music, dancing, EVERYTHING.

      Ohhhhh . . . man . . . what a fun question. Okay, so if I were you, I would start off with these two songs: "Seize the Day" and "Carrying the Banner." They're both super-fun to listen to and they're kind of representative of the "Newsies spirit," if you know what I mean? I would also definitely recommend the following clips, if you haven't yet seen them:


      Now, what's my personal favorite? I have two, really: "Brooklyn's Here" and "Letter from the Refuge." ("Letter from the Refuge" is new, it's not on the original Broadway soundtrack, but it's AMAZING and I love it. :) )

    2. Ekaterina, it was amazing!! I see Jessica already gave you some good links, so I'll just tell you what my favorite songs are. I really love "Santa Fe" and "Letter from the Refuge" the best, although alllllll the songs are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. I also really like "The World Will Know." :)

  7. -SCREAM-
    Ahhhhhh, I'm unashamedly jealous. Very much so. I really wanted to go see Newsies when it came to Detroit. Well, it hasn't worked out. :/ But you two got to see it and I have an acquaintance who's going to see it tomorrow!! Oh, you all are so lucky! :D

    Oh my goodness, your description of "Santa Fe"....sobs. I'm actually convinced that I would like this Joey very much as my darling Jack--despite the fact that I love Jeremy Jordan. (I watched the full Broadway show on youtube and Jeremy was amaaazinng)



    Thank you ever so much for this amazing post!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEK.

    1. Yesssssssssss. Joey Barreiro is AWESOME--you'd absolutely love him. I love Jeremy, too, and I totally didn't expect I would like Joey even more but that's what happened. ;)

      I KNOW!!!! I wish ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL our friends could have been there. That would've been incredible . . . but at least we can tell you about it!

      Haha, yes, you should've heard me screaming. I think I surprised even myself ;) BUT IT FELT SO GOOD!!!!! AND HE'S AWESOME AND I LOVE HIM AND I WISH I COULD SEE THE SHOW AGAIN.

    2. Jessica,
      YES! Your post almost makes up for not seeing it. :) Almsot. ;) heehee

      Ahhhhhhh, I really hope they do another American tour....do you know whether they will or is this the last one? :(

    3. To be honest, I have no idea whether they'll do another American tour--but I wouldn't be at all surprised if they do, because this musical has just been SO popular with audiences and critics everywhere. I'm pretty sure they're going back to Broadway after they finish up this tour, but I don't think they're going to stop there--they'll likely be touring again :-) I mean, it's been three years already and they're still going strong!

    4. They're going back to Broadway?? YAY! :D

  8. Awww, Natalie, we didn't mean to make you jealous! Seriously, when we went, we were wishing we could just take all of our blogging friends with us in our pockets or something. Wouldn't that've been cool? You'll get to see it someday, though, I just KNOW it :)

    I AM SURE you would like Joey Barreiro just as much as Jeremy Jordan. He was AMAAAAZINNNG!! *faints*

    So glad you liked reading it - we loved writing it!!!

    1. Rosie,
      Awww, you're SO sweet!! Thank you. I would have gladly rode in your pocket. heehee :D

      Aw, I hope so! Thank you for the encouragement!

      I'm just so happy you got to see it and I loved your post!!!

  9. I wish I could say more about this, but I haven't seen Newsies, so I can't :P But I WILL say, I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS, that you got to go and see a favorite Broadway show!!!!!!!! :D

    1. THANK YOU!!!!! That means so much :-) And it was AMAZING. I really, really love music, so it was a dream come true for me to be there and see/hear it live.

  10. AAHHHH. Like, WOW. Um. What can you say to that?!! That sounds like you had SUCH an amazing time!!! I am so jealous (and seriously, $35 dollars for a ticket...and it's a Broadway show?! Our tickets are heaps more expensive, and we don't have a very close seat!) it sounds like such a magical, out-of-this-world kind of place! I can picture it all, but it's not quite the same as having actually SEEN it. You two are very lucky. ;) I wonder if they'll ever tour in Australia.... ;)
    ~Miss Meg
    P.S. By the way, for shows like that....I never fully understood how they work. Like, does Jeremy Jordan and Kara Lindsay still do those shows, or were they just the 'original' who don't do them anymore? Because you were talking about Joey playing Jack...so Jeremy doesn't anymore, or was he just not doing it that night? :) I probably sound really pesky with all these questions, but I thought you might know more about that than me. And I'm rather curious. :P Anyway, I should be going...I've got NOW IS THE TIME TO SEIZE THE DAY stuck in my head... ;P

  11. Yes. That's the word for it--magical. It was incredible--I still can't believe we got to go!!
    oh, I do hope they come to Australia someday! You never know--they MIGHT.

    Oh, it's fine--we don't mind at all! No, Jeremy and Kaa aren't with the show any more. Because it's been playing/touring for three years now, most of the original Broadway cast has moved on and been replaced. Currently, Jack and Katherine are being played by Joey Barreiro and Morgan Keene. And Joey is ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL. Seriously. He blew me away.

    That's right! "Answer the call and don't delay . . ." ;-)


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