Saving Mr Banks ~ Review

Well, apparently I just watched this movie two times in these last three days.

That means it's good, for starters. It also means that I REALLY love this movie; just as much as I expected, and THAT means it's hilarious and emotional and crazily good all in one. I never knew movies could be REALLY sad and REALLY really hilarious at the same time, (but now I do. One learns things every day, as they say.)

This movie is precious. Two hours of sheer delight and glory and beauty - a feast for zee eyes, and all that. I am all agog. The music, the scenery, the costumes, the hairstyles... loved it.

Like a large group of people out there, Mary Poppins was a part of my childhood. Some bits creeped me out completely (such as the bird woman; the song Feed the Birds, the died-laughing-scene and the old tuppence man. SO CREEPY.) but all in all I love that musical a LOT. From Julie Andrews' twinkly eyes, to the Suffragette tail of a kite, to the tea on the ceiling, to the scrumptiously fun songs.

I have to say it. 'Mary Poppins' is a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious musical. (Goodness blogger, don't put a red squiggly line under that word. Become a musical geek.)

Then I heard it. A movie on the making of Mary Poppins?!!! About how Travers hated it?!!! YES PLEASE. I watched and rewatched the excellent trailer and the little scenes + deleted scenes on Youtube endlessly, like I always do before watching a movie - and then I saw it AND I LOVED IT. So much, that I saw it twice. In three days. :-)

Okay. What do I say now? I've said I loved it. I've rambled about my love of Mary Poppins. Oh yes, I have to review Saving Mr Banks. Sorry.

The movie is hilarious. I laughed a lot; and so did my siblings and my dad and my mum. Mrs Travers (never ever just Pamela. And NEVER Pam. Really, Mr Dinsey, what are you thinking?) is the nicest annoying character ever - Emma Thompson did an impeccable job - she really deserved an Oscar for this role; I have no idea why she didn't get one. No really, Pamela Travers is a hilarious character. She's rude and sophisticated and loveable and really annoying all in one. I would probably hate her in real life (she would probably not get along with me), but I absolutely love her as a character. I've been quoting her non-stop these past days. Don't I sound like a pleasant kind of person?

Don: Could I give you a word of advice, Mrs Travers?
Mrs Travers: You may: whether I heed it or not is another matter entirely.

Mrs Travers: Responstable - is not a word.
The Sherman brothers: We made it up.
Mrs Travers: Well... un-make it up.

Mrs Travers: The rain brings life.
Ralph: So does the sun.
Mrs Travers: Be Quiet.
Ralph: Yes ma'am. (No problem-o!)

Mrs Travers: Mr Disney, I cannot even begin to tell you how uninterested - no, positively sickened I am to - to visit your dollar-printing machine!
(She's talking about Disney-land. Just in case you were wondering.)

Mrs Travers: Oh - I love it - I really do! Although the proper English would be 'Let us go and Fly a Kite.'
*tries singing it*
I might be able to overlook that.

Mrs Travers: Good afternoon. I fear we shan't be acquainted for very long.

Mrs Travers: I understand your predicament, Mr Disney, really, I do. But it's just... I don't know what it is. I've just simply gone off the colour!

Also, her facial expressions and pearls and curls and lipstick and clothes... just SO ON POINT. I loved it. Gah, I love this movie. :-) I had so much fun watching it. (Also, that scene where she sees all the Disney stuffed animals in her hotel room. Just hahaha.)

Then we also had Mr Disney, acted by a moustached Tom Hanks. I adored his interaction with Pamela (Mrs Travers, I mean. I do beg your pardon. I have American friends.) because they're like, opposites. It made for some highly humorous dialogues.

Mr Disney - Walt: Why, I could just about eat you up!
Mrs Travers: Well that wouldn't be appropriate.

And the Sherman brothers... I loved the Sherman brothers. They were adorable and musical - and poor guys, they tried so hard. Song after song, Mrs Travers called them 'the worst songs ever.' It was so funny seeing the facial expressions between the two brothers during 'Let's go fly a kite' - the song Pamela finally approves of. They're like, 'YAY BRO CAN YOU BELIEVE IT OMG SHE'S DANCING AND SINGING AND PUTTING HER HAND ON YOUR SHOULDER OHMYGOODNESS.'

My favourite Sherman brother was Bob - Robert - but I loved Richard too. Robert just IS my favourite because of this scene...


I LOVE IT. :-)

Mrs Travers: What happened to his leg?
Richard: He got shot.
Mrs Travers: Well that's hardly surprising.
(She's so mean! But still. All the people who watch this film can't help but love her. It's very weird how these things work.)


My sister and I love Dolly. She's so cute - her American accent is the cutest American accent I've ever heard. Especially her, 'Yes ma'am's.' I love her clothes; the turquoise one, and the yellow one up there - and her hair. How does she get it so big?!!

Dolly: She has a lot of ideas.
Walt: Oh? What kind of ideas?
Dolly: Mrs Banks' name has been changed to Winifred.
Walt: I can do with that.
Dolly: She does not approve of Dick van Dyke.
Walt: *laughs*
Dolly: The tape measure Mary Poppins uses to measure Jane and Michael must be a roll tape, not a ruler. From now on, she only wants soup and broth - I don't know what that is. There must be no hint of romance between Mary Poppins and Bert. There must be no red in the picture.
Walt: *stares*
Dolly: At all.

Ralph!!!! He was my favourite character. Zee end. :-)

Seriously though - he's so kind. Curious, like me (You ask an awful lot of questions, you know) but he's so caring and such a good sort, you know. I love how he always wants to hold the doors open for Mrs Travers, and how he loves his daughter Jane so. And when Mrs Travers signs his book. That was so sweeeeet. I love how excited he gets about Mr Disney being in Disneyland, and Mrs Travers is like, 'Ugh, rotten man. Who cares?' (I also love his little Mickey Mouse badge.)


Mrs Travers: You know, you're the only American I've ever liked.
Ralph: May I ask why?
Mrs Travers: No.

I didn't like the flashbacks as much - in fact, I thought there were too many of them. It was just too sad and... I don't know; I just didn't like them as much. Helen Goff annoyed me; and Travers Goff... annoyed me a lot. (He reminded me of Michael Landon, too.)

What I did like about the flashbacks:
1. The Australian scenery. IT'S GORGEOUS. Those palm trees though.
2. Margaret's costumes. Especially the white lace top. Love it.
3. When THE AUNT comes. I like the aunt.
4. "Close your mouth Biddy. We are not a codfish."
5. That's all.

The Première scenes were exquisite, the Julie Andrews and Dick van Dyke lookalikes done very well. And then...... sniff-time. When Pamela Travers cries during the movie, I cry during the movie. Very emotional.

Walt: Don't worry, He'll be all right in the end. I promise!
Pamela: No... it's just that I can't stand cartoons!
(You and I, Pamela, you and I.)

There was much less Content than I had expected. The scene where Margaret Goff attempts to drown herself is a bit... weird, but nothing actually happens. There are some scenes in the flashbacks about Travers getting drunk and all that, that might be inappropriate for young children. We, however, watched it with the whole family and didn't feel the extreme need to skip over scenes. The language is mild, too.

ALL IN ALL. I loved it.

Have you seen this movie?
What do you think?


  1. I concur with your feelings on this movie. It's so weird how you can dislike Mrs. Travers but yet love her! After watching the movie I had to re-read the Mary Poppins books and I actually decided I like them better than the movie. I still love the movie though and I feel bad for Mrs. Travers... as someone who would love to write a book someday but gets super frustrated with book to movie adaptations I can sympathize with her.

    1. I know; it's very weird. I still love the movie better - although I like the book too. (Ha! I just reread it too after watching the movie. :-)) Yeah, I do get why she was annoyed at how they changed her book - she could have gone about it nicer, of course. :-)

  2. I haven't seen this movie, but I've heard of it. It looks really cool! The Sherman brothers are hilarious. "Are you calling Mrs. Banks neglectful?" "Yep."

    And Dolly! "There must be no red in the picture."

    (Walt stares. Not that I blame him.)

    Dolly: "At all."


    THANKS FOR THIS REVIEW NAOMI!! Got to go do a Trigonometry test now :)

  3. You know, I think I really need to watch this. SO MANY people have been telling me it's awesome, and the trailer/clips on YouTube just look so beautiful. I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much! (Yeah, I watch my favorite films over and over, too. It's a Thing.)

    I'd like to watch it, too, because I think it might help me understand the Mary Poppins books a little better. I read them when I was a little girl, and I kind of enjoyed them, but they were also kind of strange and sad . . . and I never really figured out why they were that way. But I've been told that this movie suggests maybe she was writing those books as a way to deal with her own childhood, which wasn't very happy--and that would explain a lot. I'm especially curious to see what Aunt Ellie is like, because she sounds a whole lot like Mary Poppins from the book--very stern, but caring and competent. Mary Poppins isn't really "nice" (in the book, that is--I don't mean Julie Andrews) but the Banks kids love her anyways because she takes care of them when their parents don't. And I guess that's the way P.L. Travers felt about Aunt Ellie.

    1. Yes, you dooooo. :-)

      Exactly what it is! Aunt Ellie is a lot like Mary Poppins, from her 'spit-spot' to her parrot-umbrella. =) (I still prefer the movie to the books though. The book Mary Poppins is not nice enough. :-))

    2. Amen, sister! No, the book-Mary Poppins isn't really nice at all. I mean, she takes good care of the kids and they do need it, so that's a plus, but she isn't pleasant to be around. (Although, when I watched the movie when I was around eight or so, I didn't like it at all because, besides being a trifle scary, it was "too different" from the book. I can be terrible stickler for that kind of stuff sometimes ;) )

  4. Since you brought up accents....Americans think all of you on the other side of the pond have the greatest accents. But I am curious. Americans try to copy British accents all the time, Do the British ever try to imitate an American accent?

    1. Haha! You make me laugh, dear. :-) Of course we do! I love trying all kinds of accents. :-)

    2. I just had to ask. :)It is funny that Americans love your accent so much that they say things like: "If I had a British accent I would never stop talking." :)I do admit that I just love listening to a lady from my church who has a British accent.

    3. I feel very flattered. :-) I might do a podcast one day so you can hear my voice. :-)

  5. You watched it!!! Oh, this was such a fun review, Naomi! Saving Mr. Banks is one of my favorite movies...among MANY! ;) And I agree, it definitely is a "feast for zee eyes." :)

    Haha! You included SO many quotes in this review! Honestly, though, I don't know how you could have resisted. Those quotes are far too good to pass up. :) "Yep!" Hahaha! Robert and Richard are the best! And Ralph! So many good characters all around. :)

    Personally, I like the flashbacks, though I can see why you'd think there are too many of them. Sometimes, depending on my mood, they can drag a bit for me. But I do like the sadness of them, simply because I relish a good sad story...so long as it ends happyily. And as for Travers Golf, he didn't really annoy me, mostly I just felt sorry for him. That scene where he gives his speech. Oh my! That has got to be one of the most embarrassing scenes ever. I felt SO bad for EVERYONE at that moment.

    I'm glad the filmmakers did such a good job of balancing the sad and the funny, though. They could have made it a very depressing film if they'd wanted to, but as it is it has much more of a happy feel than a sad one, I think. I'm so glad you liked it. :)

    Okay, so I could say a lot more on this subject, but I think I'd better cut it short. Thanks for the review! I really enjoyed reading it!! :)

    ~Miss March

    1. Yes!! It took a long time, didn't it? I know, I couldn't NOT use all those quotes. I thought of a bunch more after publishing it, actually. :-)

      I did like the flashbacks sometimes, but I liked the other bits much better. OH YES. Poor everyone when he does that speech. I love how the words fitted with the song. :-)

      I know! They did such an amazing job. Thank you for reading the review, Miss March!

      ~ Naomi

  6. I've seen this movie! And May Poppins was the movie I watched nearly every day for years as a kid. Well, not every day. But the most. LOVED IT. THE SINGING! The MEDICINE GOING DOWN! THE ROOFTOP! The facial expression gif is hilarious.

    1. YESSSS. Mary Poppins is awesome! :-) I've seen it tons of times too.

  7. I have sadly never seen this movie.. It's one of those movies that you hear about, and excitedly add it to your "to be watched list".... AND then you never get around to it. But I do really, really, need to watch it. Lovely review by the way m'dear!

    1. Yes, you do really, really need to watch it. :-) (I know what that feels like. I'm always the last of everyone to watch movies, it feels. :))

  8. I too grew up watching Mary Poppins. I especially loved the chimney sweeps dancing on the rooftop! I have never seen Saving Mr. Banks, however, since reading your great review I will now see the movie. Thanks for the review! Merry Christmas!

    1. You should see it! If you love Mary Poppins, you'll probably love this. Thanks for reading, Katie!

  9. You have done it again, Naomi. I am convinced. ;-) Really, I don't know why I haven't watched this before -- because I love Emma Thompson and I love Tom Hanks. I guess I'm not that interested in the Mary Poppins-aspect, but it REALLY does look like a good movie. I love movies about real people.

    How does Dolly get her hair so big? Hairspray, dear, hairspray. Everyone's hair looked like that back then. ;-P

    Oh my goodness, Paul Giamatti's in it?!? I cracked up when I scrolled down and saw his picture! He's your favorite character, huh? Then he must be good. (I just don't like him because he played John Adams in a miniseries that I hate.)

    Reading these quotes, I think I may be a little bit like Mrs. Travers. Do you think so?

    1. Yay. I REALLY want you to watch it so I can quote it with you. :-) It's RIDICULOUS fun to quote.

      I read they also wore wigs back then. Because Dolly's hair looks REALLY big, even for hairspray.

      Oh but Paul Giamatti plays a LOVELY person in here. Don't you dare prejudge him. :-DDD :-)

      You? Like Pamela? Well, maybe a leeettle, on a minor scale - and much more American. Pamela Travers has such a British accent I can't even put you in her shoes. Hehehehe. :-) She didn't remind me of you, though - you're WAY nicer. :-)

      ~ Naomi

  10. "No, no, no, no! Responstible…is not a word!"


    I did like this movie when I watched it. It wasn't my favorite, but that was largely due to THOSE FLASHBACKS THOUGH. I'm so glad someone else agrees--was Travers Goff not like the most annoying dude ever?! JUST. NO.

    But yes, Mrs. Travers and Walt and Ralph and it was all adorable and lovely and touching :D

    Wonderful review!

    1. I know. It's so FUNNY. :-)

      SAME. SAME. Travers Goff annoyed me SO. MUCH. Especially when Margaret asked Helen to lay the table and he... ugh. He annoyed me.

      Thanks, Olivia!

      ~ Naomi

  11. I very much enjoyed this movie, the modern bits more than the flashbacks; I LOVED Robert Sherman; Let's Go Fly a Kite was one of the best parts; I also loved Ralph. On the flashbacks, they did feel a little weird, but I think it really felt like Mary Poppins, like the scenes you mentioned at the beginning. I appreciated having a back story the movie, it makes you think more about it, and I think the next time I watch Mary Poppins, I'll think about those things. Also Emma Thompson was so good: hilarious, serious, sad, but Oh So British. I loved it :)

  12. I haven't seen this movie yet but I want to. I loved Mary Poppins growing up and am very interested in the story behind it. Thanks for writing this fun post!

  13. Oh, I love this movie! :-D I always felt very sorry for poor Dolly, though, and the Sherman brothers. Pamela was annoying but amusing so I still liked her. :-) I don't really like Tom Hanks....well, he's alright, but I just find him....annoying? I've seen him in this, You've Got Mail, Cast Away (off the top of my head...maybe more) and Toy Story, but he'll always be Woody off Toy Story for me. He did a wonderful job in that. :-P
    The flashbacks were rather sad. :-( I find that actress for the mum always plays such grumpy-like, serious people. But she certainly went through a lot, poor thing. I liked the dad, but he was horribly irresponsible for a parent. >:-/
    And it's SO quotable!! :-D (That makes me like the movie twice as much.)
    ~Miss Meg

  14. You know, I probably just need to go ahead and buy this movie. I saw it in the theater, I've seen it twice on DVD... I really dig it.

    This is pretty much the only movie I can stand Colin Farrell in, and I can only just barely tolerate him in most of it. I really liked her mom, though -- I felt very sad for her, and sympathized greatly. I don't have a husband anything like Travers Goff, but I can imagine what that would be like, and wow, the poor woman. I really like Ruth Wilson, though -- loved her in The Lone Ranger (2013) and though she was amazing as Jane Eyre (but I didn't care for Toby Stephens as Mr. Rochester at all).

    And Emma Thompson is one of my top 10 favorite actresses. Possibly in my top 5. She is wonderful. I'm quite fond of Tom Hanks too, and they played off each other SO SO SO well in this. I love that whole era, and would adore just living in that world on the fringes of the story.


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