Some Things Lucy Maud Montgomery taught me

1. Trees deserve to have names.
2. So do lakes and paths and flowers. Everything must have a name. VITAL.
3. War letters are addressed to the sister, but then given to the lover.
4. Dogs hang out at stations.
5. Italics are part of every girls life.
6. Before you blame someone for a lost object, have a look in your shawl.
7. Any red or pink drinks might end up intoxicating your best friend.
8. Names are better with E's at the end. Call me Naomie, people.
9. No petrol on a journey is a blessing in disguise.
10. Receiving a string of pearls for Christmas is the best.
11. Purple eyes exist.
12. Cats are way better than dogs.
13. But china dogs are nice for decoration.
14. You're allowed to go on a honeymoon if you aren't married.
15. Uncles make stupid jokes. (And they're always the same, and he expects you to laugh.)
16. It's in the paper, therefore it's true. I mean, it's PRINTED.
17. Pictures of God don't exist.
18. Old cars are way better than new, flashy, purple ones.
19. Never hang a picture of a dog in front of a door in your room. It's depressing.
20. Trees with blossom look like brides.
21. Pink and red look AWFUL together. White and red, however, is gorgeous.
22. The name Jane is beautiful.
23. Your favourite writer and your husband are probably the same person.
24. Kissing babies is really dangerous for the babies. Like, avoid kissing babies.
25. Only writing things that are 'true' is really hard.
26. It's easier to pray in a wide open field than in your bedroom.
27. Voices can sound like rainbows.
28. Apparently carrots are red?!
29. You can't even eat caramel chocolates when you're in the depths of despair. And that says a lot.
30. Always check the bed before you jump on it.
31. Bangs are fashionable.
32. Kisses on the stations are 'comradely' kisses.
33. Don't spend your money on a pretty green hat during war-time. You will never enjoy wearing it.
34. Hired boys become ministers.
35. Never, ever attempt to dye your hair. You will look like a scarecrow.
36. Don't buy shoes with heels.
37. Playing violins in an orchard is totally the bestest thing to do.
38. If you can't talk, the first word you ever say will probably be the name of your future husband.
39. Your first grown-up party will end really badly.
40. Daisy chains make good necklaces.
41. Buttoned boots are really annoying.
42. There is nothing  more embarrassing than aprons with sleeves.
43. Is fifteen old enough to be a bridesmaid?
44. Thinking a beautiful thought each day in front of the mirror is a very good New Year's resolution.
45. Prince Edwards Island is gorgeous and it's PERFECT.
46. Dust piles are really important.
47. Men with scars are handsome.
48. Remember when Doss stole the raspberry jam? That was hilarious. Let's talk about it every week.
49. Jimmy-books are always good presents.
50. Puffed Sleeves are life.


  1. I loved this post. :) Especially #s 1, 2, 5, 8, 14, 26, 29, 30… well, pretty much I like most of them. ;P

    1. Aww, thank you, Awdur! Haha, I'm glad you liked 30. That one made me giggle as I wrote it. :-)

  2. I LOVE THIS. Really. I'm smiling so much. :-)

    Favorite ones? 9, 23, 44, 47, 48.

    1. AWW THANKS. :-) You got 44!!! That's from 'the Story Girl.' Did they put that in Road to Avonlea?

    2. Well, I didn't really 'get' it -- I just like it a lot.

  3. Oh, man, Naomi--this is HILARIOUS :)

    5. Yep. Although I sometimes prefer caps lock.
    17. Pictures of God don't exist??? I beg to differ.
    24. I don't know what was wrong with Rilla there. Kissing babies is totally not dangerous.
    50. Sorry, I do NOT look good in puffed sleeves.

    But the most puzzling one is #30--WHY MUST I CHECK THE BED BEFORE I JUMP ON IT???

    1. Haha, thanks. :-)

      Well, you'd get 17 if you read The Story Girl (or was it the Golden Road. I forgot.) (And no-one knows what God looks like, so the fact is right. :-D)
      I don't either, but hey, it's Anne. :-)

      Don't you KNOW?!!!! Remember when Anne and Diana jumped on the bed and ended up jumping on Great-Aunt Josephine?!!!!

      ~ Naomi

    2. Well . . . but Jesus is God, and we have plenty of pictures of Him . . . don't we?

      No, I don't remember that. I've never read AoGG all the way through, you see. Yeah, I know. It's SHOCKIN' ;) But . . . I just don't *click* with Anne very well. So I couldn't make myself read the whole thing. Rilla and I get along much better--which is why I've read RoI like three times already since last summer.

    3. Yes true, but then again, no-one knows what Jesus looked like! :-)

      Aw, that was a really fun part in AoGG! You should reread it. :-D

    4. That's quite true . . . Although, pretty much all the pictures of Jesus that I've seen look rather alike (tall, straightish nose, long dark beard)--even the REALLY OLD ones from 300 A.D. or whatever--so I kind of tend to assume that that's basically what He looked like.

      Maybe over Christmas break :) (Almost there. My last exam is Thursday. YAY.)

  4. I loved this, Naomi! My favorites are 11, 22, 27, 31, 33, 37, and 46. And 32 - just . . . awwwww :)

    1. Thank you, m'dear! Yes. I know, 32 is very awww.

  5. I loooooved this post, Naomie! ;)

    And I think I caught all the references, which makes me feel splendid.

  6. I caught some of these, but I didn't get all of these, which means I should do some more reading of LMM.

  7. Oh goodness this made me laugh! Thank you NaomiE. ;)

  8. #49. YES.

    And that's true, carrots aren't really red, are they?

  9. I guess I'm really out of it when it comes to Lucy Maud Montgomery, because I didn't recognize hardly any of these references. :( It's too bad really, because this was such a neat idea for a post, and I wasn't able to fully appreciate it. Ah, well. I think I need to do some more reading. :)

    ~Miss March

  10. Simply Delightful Naomie!
    We're having a blast in good old NZ, miss you all though!
    EviE or EvelynE

  11. Simply Delightful Naomie!
    We're having a blast in good old NZ, miss you all though!

  12. Haha awesome! Loved this :) There's a few you missed though - not sure if you've read the books for these or not?

    Marrying your much older cousin is way better than marrying that shallow boy your own age.
    Jugs are really important - even if they're cracked.
    Great grandmothers are awesome - and rather scary.
    You love that guy better than you love the surrounding bush - seriously you do.
    Imaginary friends become real following a rhyme said after coming through the right door but they vanish forever when you tell your friend about them.
    It's really really sad and horrible when your brother marries the girl you can't stand. :(

    Have you read any of those LM Montgomery books? :)

    1. The Elf, boy, now I'm curious. Because I've read all of Montgomery's books and I don't recognise these or I do recognise them, but I just CAN'T pinpoint them!!! :-O Please tell me, so I know what books to reread. :-)

  13. Not sure how obvious they were - I'm not as experienced at this as you :)

    1) Tangled Web
    2) Tangled Web
    3)Magic for Marigold
    4) Mistress Pat
    5) Magic for Marigold
    6) Mistress Pat

    I did two quotes from each of those three novels :) Have you read them? I looove A Tangled Web! :)

    1. I have read them all, but not in a long time. I should re-read A Tangled Web!


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