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Regency Delight Story Contest

Hi dear people scattered around the world happening to read this post. Hello, and happy six-days-before-Christmas. I hope you've got your red and green outfits all ready, and I hope you're singing Christmas songs all day (because you should be.) (I sang 'I'm dreaming of a White Christmas' about five times while laying the table today. I sang it very passionately. Because I am dreaming of a White Christmas so there.) (Seriously, it's almost summer weather here. Ghastly business.)


This post is to say that my friend Melody is having a Story Contest. If more than eight people enter the prize is a 5$ Amazon giftcard. SO PLEASE. Go and enter. Because just think. If there are plenty of people there is this PRIZE. :-)

Also, it's good for your thinking skills and writing skills and all that.


Melody has written down all the rules and all the information in this post. So buzz off now and go and read it and then go and write and then go and enter. Thanks. Goodbye.


  1. Thank you so much for posting!

    Wow, you almost have 100 followers. :D

  2. Oh, I just came back from holidays so I saw this rather late....I wonder if I can come up with something...hmm....I'll have to decide quickly!
    I wish I had red and green outfits. *sniff* I have hand-me-down clothes and it seems as though no one before me wore those two colours, or else they kept them. :-P I have one Christmas shirt I just bought, so that's ready, and a hair band with little bells and tinsel on it, and a bracelet to go with it! :-D
    You set the table? ;-) I do too! For lunch and dinner....and I sing while doing it almost every day. ;-P Although we don't normally have that much food to put on the table so that I can sing a song 5 times through. Haha.
    Well, it IS summer weather over here. ;-) Thankfully it's been quite cool though, only 30 degrees or less! :-D
    Oh, and I CAN'T WAIT TILL CHRISTMAS!!! There I got that out of my system. ;-)
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Hey Naomi, I've got a question about the Short Story Contest. I hope this doesn't sound silly, but I wanted to ask you instead of Melody because I need to know very soon, since I have only one day or so to write the idea I've got, and Belgium's time is closer to Australia's than America. :-) (Of course, if you simply don't know, don't feel terrible! I am not that desperate to enter. :-P) So, I have never used Google Docs and I wanted to do Option 2 in which I send my story to her address. Except, does any of that part of the paragraph below (with all the important words in bold) have anything to do with Option 2, or just Option 1? Would you know? Or be able to explain? (You sounded like you understood in the comments, so I thought maybe you knew what to do.) :-)
      By the way, you don't have to publish this (but I don't mind if you do). :-)
      ~Miss Meg

    2. I'm going with Option 2, as well. Option 1 also allows you to go Anonymously, which was what she was trying to say in the paragraph below.

    3. Oh, I'm really happy to have you back, by the way! I've been enjoying all your comments. :-) Merry early Christmas!!!! :-D

    4. Oh, okay! Thanks, Naomi. :-D
      Yes, merry early Christmas to you too!!! (Isn't it exciting?!!)


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