Pride and Prejudice 1995 // Review

How on earth, dear people, do I review this?!!!

I MEAN, HOW?!!!! It's my favouritest movie EVER, to start with. Also, I LOVE IT SO MUCH and it's perfect and OHHH I COULD WATCH IT EVERY DAY. I know, I know, I'm 'another' P&P95 fan. I KNOW. There are loads of those around. Sometimes I wish this movie wasn't so uber-famous and uber-popular, so my jubilations and praises would be more valued, haha.

I think I'll just make a long list of "Things I LOVE about my favourite movie." Because it's the only way I can write this and make my thoughts sound like they are organised.

Things I love about this movie:

*Sits back and starts the long list which will probably not be complete as the things I love about this movie are endless, and I mean, endless.*

1. It's so FRESH. I don't know if you understand what I mean - what I mean is, that it is so... lively and yet also really old-fashioned and historically accurate. The flowers. The teacups. The lace curtains. The light blue spencers. It's just beautiful and fresh and darling and GAHH.

2. The Scenery. People don't often refer to this movie when it comes to amazing scenery, but really, the scenery in this movie, is so underrated. Remember that glorious spot near Pemberly? And remember all the walks Lizzy takes? And the houses? And the English Fields?!!! It's all so gorgeous. Also, the interior designs are such a feast to the eyes. The bluey walls at the Meryton Assembly, the rich painting at Rosings, the light wall-paper at Longbourn. They did such a good job.

3. The costuming. I mean, HELLO. It's perfect. Everyone's wardrobe fits their character to a T, and it's pretty much all pico-bello-Regency-accurate, as far as I know. I love the curry-crunchy-bonnet-outfit Lizzy wears when she goes to Pemberly for the first time. To start with. I also love Maria Lucas' yellow ball-gown with the flower buttons, and Kitty's wink-scene-dress, with the tiny blue pattern. I LOVE IT ALLL. Also, the men's clothing, even, deserve a mention. THE GREEN ONE GUYS. :-)

(Yes, I'm afraid some of them are rather low-cut. (Lydia's 'I want to go to Brighton'-scene-dress *cough*) It's basically the only thing I don't like about this movie. Plus the fact that they talk too much about 'beauty' in episode one. That's all.)

4. The book-accuracy. The movie does an astounding job when it comes to book accuracy. Just, amazing. It's probably the best book-to-movie movie ever made, book-accuracy-wise, I think. (Maybe I'm biased, of course. *snort*) I love it so much for it.

5. It's so engaging. I remember watching this for the first time. I just couldn't believe it - I loved it ridiculously much - I couldn't stop staring at the scene, letting everything drain innnn. There are so much things in here; it's slow and yet racing fast at the same time. There's so much to look at; to listen to. Just wowww.

6. The Lines. And I'm not just talking about the amazing quotes of literature. (Talking about that later - it deserves a paragraph of it's own, y'see.) I'm talking about the way they talk. The Jane-Austen-ism, the 'one-and-twenty' rather than 'twenty-one' - the glorious accents. (I'm British, but I still adore all the UBER-British accents in here. I mean, Lady Catherine's 'preyyyy.')

7. The quotes. It goes without saying, that. I don't know why I said it.

8. The Music. I mean, seriously, that intro-music; it gives me such chilllllls. The Prm-'s. YOU know. And then we have the epic Lady Catherine de Bough song, and the Canon Collins song, and the gorgeous romantic theme played on the grounds of Pemberly. Ohhhh.

9. Elizabeth Bennet. Jennifer Ehle, my goodness, does SUCH an amazing job as Elizabeth. Every time I watch it, I'm in awe. The way she ges about performing all those Jane Austen lines! The way she kind of has those mocking-lights in her eyes - and oh, her sweet little smile to Darcy when she turns the pages for Georgiana! Yes, she looks a bit older than 20 - but she's just perfectly awesome. She's a lady and yet sassy - she's kind and yet snarky. She's just... GAH.

Also, her accent. I mean, one would have never assumed Jennifer Ehle was half American. I mean seriously.

10. Mr Darcy. Poor Mr Darcy. He's so overrated that he's underrated. (Isn't that a clever thing to come up with? I had to make that sentance a little bigger, hahaha.) I agree, all the hype about him - y'know the 'sex symbol'-thing and the 'wet-shirt-scene-craze' (BLEHEEEHHHH) - makes me actually like him less than I would like him without the hype. So, let's push away all the weird-things-people-do-with-poor-Mr-Darcy, and look at him as if we look at him for the first time.

I can say this: Mr Darcy is amazing. Colin Firth does an amazing job. He's not only 'tall and handsome' just like he is in the book, he also does a brilliant job portraying the noble-ness as well as the pride and OH WHEN WE SEE HIS TRUE CHARACTER AT PEMBERLY. That's when I start to love him like crazy. When I see THIS face:

Yes, in the beginning he's very arrogant. I don't like him at all - we aren't supposed to. We look at the movie through Elizabeth's eyes, which, duh, means we're supposed to LOATHE HIM.

Little things I like about Mr Darcy:
- His green coat.
- The way he turns off candles.
- He loves windows.
- His HANDWRITING. Um, not fair.
- His many teensy smiles. (Click here to see them all.)
- His TRUE character. He has an outer shell. Which, yes, is admittedly wooden and robot-like. But the real him isn't. And ohhh, the real him is amazing. I love Mr Darcy, and I'm proud of that. :-)

11. All the Lizzy-Darcy scenes. Not necessarily the ones in the first two episodes (Although those are awesome too. I mean, duh, their dance.) I'm talking more of the ones later on. Especially those at Pemberly. (Gosh, I love Pemberly.)

Some of my favourite Lizzy-Darcy scenes:
- Their dance. "What think you of books?" (Mr Darcy want to talk about BOOKS. Mr Darcy is a bluestocking - he has huge libraries and ohhh, Mr Darcy, can I visit you?)
- Their meeting at Pemberly. Yes, the wet-shirt-hype bothers me. But I never said that I didn't like the wet-shirt-scene. I rather like it. In fact, I love it. "Mr Darcy!" "Miss Bennet!" "Um-er-are your sisters in good health? And your parents?" "Yes, thank you sir, they are all well." "Where are you staying?" "At Lambton Inn." "Ah yesocourse. And - um - are your sisters in good health?"
- The scene in the picture above. I mean LOOK HE HOLDS HER HAND.
- The 'Dearest, Loveliest Elizabeth' scene. BECAUSE OHHH. All the quiet happiness is killing me.

- And of course I love the Wedding scene. I mean, DUH, peoples. Because we get to see Mr Darcy's teeth there, and their sweet kiss and their happy arms interweaving, and them going off in the carriage.
- I also find Mr Darcy's first proposal very epic. Although I feel bad for them both. Very bad.

12. The Wallpaper in Mr Collins' house. I know, I know, very random. VERY random. But still, I rather love it.

Hint, hint, HIIINT
13. All the characters. I won't put a different 'number' before each one, because then we'd end up having a miiiile long list. There are SO many amazing characters in here. I'm not only talking about the 'main' ones such as Mr Bennet (My favourite character in whole show) and Lydia (Julia Sawalha was SO AMAZING) and Mr Bingley (his cuuurls though) - I'm also talking about all the less important ones.

For instance, Maria. She's adorable. And then we have this guy. In our family, we call him the Capital-Capital Man.

I personally think all the actors were splendid. Then, I am biased, but yeah. (Oh yes, the sisters did look a bit too old. Especially Mary. Poor Mary. I have to say, I adore her singing. It's MIGHTY entertaining.)

The only character I never really seem to warm-up to is Jane Bennet. I don't know why (and this might cause controversy in the comment box as I know one of my dear commenters is very fond of Jane's character) - it wasn't really Susanna Harker's performance that troubled me (although I like certain aspects of Rosamund Pike's performance better) - I even think she looked all-right; the beauty standards of that time were very much like Susanna Harker's - the Grecian look was extremely popular, and this Jane Bennet looks very much like a Regency Grecian-inspired Fashion plate. It's just that the 'Awww-everyone's-perfect' thing annoys me a bit sometimes.

Also, this Jane Bennet sometimes seemed to lack in 'sweetness' - and sometimes you can really see that the actress is pregnant.

Still, I love Jane, but she's just not my favourite character, is all.

I have to talk a bit more about Mr Bennet. Benjamin Whitrow just IS Mr Bennet. THE WAY HE SAYS THINGS - it's just not funny how funny and dry and sarcastic and witty it is. The 'I will never see you again scene' is probably my favourite scene in the entire movie. Ohhh, I just love Mr Bennet.

I also love Alison's portrayal of Mrs Bennet - no, she's not very likeable. But Mrs Bennet isn't supposed to be likeable, hello. She's supposed to be annoying and SCREEAAACHY. Also, she's hilarious and I JUST LOVE IT. :-)

Mr Wickham is slimy but yet charming - I can see why Lizzy liked him at first. (Although he kind of looks guilty from the start.) Also, LYDIA. I love Lydia. Her giggles and snorts are seriously contagious. She's stupid, and a reckless flirt, but goodness, Julia Sawalha as Lydia is IMpeccable. (Aside, yes, from the fact that she doesn't exactly look 15.)

Look at all zee clothes.
Then we also have Charlotte Lucas, who, goodness, marries Mr Collins, who, goodness, is absolutely frightful and HILARIOUS in here. Yes, his hair is disgustingly oily and yes, he's vile. But goodness, what a good Mr Collins - his proposal is so creepy and hilarious at the same time; and the way he puts his finger to his mouth when Lady Catherine shushes him.

Oh, and Lady Catherine's perfect in here too. "Obstinate HEADstrong girl! I am most seeeriously displeased." We love to quote her here - Lady Catherine is the favourite character of many of my siblings, including a seven-year-old. Wonder why she charms children? Hmmm....

Caroline Bingley and her sister are disgusting (and don't look at all like their brother) but they really do an amazing job (the actors who play them. Not the characters. *Lydia snort*) I also am endlessly impressed by their fascinating head-pieces. Goodness, it's almost more impressive than the ones they have in Wives and Daughters.

And then we have Kitty, who's one of my favourite characters in the show. I also love her hairstyle and how she SO improves when Lydia buzzes off.

Basically, this movie is my favourite movie of all time.

I adore it to pieces, and I will never tire of it, ever. I watch it every year for my birthday - and that's the best tradition in the world. (In my humble opinion.) I've *only* seen it five times (the last episode six times, because yes, the last episode has the big smile and the kiss and the wedding and the autumn-walk) but I plan to watch it many more times in the future.

Have you seen this? (Don't you dare say no. That would be disastrously shocking, and I would ask for Hill about seventy times, and Oh JANE, my smelling salts - Ring the Bell, Kitty, for HILL!)
Do you love it as much as I?
And... *bites nails*... Do Pride and Prejudice 1995 fans annoy you?
Oh, What are YOUR opinions on Mr Darcy? Do you agree that he's so overrated that he's underrated?

(Oh I forgot to mention how much I love the balls! And the dances! And the elbow gloves. And the hairstyles. Hip, hip, hurrah to the hairstylist.)



  1. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure I've seen this more than you. ;-) I'd say around 7 times I've seen it, hehe. ;-D To tell you the truth, no, I don't love it as much as you, because you're a very devoted fan and I'm more like, "Oh yes, P&P '95, I really like that movie, it's so sweet!" But I do like it very much. :-)
    (And I agree with you that I find Jane Bennet a leetle annoying too, in this one. (Although I didn't know the actress was pregnant. :-O) I much prefer Rosamund Pike.)
    Um, SOMETIMES P&P '95 fans annoy me, because *I* happen to like P&P '05 as well (and they're often completely against it and are always telling everyone why it's so bad....oh, please don't read that as if I was saying that about you! I am NOT talking about you!) but you don't annoy me. :-)
    Yes, I also agree that Mr. Darcy is so overrated he's become underrated. ;-) It's as if his 'image' has become overrated so his 'character' has become underrated.
    OH YES THE GLOVES. Gloves are my ONE weakness!! (When we went to our masquerade ball, I got to wear white gloves that went past my elbows, for the whole night! I borrowed them from my cousin and it was so exciting because I got to wear REAL GLOVES just like they have in movies!)
    I agree with all you pointed out, so I really can't do much else than nod my head, smile and say, "Good, good. Excellent, excellent. Capitol, capitol." ;-D
    ~Miss Meg

  2. OH YES!!! I LOVE PRIDE AND PREJUDICE!!!! It's absolutely amazing and beautiful and I was just WAITING for you to put up a post on this movie :) No idea why I knew that you were going to do this post. . . :P

    Yes, I have seen this movie. TWICE. I'd love to see it again, and again, and again, though my dad doesn't really like it. He says it's "just full of people hopping around and saying they're dancing". And I keep telling him it's NOT that, but he doesn't believe me. Oh well. NO, P&P 1995 fans don't annoy me! Why should they? :) My opinions on Mr. Darcy, yes, I think that he is so overrated he's become underrated. (rather, clever of you to come up with, Naomi!) But I usually pretend that he isn't and watch the movie as if I'd never seen him or it before ;) I love his character soooo much! And it gives me delightful little shivers whenever I see him and Lizzy together. THEY ARE SO PERFECT for one another!
    And I agree about Jane. She's not my favourite, favourite character but she's still pretty good :)
    Now, was it just me, or was I the only one that read "Capitol, Capitol!" aloud in a British accent? :P

  3. This is not my favorite movie - you know that and I'm sure everyone else in the blogging world does too by now. I Much Prefer the 2005 version.

    BUT . . .

    Be that as it may - I have to say I enjoyed reading your review. "Shocked?" :P

    I enjoyed reading it because I could just FEEL how you enjoyed writing it. In fact it was different from most reviews I've read of this movie, because of the way you told how *you* felt about it. It felt new and fresh. You didn't start off with "this is the only good movie version of JA's novel and anyone who thinks otherwise is a stupid and ignorant whatnot." (Okay nobody ever says that, but I feel sometimes that it's implied.) You just shared with us YOUR love of this movie. What YOU PERSONALLY loved about it. And it was great :)

    Have I seen this? The answer is yes. No need for the smelling salts, Jane :P Kitty, don't ring for Hill.
    Do I love it as much as you? I think we all know the answer to that . . .
    Do P&P '95 fans annoy me? No. Not as fans OF THE MOVIE. That's you, Naomi. Just so you know ;)
    But the "hardcore" fans annoy me. The kind that tells me that if I don't like this movie I'm not a "true" Austenite. The kind that tears the '05 version to pieces with bitter cracks that aren't based on logic. AND PLEASE NOTE HERE THAT YOU ARE NOT ONE OF THESE MY DEAR NAOMI OKAY OKAY? :)

    My opinions on Colin Firth's Mr. Darcy? So overrated that he's underrated? I think I have to agree with that, actually. In my opinion, Colin Firth did an amazing job as Mr. Darcy. A little *too* stiff perhaps, but that's more the movie makers - Colin Firth is a wonderful actor. Oh and I dooooo hate the wet shirt scene. I just do :P I have read a lot of "hype" on Colin Firth's Mr. Darcy and yeeeesss it annoys me SO MUCH. It seems just way too fangirly and over the top and far and away from the JA's Mr. Darcy. Even far from Colin Firth's Mr. Darcy. So yes. I would say he's underrated - for the things that REALLY MAKE him Mr. Darcy. I do love the scene in the '95 movie where Elizabeth gets the letter and he holds her hand and looks at her . . . That is how I imagined Mr. Darcy when I read the book. Spot on :)

  4. *applauding wildly* WELL DONE AGAIN, NAOMI!!! ;D What a perfectly splendid finale to a wonderful wonderful week! (Btw, you’ve done an amazing job on all this, m’dear, and been such a gracious hostess! Aren’t parties exhilarating fun and a TON of work?? ;))

  5. Do P&P95 fans annoy me? Nooooooooooooooo . . . they don't really. The only thing that truly annoys me are extreme P&P05 haters--and I don't mean you, because you aren't like that :) What I mean are the folks who seem to think that anybody who likes P&P05 is automatically an idiot who has never actually read the book. Um, yes, I HAVE read the book, peoples. Many, many, many times. *glares severely* But like I said, this doesn't apply to you, because I know you respect my opinion. And I respect yours. So it's all good :)

    Jane . . . Well, honestly, I can understand how it might annoy you that Jane trusts EVERYBODY, all the time. I don't think it's annoying so much as just plain unwise. But really, it's important to remember that Jane can't help it. That's just who she IS. She's "hardwired" to believe that everybody around her is a good person. Sort of like Melanie Hamilton in GWTW, no? (But I agree with you that it's not necessarily a great trait to have. That's why I like Fanny better than Jane; Fanny is far more clear-sighted when it comes to who's good and who's not.)

    Mr. Darcy? Hmmmmmmmm. To be honest, I don't actually think of him as "overrated," because I've just never seen/experienced any real "hype" about him. I know it's out there and it exists, cause lots of people have told me about it, but I myself have never run across it. (That's probably because I live in an area of the U.S. where most folks have never even read P&P and couldn't tell Mr. Darcy from Mr. Rogers. Hee.) So I don't think of him as "overrated"; I just think he's cool :) I'd never, ever want to marry him myself (I require somebody FAR more sweet-tempered and relaxed) but I really respect his integrity and I appreciate how serious and introverted and smart he is. Honestly, when you think about it, so many of the most popular and famous literary characters are the "charming extrovert" type--but Mr. Darcy isn't like that at ALL, and yet he's one of the best-known and best-loved heroes ever. Isn't that cool? Introverts unite :)

  6. I could never write a book review or movie review of Pride and Prejudice... it would be TOO MUCH!!! You did a spiffy job though and I agree 1000000% with everything you said. :) My little sister and I just finished rewatching it last weekend and even my brothers (though they declare they don't like it) couldn't help sneaking in to watch it with us. Even they will admit it is SO FUNNY!!!! :)

  7. This post put a huge smile on my face :D And now I dreadfully need to see ALL the episodes all at once in a marathon. I think it's been over 2 or 3 years since I've seen it :(

    I think as far as Jane, maybe she's that way to provide more contrast to Elizabeth? Also, I feel bad for her sometimes, being Mrs. Bennet's favorite and all, and having to traipse through rain. Though of course she wasn't being forced to.

    And the walking scene at the end...sooo wonderful. 'Quiet happiness' describes it perfectly.

    I love this review Naomi!! This whole week has been such a delightful escape to the world of Jane Austen :)

  8. Excellent, excellent review, Naomi! And I agree with Rosie, this post really expressed how much you like this movie. It was lovely! Simply lovely! The pictures, your descriptions...everything!

    And I would say more, except there's too much to say, and I don't know where to begin! Thanks for another delightful post!

    ~Miss March

  9. I actually don't know how many times I have watched it! We first saw it about two or three years ago, it was pretty much the first mini-series period drama I ever saw. I love it soo much. Sometimes when one of my siblings suggests it, I'm like, "Nah, we've seen it a hundred times...", but we start watching it, I'm just like, soaking it in....

  10. I HAVE READ IT. *heaves enormous sigh* And it was really good. :-)

    While I can't honestly say I love this movie, there are things about it I really like. One of them is that it's just so classic -- it's the ultimate Jane Austen movie. It's the biggest and the best. And, of course I like it because you love it so. ;-P

    I've seen it...only twice? Wow. I'm trying to remember...I guess the first time was yeeeeaaaars ago, and the second was two years ago.

    HAHA. "He loves windows." I cracked up when I read that.

    What is wrong with me that I don't think Colin Firth is the least bit handsome? I don't know.

    (Oh, and this can't be the best book-to-movie-adaptation there is, because Lonesome Dove is THE best. You will never convince me otherwise. ;-P)

    GREAT review, Naomi. I mean it. Very nicely done indeed. :-)

    1. AWW THANKS for reading it, dearling. :-) :-) :-)

      YOU DON'T THINK COLIN FIRTH IS HANDSOME?!!!!! What?!!! (Well, I don't think Brad Pitt is EXTREMELY handsome. So there.) :-P

      Haha. He loves windows. :-)

      Thanks for reading, dear. I mean it. :-) And for commenting!

  11. I cannot tell you just how very much I adore this post, Naomi!! Thanks for sharing! :D
    To answer your questions: I most certainly HAVE seen this movie-- countless times-- and it is my very favorite movie! I now have my brothers firmly convinced that there is a P&P quote (or P&P inspired quote ;) ) for every situation they could possibly think up! Haha! ;D If Pride & Prejudice '95 fans annoyed me... I would annoy myself to no end. ;P And I SO agree about Mr. Darcy!!

  12. Oh my, I can't even begin to comment on all of the wonderful, wonderful points you made.
    I JUST AGREE WITH IT ALL, OKAY? I love this movie so much. This post is splendorific!!!!! Just so much yes. And that "hint hint hiiiinnt" made me laugh.

  13. I've seen this only once, and I must admit that I can never decide if I prefer P&P '05 or '95. I like Lizzy better in '95 but she definitely doesn't look as if she's just entering her twenties; and then I prefer Jane better from '05. And I never can pick which Mr. Darcy I like better (annoying two of my sisters excessively as they have strong opposing opinions). But now I definitely want to go watch this again!


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