7 tips on how to talk like Jane Austen

It was 'How to talk like Jane Austen day' several days ago, but never mind, here's a tutorial anyway. Here are some tips to make your speech utterances sounds somewhat more Jane Austen-esque. :-)

1. Try to avoid first names.
A simple trick is to address people by their Surname, with Miss/Mrs/Mr before, of course. Even if it's your husband or wife. Mrs Bennet or Mr Allan will do. (Only during long romantic autumn walks may the Christian name pop up, with some flattering adjectives to match. For example, Dearest Loveliest Elizabeth.)

2. Say 'one-and-twenty' rather than 'twenty-one.'
And that goes with three-and-twenty, or four-and-fifty, or hundred-and-five-and-eighty or whatever. It's just SO Jane Austen. (Actually, in Dutch, we say the 'one' bit before the 'twenty' bit, too. I know it doesn't make any sense, but it's prettier-sounding, sooo.)

3. Say 'indeed' rather than 'I know.'
Emma and I say 'I know' half of the time whenever we're chatting. I've seen loads of people use it, in all different forms and sizes. "ikr", and "I KNOWWWW" and "I know riiiight!?!" and so on. Well, to sound more JA-esque, use the word 'Indeed' instead. It works.

4. Put in a 'my dear' now and then.
I don't know why, it helps.

5. Use the word 'pray' rather than 'please.'
Don't say, 'Please pass me the salt.' Say, 'Pray, pass me the salt.' It sounds respectful and yet deliciously Jane-Austen-like. (Have you noticed that no-one says 'please' in the JA world? Maybe I'm wrong - pray, correct me if it is so - but I cannot recollect any 'please's. It's always 'pray.')

6. Avoid the 'don't's and 'n't's at all cost.
Do not. Not don't. Does not. Never doesn't. It's vulgar. "Does she not look beautiful tonight?" Imagine how Mrs Bennet would throw herself into a state of smelling salts if she heard someone say, 'Doesn't she look beautiful tonight." IMAGINE.

7. Say 'For' rather than 'Because.'
Always, people, always, for it is a very Jane Austen-esque thing to do. Do not ask me why, for I am at a loss.

There you go, Dear People! Now, go off, and dazzle your family members with some elegant and proper speech. :-D


  1. Miss Bennet,
    Indeed, I have said this close to three and twenty times, but I must say it again. You, my dear, are wonderfully witty! Surely, that comes not as a surprise, for many people have said it, and I am sure will say it again. I have but one thing to ask of you. Pray, will you be planning on writing another post of this type again? I do so love these kinds of posts! ;-)
    ~Miss Meg

  2. Same thing in German--"einundzwanzig," "dreiundvierzig," etc. German and Dutch are cousins, I think :)

  3. I think I may have unintentionally sent Mrs. Bennet into fits... several times. ;)

  4. These were cool! I have always loved the way they say "for" and "pray". Oh, and "one and twenty." Thank you, my dear! (there you see, I did throw one in :))

  5. The truth is one just had to let out that insane little British person we all have living within ourselves. If we let him or her go we will be speaking rather like we are indeed, from a Jane Austen novel.

    And oh, have you noticed? THe roads are quite dry for weather so rainy!
    Odd how these things happen.

  6. Excellent! Very good tips! :) This post was delightful! And so spot on. I like the "for" rather than "because." And you're little comment at the end "Don't ask me why, for I am at a loss." Haha! :) Good one!

    ~Miss March

  7. Haha! I love this and I will definitely put it to use! ;)

  8. Miss Meg, LOVED YOUR COMMENT. The end. :-D (My sister just read it and loved it too. :-))

    Jessica, yeah I know. :-) You'd probably understand Dutch. :-)

    Lois, same. Haha.

    Rosie, RIGHT? I love the way they talk.

    Jess, Well I AM British. Heehee. And yes, I HAVE noticed that the roads are very dry. (Well, they ARE!)

    Miss March, Aw thanks! I'm glad it amused you. :-)

    Lydia, Hee, I'm glad you liked this! Thanks for reading. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  9. This was a delightfully amusing post Miss Bennet! Indeed language would be much more funny, if we followed these guidelines;) Pray keep doing this kind of posts for I truly enjoy them.

  10. How dreadfully clever you are, my dear!:D Haha, this was quite fun. Quite.

  11. My dear Miss Naomi, this is quite the splendid list you have here. Pray, how do you come up with such lovely posts? I will have to keep all these points in mind for the next time I wish to speak like our beloved Jane.
    Indeed, this is a lovely list!

    Hee. Great job! :D

    ps. Oh dear, I just looked up at the comments and I see Miss Meg has already commented using Naomi's tips. Hope you don't mind, Miss Meg! I promise I wasn't copying you!

    1. Haha, loved your comment Natalie! I'm honoured you used ALL my tips in ONE comment! Or almost all, anyway. :-)

  12. Oh, of course I don't mind, Natalie. :-) Everyone should be allowed to use Naomi's marvellous tips! ;-D
    ~Miss Meg

  13. Miss Meg~
    Oh, good! So glad you don't mind. :)

  14. Ah, brilliant tips indeed.
    ~Miss Kathryn.


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