My Four Favourite Jane Austen Heroes

So. Jane Austen, dear girl, is famous for many things, and one of them - to be sure - are her Very Well-crafted and Very Over-mused Gentlemen. Mr Darcy is the famous one - he get's a place on T-shirts and handbags. Other people cannot stop talking about Mr Knightley or Colonel Brandon. And then everyone talks about Henry Tilney's quotes. Sink me, these gentlemen are famous. They are rich, they are single. We all want them. We all have our favourites. :-)

I will start with my all-time favourite (you may guess who THAT will be. I'm sure you all have NO idea.) Here are my favourite Jane Austen heroes, people. I have four. Four favourites.

#1. Mr Knightley
Yep. I like this.
This is possibly my favourite gif in the entire entire entire world. It's PERFECT. Ahoswjcjsqslkjercom. Just stare at it for several times and drown in the perfectness everyone. (He's like,'Peh! Peh! Emma! How can't you see you're being stupid?!')
Haha. Mr Knightley is right, as always. :-P (Poor Emma. How horrible it must be to be proved wrong continually.) I love how these two just SAY what they think. They're hilarious.
I looove that he comes to Emma's house and does his 'work' there. It's like his second home. And doesn't he look handsome when he writes? (He does.) (I love his green suit. :-D)
His fist. Goodness, this makes me laugh. It shouldn't. (Just the way he tries so DESPERATELY to make Emma grow up.)
Perfect. Again. (Also, his green suit again. I really like that one.)
Even his scowls are perfect.
Haha! This gif makes me laugh so much. His reaction. :-P
Look at his BOOOOTS
I've decided that this is the best pin I have ever pinned

Where. To. Start.

I love Mr Knightley very much. In fact, he's not only my favourite Austen hero, he's also just MY FAVOURITE HERO EVER. In general. Of course, I am talking of Johnny Lee Miller's portrayal of him. Just in case you hadn't gathered that, haha. I have talked about Mr Knightley many times, so I won't go through it all again. I'll just say that he's my favourite. He's kind, he's funny, he's sensible, he's good. I want to marry a guy like him.

I once did a whole "Why Mr Knightley is the best" post. You should read it. HERE. :-D

Also, HIS SCOWLS ARE PERFECT. And so are ALL his quotes. AND OH HIS LINE, "If I loved you less I might be able to talk about it more." Goodness, I must watch this movie again.

#2. Edward Ferras

I'm going to mention it again, I know I will, but ohhh, his smile.
Yes, the hair needs some work. But for the rest...
He's so adorably awkward.
But he's not so awkward that he can't finish his sentances.
Awwww agaaaaain.
I love how he's so good with children. :-D He was just BORN to be Margaret's older brother, RIGHT?!!!
He's pretty darn adorable.
I liked Edward Ferras in the Emma Thompson version, but I thought he was too shy and hesitant  and WAYYYY to awkward. Edward is supposed to be shy and slightly awkward, but not THAT awkward. I like it when men know more what they want - the Edward Ferras in the 1995 version was a bit too - um - I - UM - yes - I - um - indeed - *cough* - I - I - um - yes - Hesitant.

But then I saw the 2008 Sense and Sensibility version, with no-one else than Dan Stevens (my favourite male actor, by the way - not that that helped, haha) as Edward, and OHHH YES. HE HAS BECOME ONE OF MY FAVOURITES.

He's such a dear. He's so scrumptiously sweet and adorable and kind. Also, the smile Dan Stevens gives him - is PERFECT. (Plus also, the blue eyes.) My only complain about this Edward is that he urgently needs a hair-cut. I remember squealing about him in my S&S08 review I wrote ages ago. :-)

#3. Mr Darcy
He has my favourite eye twinkle in the entire world.
I like it when they write. :-)
Right, he doesn't smile broadly. But he DOES smile. :-)
The priceless 'What' scene. :-)
I DO like this quote. I never gets old. (Well, it IS old, but y'know what I mean.)
My favourite Mr Darcy scene.
Haha. :-)
Sink Meh! The cravats!
The reason why I don't like Mr Darcy is because of the hype. You know, the whole 'wet-shirt' business (UGH IT DRIVES ME SO INSANE). I'm not head-over-heels agoo about Mr Darcy, not like I am about Mr Knightley and Dan Steven's Edward Ferras, anyway.

But yet. He's just AWESOME. He's noble. He's a bit harsh sometimes (in the beginning especially) but he's such a teddy-bear and a darling inside. And his little smiles make my heart melt. He goes to London to sort the whole Wickham-business out; and ohhh, when we see his real character at Pemberlyyyyy.

I love Mr Darcy, but not in the yelling-way so many people do. But I do love him. :-)

#4 Mr Tilney
He's very charming.
That JJField actor is very handsome. Juuuust pointing something obviously obvious out.
The griiiin!
Not my favourite scene, but I like the picture. :-)
"Now we may give one smirk, and then we can be rational again." I LOVE THIS SMIRK. I LOVE HIS SMIRK. Best gif eveeeeer. (Says Naomi for the second time in this post.)
I love it when he climbs the tree.
Awww. Again.
I know some people who don't like Henry Tilney, but - sorry guys - I'm going to go right out and SAY it. Henry Tilney is one of my favourite heroes EVER. I considered putting him on the third place; even on the second - it feels unfair, actually, to put him on the fourth place. IT'S SO HARD TO CATEGORISE THESE MEN. :-D (I couldn't put Mr Darcy last, though. He won't allow me.)

Anyway. About Mr Tilney. He's so witty and cheerful and charming. I love it when he teases - I want to be teased by him. :-P He's also such a dear; and he has the beautifullest smirk and the charming-est eye-twinkle, as well as such a good heart. I can SO see him as the best father ever. Also, He Wears Regency Extremely Well. (J J Field, that is.)

Mr Tilney reminds me a bit of Elizabeth Bennet, actually. But then in man-form. Very well-spoken, and a little snarky. :-)

Who's your favourite Jane Austen hero?
Is he on this list?
Also, this post. It has nice pictures, huh? :-D


  1. my fav is probably Henry Tilney, =) but i do think that in the version you like they could have made him look a teensy bit younger or maybe its the movie quality?? it just looks like he has gray hair, but in that one pic of him, where you really see his eyes, he looks amazing.

    1. I know, right? His EYES. I actually never noticed that it looks like he has grey hair... :-)

  2. Of course Mr Knightley - no surprises there. Johnny Lee Miller makes the best Knightley ever!! And the quotes..a great pin, but then again, Mr Knightley DO have a way with words.

    Great, all those pictures of Dan Stevens convinced me to watch S&S 2008 again, just to look closely at Edward's scenes. I hop you are happy now;)

    I am also not a part of the whole "Mr Darcy is the ideal man and so romantic" hype, but I do like the way we get to know his true character slowly. And Colin Firth's portrayal is just brilliant!

    OOH Henry Tilney!!! He is my favourite hero - he is just so witty and cheerful and sweet. (And yes JJ Feild is very handsome too - a friend of mine consequently refers to him as "the sweet clergyman")

    A good list! And lovely pictures!

    1. I just LOVE everything Mr Knightley says. He's my favourite hero for LIFE. :-)
      Yes, you must rewatch it. You'll love it. (I should rewatch it too!)
      Aww, I like that! "The Sweet clergyman!" :-)

  3. I've only seen 2 and 4, but now I'm terribly curious about the '08 S&S and, is it Northanger Abbey?
    I think my favorite part of Emma had to be everybody's facial expressions, haha. And when she wanted to get the chair reupholstered :) Mr. Knightley is definitely very sweet and wonderful.
    And Mr. Darcy! I never thought about it until you wrote that post about his smiles, but he does smile a lot! Just reaaallly teeny ones mostly :]
    I loving all these posts! Fantastic Jane Austen week!

    1. I'm going to review NA this week - so you can read my opinions on that soon. I hiiighly recommend S&S08, if you skip the first scene. :-)
      I know. Emma's faces. :-) She's very funny.
      Yay, you liked my 'Darcy smiles' post! :-) Thank you for reading it. :-)

  4. Noooooooooooo . . . my favorite hero isn't on this list. He's Colonel Brandon. (The David Morrissey version.) I--uh--have a feeling I've mentioned this before . . . or have I? It's so hard to remember. ;)

    But yeah. I just love Colonel Brandon sooooooooo much because he's so strong and quiet and yet so SWEET. His smiles make my heart melt. And he's so patient--like Mr. Knightley, only even more so. (At least IHMO) And I feel SO bad for all the suffering he's had to go through, but he doesn't go around asking for everybody's sympathy, either. He hardly ever talks about it. He's my favorite. Ever. Period.

    I do love Mr. Knightley, though--he's one cool guy :)

    No. I do NOT want to be teased by Henry Tilney. Or anybody else, for that matter. Anyone who teases me does so strictly at their own risk. That's the quickest way to get on my bad side and stay there for a long, long time. (And that's why I'm not too too fond of Lizzy Bennet, either.) But *magnanimously gesture* you may like him if you want to. (Hee.)

    1. I'm sorry. I don't get Colonel Brandon. I just find him... too old. Is that mean of me? The 08 Colonel is better than the 95 Colonel, but I still find him too old for me to love him. Also, he lacks... um, well, *I* like it when they are kind of witty and tease-like. But that's okay. I understand why you don't! I can have Henry. You may take the Colonel. :-) (No, actually, I still want Knightley. My faaave.)
      If I ever meet you, I'll try not to tease you! I'm afraid I do it sometimes. :-/

    2. No, that's not mean of you at all! Remember, I'm like, four or five years older than you are--and I've always been kind of an "old soul" on top of that, so naturally Colonel Brandon appeals to me more. I totally understand why he wouldn't appeal to you :)

      Aw, don't worry, I'm sure you wouldn't bother me! :) As long as people understand that I don't like teasing and *try* not to do it to me, we're usually okay. It's people who won't/can't understand and persist on doing it anyways that I have problems with.

      (Seriously, though, wouldn't it be AWESOME if we could meet in real life sometime? I would be sooooooooooo happy :) )

    3. Yeah, I might like Colonel Brandon more when I'm older. :-)

      Yes, it would be SO cool to meet up with you and Rosie one day. Ahhh. :-)

  5. #1 YES YES YES MR. KNIGHTLEY!!! Jonny Lee Miller was sooooo amazing. The. End. No wait, I've more to say . . . I love those gifs! Yes and his BOOTS. AND the green coat. Goodness! Oh Naomi by the way, I found a really cool video about the making of the clothing in Emma 2009 -- all about how they decided on colors fashions etc. to suit each character. It was fascinating! And the part where Jonny Lee Miller says "I told her, well you know I look kind of stupid in yellow, and she listened!" Alright, I won't say anymore. But I thought you might enjoy it. Here's the link:

    #2 This was the best interpretation of Edward Ferrars evah, IMHO. I mean it was just amazing! When he comes up and she's beating the carpets . . . and when his sister's ragging him about his clothing and he goes, "My dear Fanny, we ARE in the country . . ." YES! I love that scene with him and Margaret. So darling. AND this version included his visit to Barton Cottage. Oh and I just LOVE his proposal!

    #3 *cough cough* Well you know how I feel about this movie in general . . . but Colin Firth was amazing in it. I think he was the best actor in the whole cast, I do like the scenes with him in it - oh except for the jump-in-the-lake scene, which was just STUPID. Argh.

    #4 Never seen the movie -- but I DID NOT LIKE Henry Tilney when I read the book. Soooo . . . yeah.


    1. I KNOW MR KNIGHTLEY I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. Yes, I've definitely seen that Emma costumes video (several times, in fact - I love it to BITS.) Johnny Lee Miller seems like such a fun guy. :-P
      Thank you! So glad you enjoyed the post, Rosie!

    2. Oh you have seen the video? I thought is was just so amazing and fascinating, I would just LOVE to be a costume designer in a movie like that. Yes a very fun guy! I'd like him for a friend :P
      I want to see that movie again - it's just sooooooooo beautiful all round :)
      Yes I am REALLY ENJOYING reading the posts. There's something new every day on a subject that's AWESOME :D

  6. Colonel Brandon's my favorite. He's just about the only character who never does anything foolish. And David Morrissey does a wonderful job acting him in S&S '08.

    Mr. Knightly is my second favorite. He's a good guy too and I love how firm but yet gentle he is to a very silly Emma.

    1. Colonel Brandon is a real gentleman - I see why you like him. But he's not my favourite. I find him too old. :-/
      Yes, right? You just can't help but love Mr Knightley. :-)

  7. Bahahaha "look at his booooots!" XD That was a hilarious caption. I really liked it;D

    This post was such fun! I think I might do a post like this for this week. Could I?

    The gifs and pictures were all so delightful, especially of Mr. Knightley:D

    1. Heeheee. Well, they are exceptionally handsome boots. :-)
      Of course you can!! I'd love to read it!

  8. I love Edward!!! He's definitely my favorite. And I have to say, Hugh Grant will always be my Edward. I personally love the way he stutters and stumbles over his words -- it's adorable. Though I do very much like Dan Stevens' Edward too. It's just, Hugh Grant was mine first. :-)

    I..sort of...like Mr. Darcy. But he's probably my least-favorite. ;-P

    Henry Tilney is wonderful. :-) And oh MY, is JJ Field handsome. I think he's much better-looking than Tom Hiddleston -- though they do look remarkably alike. (They could play Charles Darnay and Sidney Carton in A Tale of Two Cities...)

    All these gifs are wonderful -- seriously -- I ate them up like candy.

    1. I think it's adorable TOOOO. I just think Edward isn't like that (I'm talking about the book-one) and I think it's a *taaad* to awkward sometimes. But yes, Hugh Grant makes an adorable Edward. I loved him more this time we re-watched it, you know!
      Thaaat's okay. :-)
      I KNOW ISN'T HE HANDSOME. I know, that's everyones dream. About A Tale of Two Cities. :-)

  9. THIS POST!!!!! I have to run so this must, perforce, be short.... ;P (and I haven't seen Northanger Abbey yet :)), but as for everything else...... I LOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERFECTION!!!!!! :D WELL DONE, Naomi!!!!!!!!! ;D :D

    (Actually, one other favorite hero of mine would go on the list, too, but I miiiiiiiight be talking about him a little bit later in the week, so we shall see...... ;))

      Can I guess who you would have added? Captain Wentworth? Am I right? ;-D

    2. Yup -- absolutely right!!! :D *cough cough* And now just HOW would you know that?!? :D (Hee. 'Cause Naomi's got a good memory and that's the sort of important detail dear friends keep track of. ;) :D)

  10. Mr. Knightley is one of the best of Jane's heroes. Even though he loves a girl who is not worthy of his love at first, he helps shape her into a better version of herself. When he thought that Emma and Frank were going to be a couple, he removed himself from the ordeal and tried to forget her (without success, of course). But Knightley's love for Emma wasn't just the "all the feelz", everything's coming up roses, slap happy kind of love - it was the sort of love that couldn't bear to see the object of his affection ruin herself with immaturity, rudeness, and plain stupidity. (Not a very flattering portrait of Emma, but she changes.) As an unswerving devotee of the 1996 Emma (with Gwyneth Paltrow) , I approached the 2009 BBC miniseries with hesitation. Jonny Lee Miller could hardly compare to Jeremy Northam's portrayal of Mr. Knightley. Boy, was I been in for a surprise! :) I do like the 2009 Emma (in general), but I do like some of the 1996 characters still (Miss Bates, for one, was hilarious in the older version). Aaahhh! I'm so off course! The topic is supposed to be heroes, not movie versions. Okay. :)
    "Dear Edward." I can view him with sense or sensibility. :) My sensibility tells me that he is in love with Elinor and he should break up with Lucy and he will be happy married to Elinor forever and nothing could ever separate them again. (Do I have to play a piano solo and sing to get everyone else on the same page? :) ) But then my sense kicks in and makes me stop to think, if he could fall in love with Elinor so quickly, couldn't he fall in love with someone else (a new Lucy/Elinor) and break Elinor's heart? I realize he explains away his engagement to Lucy as being something he did when he was (basically) young and bored, but how is one to know that he is mature enough to know that he really is in love with Elinor? I do like Hugh Grant's version of Edward - wonderfully awkward - though I do not know the book version of him well enough to know whether it is accurate. Had I not seen the 1995 version of S&S I probably would have liked the 2008 version more.
    Mr. Darcy. He is responsible for introducing me to Jane Austen in the first place, so I think very highly of him. :) Some people may think that Darcy is a proud man who makes bitting personal comments and only wins Lizzy because he is rich with a gigantic mansion. But really, yes, he is proud, and yes, he does say things he ought not to say, but he changes. After the destined-to-fail first proposal, he took Lizzy's words to heart and changed his ways for the better. Did he become perfect? Maybe not. But did he try to become a better man? Yes. Also, he dealt with a horrible scoundrel from his past who became involved with one of Lizzy's silly sisters. The little tete-a-tete that happens after the *NOT JANE AUSTEN APPROVED* lake swim scene is hilarious. Talk about awkward. The timing - "And where are you staying?" "At the inn at Lampton." "Oh yes, of course." Hahaha! Oh, one more thing about Darcy. :) He finally puts Caroline Bingley in her place. *And the crowd goes wild! aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh* :)
    I am not as familiar with Mr. Tilney. I haven't read NA though I have seen a couple of versions of it.
    I'm going with two JA heroes as my favorites - Darcy and Knightley. Darcy improves himself, and Knightley improves his love.

    1. Goodness Kerry, thank you for such a delightful long comment!

      LOVED what you said about Mr Knightley. :-) I liked the Gwenyth Paltrow version too, but the 2009 one will forEVER be my favourite. But I agree that Miss Bates in the older version is HILARIOUS. :-)

      Interesting thoughts about Edward. ;-) I do think he loves Elinor very much - and that he always will. They're just perfect and I think he really does realise that Elinor is WAY better than Lucy ever was. :-)

      I'm glad you think highly of Mr Darcy. :-) So do I. :-)
      YES I KNOW. I love it when he says 'What?' and Caroline Bingley is like, 'Ooops.'

      Thanks for the long comment!

      ~ Naomi

  11. Ooooh! This was a delicious, delicious, delicious post, Naomi! (And did I mention delicious?) I LOVE that gif of Mr. Knightly! I think he must be my favorite Jane Austen hero...well, along with all the other one's you mentioned!! Haha! I CAN'T decide! They're all so good!

    I want to comment on all the pictures of Mr. Knightly and what you wrote below them, but I don't think I have time! "'Peh! Peh! Emma! How can't you see you're being stupid?!'" Hahaha! And his fist! "(Just the way he tries so DESPERATELY to make Emma grow up.)" Exactly, exactly! That's the perfect description of that gif!!! He tries SO hard! :) Oh! And his scowls! And really all his expressions! So perfect! I do believe he and Emma have the best expressions of any couple I've ever seen in any movie...ever! They're great!

    Edward! Aww. I liked him a lot in the 2008 version, too. He seemed more like the book Edward to me. However, I think I still picture Edward as he looks in the 1995 version...at least that's the more common mental image I get. He's a dear, sweet character, though, isn't he? And yes! I love his relationship with Margaret...and Marianne, too, actually. He's such a good brother. :)

    Mr. Darcy is great! I haven't heard as much of the extreme fan-girl stuff, so that hasn't ruined him for me at all. I can't always think why I like him...probably because I'm so used to him, having grown up watching him...but when I delve deeper into his character I realize there's a whole lot more to Mr. Darcy than you think. He's really a very interesting and unique character. :) And yes, he'd be one of my top favorites, too!

    Henry!!! Oh! I love Henry in the book! I've never seen the movie, so I can't speak for that, but I really like his character as Jane Austen wrote it! I mean, he's such a delightful tease, and so sarcastic. (And that really endears him to me, you know, because I'm sarcastic.) You're so right. He is kind of like Lizzy, only a man. He notices the silly, ridiculous things we people are always doing, and he finds the fun in it. (He actually reminds me a little bit of one of my brothers...which is just cool!)

    I LOVED this post, Naomi! I think it's my favorite post of the Jane Austen week, so far! Jane Austen certainly knew how to create REALLY good heroes! They're all so good, it's hard to choose between them! :D And it's kind of hard to stop talking about them... (heehee!)

    ~Miss March

    1. Aww, Miss March, thank you for your lovely, lovely comment! I enjoyed it so much. :-)

      I KNOW MR KNIGHTLEY'S FACIAL EXPRESSIONS ARE THE BEST. I just love them. He and Emma are a match to delight in. I LOVE THEM TOGETHER. :-)

      Yes, Edward is so sweet! He deserves much. :-)

      Exactly. There are so many layers to Mr Darcy, and once you've discovered all the inner ones you can really appreciate and love him. :-D

      I'm VERY sarcastic too. :-) That's why Henry Tilney really delights me. (Oh, can I meet your brother? Hahahaa. Just kidding. :-P)

      Thank you, Miss March! SO glad you enjoyed this post. :-)

    2. Hahaha! (To your comment about meeting my brother!) That made me laugh! :D

  12. Aaaahhh yaaayyy I'm so happy that I'm not the only one who's favorite is Mr. Knightly!!!!!! I DO really like Darcy, too. Colin Firth especially. What a lovely post, Naomi. :)

    1. I know, Phoebe, Knightley is the bestest. :-)

  13. Yes, how are you supposed to order them! Mr Knightley, Mr Tilney and Captain Wentworth are my favourite!

  14. Oh, you changed the comment page thing! :-) Also, I am hurriedly trying to catch up on all your posts - I'm rather behind! I've been REALLY busy lately....and I don't even have a whole lot of time now, so excuse me if my comments are rather abrupt. ;-)
    Fortunately for me, however, everything you said on this post I agree with, so I don't really have a whole lot to say. I'd pick Mr. Knightley first, then probably Edward Ferras, but I think I'd switch 3 with 4 (or even possibly bump Tilney up to #2). That sounds CRAZY of me, because I don't know a whole lot about NA, nor read the book, nor seen the movie, but from what I've read, from pictures of seen and such, I have this feeling that I'm going to LOVE Henry Tilney. :-D He's TOTALLY my kind of guy! I love witty guys, and he looks so interesting, and yet kind at the same time. I don't know, I'm just quite confident I am really gonna like him. :) And I think, once I've finished Lark Rise, maybe for our big summer break, I'll get out NA from the library! (On that note, I began the first episode of Season 2 for LRTC last night - it WAS rather weird, wasn't it? ;-P 'Twas a shame they spoiled what might have been a perfectly lovely Christmas episode. *sigh* Oh well.)
    Also, I don't like Colonel Brandon that much. :-P I mean, he's nice and all, but I find him so boring and dull and 'sad face' that he makes me yawn. I'm still not sure why Marianne fell for him....maybe it was because she had been so badly used by Willoughby that having a man love and treat her kindly was such a lovely thing it made her to inclined to love him a bit more...Anyway, I'm on a rabbit trail here..... ;-)
    Must dash!
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Don't feel obliged to comment on EVERY post. Of course, I love it if you do. ;-P

      Yes, I think you'd LOVE Henry. He's really nice. :-)

      Ohh, Lark Rise! I know, episode 1 from season 2 is awful because of that ghost plot. I recommend just skipping it, really. But episode 2 is REALLY nice, because hey we get Minnie. I LOVE MINNIE. :-)

      I don't like Colonel Brandon that much either. Yes, he's a bit... 'boring' in my eyes, too.

      ~ Naomi

  15. If you were judging by looks alone...would you prefer Mr. Knightley or Edward Ferras?

    When Edward takes Margaret for a ride...it's like he's already acting like her older brother! Love it!

    As for Knightley, I wish I had a man who would tease me as he does Emma!


    1. Oh, Cordy! That's an IMPOSSIBLE question. If Edward Ferras would cut his hair - then maybe him. But if he didn't - then Mr Knightley. :-D

      I know! I want someone to tease me like that! :-)

    2. Ooooh, no! I totally disagree! Leave Edward's hair. I have a love hate relationship with men with longer hair but I like it on him. ;)

  16. I didn't like Johny Lee Miller's Mr. Knightley the first time I saw Emma 2009 (please don't hurt me) but, looking at all the pictures and gifs, I think my opinion will be different once I see it again. :) So there's hope. ha

    I really like the '95 Edward as "Edward", if that makes sense, but I like the '08 Edward better as in I'd fall in love with him before I fell in love with the '95 Edward. Heehee The scene of Edward hugging Elinor is soooooooooooooo sweet!!!

    Awwwww Mr. Darcy!!!! I agree that he has sort of become...hmm.. not "ruined" but "tainted" by all the hype. Like, I want people to realize he's my current favorite Austen hero because of what a wonderful hero he is, not just because he's popular and fangirled over because of his stupid shirt. What even.
    But YES, that's my favorite Mr. Darcy scene too!!! His look at Elizabeth.....-sigh-. So sweet!!

    Of course, I already covered Henry in my other comment, but I'll say again that he's so wonderful!!!
    Wait..he climbs the tree? When does he do that? Ohhh...is that during the music montage of sorts of them doing fun things after the General leaves?

    ps. Your new design is gorrrrgeeous!!! So beautiful for winter!!!

  17. 1. Captain Wentworth
    2. Henry Tilney
    3 Mr. Darcy & Mr. Knightley
    4 Colonel Brandon

    Those are my faves :-)

    But I really like Hugh Grant's portrayal of Edward Ferrars BECAUSE he is so awkward with everyone except Elinor -- he doesn't stammer around her, doesn't falter and hesitate and fumble. He does that around others, but not her, and it's a beautiful, nuanced performance from an actor whom I often lose patience with otherwise.

  18. Who's your favourite Jane Austen hero?
    Is he on this list?

    Yes he is! Henry Tilney, as portrayed by J.J. Feild. He has the kind of extroverted and humorous personality that I have always found attractive. However, Jonny Lee Miller's George Kingsley is my second favorite.


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