The Book Thief 2013 // Review


You know when you think a movie is so beautiful that you just look and stare and choke in the splendid-ness of it? You know when you get so destructed by deaths of amazingly great fictional characters? You know when you read a book and love it and then watch a movie and love it almost more? You know when all the actors in a movie are just so spot-on perfect, all you can do is reel in the perfect-ness of it?

If you do, you can imagine what I felt like while watching The Book Thief several days ago.

I was a big fan of the book. (Yes, I read the book first. I'm a bit of a good girl for once in my life; isn't that amazing?)

Let me start at the very beginning, as I like to do with Reviews. (After all, it's good to start at the very beginning. Fraulein Maria has given us some very important life lessons.) So I got the book last year for Christmas. I'd heard of it before; heard that it was sad, and beautiful, and it had been on my to-read list for quite a time (as books generally are.) It was one of the only presents that was a surprise (as I pick out my own presents, haha) and I was SO happy with it. My cover is the same as the movie poster up there, and it's a gorgeous edition - big, and pristine. I was SO excited to pick it up and read it. BECAUSE IT WAS MINE. You know. :-)

So I read it in the beginning of January, and JUST FELL IN LOVE. Yes, it is the kind of book you either hate or love. But for it, it's the book that makes me sigh in writerly pleasure. THE WAY Markus Zusak writes, peoples. It will just shatter your soul. It's written so unique-ly, and so beautifully. You just want to sink into the pages and eat up the letters and just... breathe the descriptions. I can't tell ya. :-/ (I also cried a lot. Tears splishing on the pages, and all that.)

It's a very unique book, and yes, there is That One Thing I don't like about it. The swearing. It's really bad in the book - next time I read it, I'm going to hide all them words with a sharpie. It must be done. Also, some people might be weirded out by the fact that the story is narrated by Mr Death. Death, that is. He's the narrator. I know, it's weird. But it's so unique! And oh... it's so clever! I JUST LOVED IT. (Don't stare at me like that.)

So yes, the book was a big favourite, and now I wanted to do the Next Thing. Watch the movie. I had to wait a long time (In the meanwhile I re-read the book, because why not, after all), but finally I met someone who had the dvd, and we borrowed it. AND THEN WE WATCHED IT. Duh.

Okay, sorry if I sound like an excited two-year-old, but I was so excited. And scared that it wouldn't live up to my expectations. The movie did change some things (*rolls eyes in the usual manner at the film makes*) BUT IT WAS SO GOOD. I basically loved it. The actors, the filming, the scenery, the setting... it was ridiculously picturesque and yes I approved most strongly. (NOW the review starts for real. I knew we'd get there in the end.)

This man up there, he is my favourite character. (Not only in the movie, also in the book.)

No-one, NO-ONE, could have acted Hans Hubermann like Lionel Logue Geoffrey Rush did. No, seriously, I couldn't have asked for a better actor to play my favourite character. I've seen Geoffrey Rush in two movies - This one, and The Kings Speech - and he plays my favourite character in both of them. Lionel Logue and Hans Hubermann are rather similar characters, actually - very kind, playful, good with kids, courageous. Hans Hubermann was so KIND. The way he treated Liesl like a real loving father, and called her 'Your Majesty' to get her out of the car - the way he helped Max, and remained positive. I want to give him a big long hug. Like this.

Is anyone else super jealous of the Burgemeister's library? Because I am. I WANT IT. For My Own. (Even if all the books are German. I just want the books.)

This movie is a delight for readers and writers. All the emphasis on 'the magic of words', ya know, and how Max thinks. (Us bluestockings all agree that Max is a darling.) How Liesl yearns to read, and then becomes entranced with the world of stories and words. She starts her own dictionary on the wall in the basement. She steals (No, she's not stealing. She's borrowing.) books because she only owns two (and one is about how to bury dead people, which isn't very interesting for a twelve-year-old.)

Also, when I saw the words 'WRITE' painted on the basement wall, I kind of had a great-kind-of-chill. I bet Max wrote that.

Now we have to talk about Max. I loved him. "Words are life, Liesl." "If your eyes could speak, what would they say?" He was pretty awesome. I loved LOVED his first Christmas, and when he paints over Hitler's face, and when he cheers Liesl up by pretending to be Hitler's mum ("Dear Fuhrer, what is dat thing on your upper lip?"), and ohhhh I love Max.

I almost cried in the cuteness when he kissed Liesl's forehead when he left.

THIS SCENE. Was. So. Intense.

I had read the book, so I knew the German soldier wouldn't find him, but I was still SO scared. Like, when the soldier kept on chatting pleasantly in the basement. I just wanted him to go upstairs quickly.

Liesl was brilliantly acted. We found it rather humorous that they made them speak in German accents, and put little German words like 'und' in now and then. But it was done very well - I really liked it. I like speaking in a German accent now. "It wasn't always mine." (It woesn't ollways main.)

I'm especailly in awe of the young actresses' skills in the end. I know I couldn't act such a scene. (*Sobs*) (Also, as my mother pointed out, 'they' did such a good job of making her grow up. Her fluffy short little-girl hair in the beginning made her look years younger than her mature coat and bun in the last scene.)

Emily Watson was brilliant as Rosa. Like, REALLY. You could see she had a heart from the beginning (which you can't really, in the book) and by the end she's just WAYYY nicer. I love how she helps hiding Max, even though it depends on her life, and how she supports her husband, and strokes his hair when he cries in dispair. (Hey that rhymed. I am a poet... no, I won't say it. T'is far to overused.)

I loved Rosa. One of my favourite scenes was the one where she pretends to be really cross and grabs Liesl out of her classroom, but then she tells her some good news and they give each other a hug. Ohhh, it's preshhhh. (That's a cool way of saying 'precious.' By the way.)

Rudy!!!! Rudy was such a sweetheart. His Hair. THE COLOUR OF LEMONS. (See what I mean with gorgeous ways of description? He just finds the right words to make a masterpiece. It's unfair, Markus Zusak. It's unfair.)

I love the way he goes, 'Books? Are you nuts?' I love his eyes and his sweet adorable cute smile. He is so adorable, this lad is. Generally kids-in-'love' in movie REALLY annoys me to death, but I didn't mind in here. (Although it annoyed me that he always talked about kisses. Blech, boy, you're what? Eleven? Quit.) And ohhh it tears me to pieces inside; What happened to him.

(Spoiler ahoy in the following paragraph.)

Ahhhhh. They changed his last scene! They made him alive for a few seconds!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what to think of it, dear readers. It made it only harder, though. Okay, I think I just have to talk about The Sad Scene now. (Warning, this is a major spoiler. But you already know it's going to be sad, so I suppose it's not tooooo major, even if you happen to accidentally read this.)

AZIORHEUNCRAOEI. I AM NOT EVER GOING TO BE OVER THE FACT THAT HANS AND RUDY AND ROSA ALL DIED IN ONE NIGHT. And also Rudy's brothers and his mother... Just no. Just no. Just no. Just no. JUST NO. Liesl does not deserve anything of that. *Sighs forever*

I need to KNOW. Do Max and Liesl marry?!!!!! This is what Markus Suzak told fans with the same questions as I. Read it.

On one hand (and this is the cop-out answer) it’s purely up to the reader, just as characters in every book live on beyond the pages. Nobody can be wrong.
In this case, though, in my own mind, I have at least four reasons why Max and Liesel don’t get married, and I honestly believe it’s more romantic that they don’t.
First, in many ways I felt that the book is about Liesel’s different kind of loves - for Hans, for Rosa, for Rudy and Max, and for books and living in general. She is in the centre and all of these things revolve around her. Max, to me, was a brotherly\sisterly kind of love. There’s at least one allusion to him as a replacement for her own brother.
Second, I could cite an age difference, but that, of course, wouldn’t be insurmountable, but it is there.
Third, I’ve always believed (in my own version of events beyond the pages) that they do keep in contact their whole lives and still have that kindred connection. But I also feel like they needed to start their lives fresh, alone and away from all of that mess.
And lastly (and most romantically, I think), I figure if Rudy couldn’t have Liesel, no-one from that world could. In my mind he was the one who loved her with the greatest intensity in that way, and I feel like it’s only fitting that we have to leave that world for her to find a different life, and all that comes with it.
Still, like I said, for me (and it is only my opinion), Max and Liesel DO stay together, but not necessarily in the way some people think…But of course, I’m still more than happy for readers to believe they do get married and live their lives together. At the end of the day, it’s still up to you, and that’s the beauty of books. In so many ways, they never really end. 

Well, for ME, they DO end up together. So THERE. I mean, how can you not ship them after that far-too-short-scene where they re-unite and give each other a big long hug?!!! (Well, actually, I agree with Markus Zusak. While on one hand, I REALLY think they married, on the other hand I agree with Markus. He's right. I can't really see them married. Bleh, I don't know. I wish I did. I'm forever pondering about this.)

Finally, now I have to talk about the scenery and the filming. Because that was one of the best thing about the movie - it was ART. Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen a more picturesquely filmed movie. The snow, the houses, the collars, the way everything is filmed; JUST WOW. IT'S GORGEOUS. Every screencap is stunning and desktop-background-able.

Don't you love those kind of movies?

Oh, and one more thing. (Yes, I also loved This Thing. Duh, I love quite a lot about this movie.) The MUSIC. It's haunting and twinkly and thrilling all at the same time. I have listened to it many times over during my lessons, and I'm proud to say I have it running inside my brain.

SO yes.

I RECOMMEND THIS. :-) I know there are people who aren't crazy about it (lookin' at you, Natalie ! :-D), but I personally think it's a stunning movie, which will reach inside your heart and make you feel all kinds of feelsy feels. It's emotional and beautiful, and makes one Look Back, and Know.

Have you seen it?
Do you think Liesl marries Max?


  1. I haven't read this . . . I don't do well with super sad stories. And of course, the language. So as a consequence, I haven't seen the movie.

    Buuuut it looks beautiful!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH when the scenery and filming is just gorgeous and stunning and generally knock-you-over. Ahhhh :P So lovely.


    Thank you, Naomi!!

    1. There isn't much swearing in the movie, Rosie. It's the book that has the swearing-problem.

      It IS beautiful. :-D

    2. Ah thank you! That's good to know . . . I hate movies that are riddled with swearing :P

  2. I read this book about two years ago and watched the movie near the same time. I really, really, wish that Zusak would have left out the language but...he didn't and I still love the book. It's written with such a unique style! The movie was good too and made the end (where everyone dies!) a little more impactful to me. It's quite an interesting story! Thanks for writing this review! I had fun reading it!

    1. I know, despite the swearing, the book is amazing. It's fascinating and gorgeous at the same time. I'm glad you enjoyed this, Lydia! :-)

    2. My mother read it before me and blacked out everything that was too unsuitable, so I'm good there! Hahaha

  3. I officially want to see this. Really bad. :-)

    I also want to read the book. I think it'd be a good winter book -- I didn't feel like reading it all summer cuz I just wasn't in the mooooood, and I think it's the kind of book where you have to be in the mood to really appreciate it (at least for me).

    Anyway. I LOVED your review!


    P.S. I'm marveling at how fast you got this done. I keep trying to work on my F&A review, and every time I have to go do something else. ;-P

    1. YAY. YAY.

      Yes, it's definitely a winter book. I re-read it in the summer and I didn't enjoy it HALF as much as I did when I read it in the winter. Weird how that works. (I think you'd like this, although maybe not QUIIIIITE as much as me. But still READ AND WATCH IT. :-D)

      I wrote it all this afternoon. I'm bad at writing posts not-in-one-go. :-P

      ~ Naomi

  4. Ahhhh the Book Thief......the book.....the gives you chills.....inspires words and stories like none other and makes you want to cry!!! Definitely a favoriet of mine.

    1. I know. THE CHILLLLLS IT GIVES YOU. I love it toooo. :-)



    I am a HUGE Liesl/Max shipper, and I'm SO GLAD YOU ARE TOO!!!!

    This review. Just wow. It was amazing! (How come you always know just what to say in movie reviews, huh? T'isnt FAIR!)

    I know. I knooooow. I KNOW!!!! Just EVERYTHING is so beautiful and tragic and triumphant and amazing.

    Wasn't the cast just like the most perfect thing ever? HOW DID THEY DO THAT.

    I watched the movie before I read the book, but THEY'RE BOTH SO GOOD, NO?

    Sorry for all the caps:P But you brought it upon yourself, after all.

    Oh, and I'm not done with the caps yet, because YOUR HEADER!!!! I seriously REALLY love this header. A lot. Bunches. It's PERFECT--twinkly and wintry and cozy and authentic and beauteous. Not to mention all the Book Thief pictures which MAKE ME HAPPY:D

    (And I had this longish comment for your awesome P&P review, but for some reason I can't comment on your blog on my computer! I don't know what's wrong with it!!!)

    1. YES I SHIP THEM TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. (Although I *can* see the other side, as I said. I'm torn.)


      I loved your comment. I don't mind caps at ALL. Duhhhhh. I'm so glad you like the review and the header (of course the header has the most The Book Thief pictures in it. I mean, that's my latest obsession, sooo.)

      Oh, that's a bummer! Computers can be difficult beings. I know it. :-/

      ~ Naomi

  6. I have yet to see this one, but your review has me anxious to watch it! :-)

    Oh and by the way, I absolutely LOVE your new blog design! It's so perfectly purple! <3

    1. Cryslyn, ohhh I think you'd like it!! Thank you, I'm glad you like my design! :-)

  7. Heehee, you're right, it's not my favorite. I do think if it wasn't for the swearing in the books I would have liked the book better than the movie. Oh well.
    I did like Max, though! And Liesl. And Rudy. And Hans. Well, I guess I liked them all.....I just didn't care for how depressing this story was. :/

    1. Yeah, the swearing is really just... too much. I agree.
      I'm glad you love the characters. THAT's something. :-D

      ~ N

  8. Use a china marker instead of a Sharpie -- it won't bleed through the pages :-)

    1. I know, I'm going to find something that doesn't go through. Thanks! :-)

  9. Well, I haven't read the book or seen the movie--so I don't know how much my two cents is worth, haha--but I think that you and Olivia are right, Naomi: Max and Liesl DO get married. Because, you know, if they love each other and they get along well (and they sure seem to based on those photos :) ) then I think it's the best ending. I don't think it makes sense to say, "well, they each have to start new lives for themselves, away from all that suffering." I think it's more sensible and more realistic to say that all the suffering actually brings them CLOSER. They are the survivors, and they need to get married and Carry On. Because that's what Life is all about, y'know what I mean? :)

    1. Yessssss. I agreee. They need to stick together, because all their loved ones are gone. :-)

  10. AHHHH the Book Thief movie is soooo perfect! And so much cleaner than the book!! I love it soooo much!
    Death as a narrator is soooooo original though!
    Hans Hubermann is DA BEST!
    Wait, can't you read German? (I forgot how many languages you know :p)
    Max is soooooo amazing too! I love how he encourages Liesl and he's sooo funny!
    The accents and random German words are cool because they immerse you in the story more!
    I love when Rosa acts mad to get Liesl out of the classroom!
    Rudy is adorable! Even if he did talk about kisses too much...
    Yeah, I see Max/Liesl as more of a brother/sister best friend relationship. I do think Liesl could get married though. Just not to Max.
    I need to go listen to this music again. John Williams the genius composed it so yeah!
    Anywho, I loved this movie and I HAVE to see it again! Hopefully, I'll get it for Christmas!
    Loverly review, as usual!

    1. I LOVE IT TOO. :-) Yay, Ashley, now I can finally talk about you about this. :-)
      Yes, I can read German, but only know basic German. My German ain't so good.
      I knoww. When Rosa pretends to be really cross and then she isn't and they give a hug and OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. That scene was just way to adorable. We watched it twice. :-)
      I DO see what you mean. I see both sides. On one hand I NEED THEM MARRIED, but on the other hand (now I sound like Tevye in 'The Fiddler on the Roof') their relationship is very brother/sister-ish. So yeah. (I agree that Liesl could get married. She never was in love with Rudy.)
      The music. It Is Flawless. :-)

      ~ Naomi

  11. I LOVE This movie.... more than the book I'll admit. There were some aspects of the book I didn't like quite as much that didn't make it into the movie so I liked that. And YES they end up together.... that's all I have to say on that!

    1. I see what you mean, Lois. I think I prefer the movie too.
      (Yay, another Max/Liesl shipper.) :-D

      ~ N

  12. Haha. I WAS warned. ;-) (I was ALSO expecting this. :-P)
    (BTW, before I 'rant' (I have nothing amazing to say, but I somehow ALWAYS manage to say plenty! Ha! :-P) I have noticed more 'Christmas' pictures are popping up on your sideboard, like the Christmas trees and decorations.....AHHH. We're putting up our Christmas tree + decorations on Sunday, hopefully. :-D We don't normally do it so early, but we'll be away on holidays for two weeks in early December, so we had to start early, haha.)
    As I've already told you, I'd love to read this book, but the language won't allow me to. :-/ (My mother said I'd probably not really like the story a WHOLE lot, because it was so sad and there wasn't much hope in it.) I do realize it was written very unique and cleverly (and my mother agreed!) but the other factors outweighed it, unfortunately. :-( *sniff* I did SO want to read it. Oh, and I did find how 'death' narrated it was rather fact, I probably would have stared out you if you said that to me face to face. Ahem. Sorry. I'll stop.
    Since there's not that much language in it, and Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson play in it, and I really would like to see the movie, I might book it in from our library at one point. My sisters have seen it (after I excitedly showed them the trailer, they saw it without me! >:-O) so I have heard the spoilers already. Or at least, most of them.
    I've seen Geoffrey Rush in several movies (The King's Speech...and at least 4 others) and he's a remarkable actor. :-) I LOVE his accent and way of speaking. Actually, a friend we know does speech teaching (and was taught) said they were given speech roll models - and Geoffrey Rush was top of the list. ;-D
    I WOULD comment on all you said but I've not got that much time, and besides, I haven't read or seen it, so I don't entirely understand it....
    Oh, it looks so beautiful and sad. And that's basically all I can say.
    And by the way - your movie reviews are excellent. That's all. ;-)
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Miss Meg! I DO love your comments. :-)
      My mum thinks it's way to early to think of Christmas, but I can't help it! I can't wait to decorate my room with lights... but I have to wait. :-/
      I know, the book has some problems. But *I* personally love the 'death narrating thing.' It's done extremely well. :-/ (Yeah, stop staring like that, thanks. :-D)
      But YES; Watch the movie!!!! You will love it and probably cry a LOT. :-) Ahhhh, Geoffrey Rush. I JUST LOVE HIM. Lionel Logue is one of my favourite movie characters ever.
      By the way, have you met Minnie yet? In Lark Rise? ISN'T SHE THE CUTEST GIRL?

      ~ Naomi

    2. Yes, I HAVE MET MINNIE! She's ADORABLE!! :-D I watched episodes 4 and 5 of season 2 last night (the last one was when she thought she was "pregnant" because of "morals" *snort*) and she is pretty clueless and lighthearted and fun - so very lovable. :-) In her first episode, when she ruined the wedding dress, I, um, *looks around and whispers*.....bawled my eyes out. Was that strange of me? There were several reasons - one, I was tired and feeling rather emotional, so any excuse was welcome, haha. Two, I felt SO sorry for poor Minnie, and Dorcas's loving response was so touching. And three, I know what it feels like to be in Minnie's shoes. :-P I haven't ruined a wedding dress or anything quite so terrible, but I have wrecked a few things because of being silly and tried SO. HARD. to wash it out and fix it before my mother found out, and then it WOULDN'T go away and I could do nothing and wished the ground would swallow me up. :-P Haha, basically, a guilty conscience. (And I might add, that that was many years ago, and the scrapes I got into weren't half as bad as Minnie's - only they seemed so, with my imagination.) But Minnie is so cute and adorable and lovable. I'm afraid I've heard from friends and read things, so I know Alfie and Minnie "get together" and I can't wait....they're gonna be SO perfect for each other!!! :-D
      ~Miss Meg

    3. Oh my goodness, I cried SO much at that episode. YOU'RE NOT ALONE. :-D

  13. Oh, I love this movie! The first time I saw it, I went into it expecting not to like it, but by the end I was bawling. It's just great!

    Also, I agree with @Oliva. Your header is gorgeous.

  14. Oh, I just love this movie! When I first watched it about a year ago, I went into it expecting not to like it. By the end of it, I was bawling. It's just great!

    And I agree with @Olivia. Your header is gorgeous.

    1. Same, the end makes me cry SOOOO. It's really amazingly done.

      And thank you! I'm glad you like my header! :-)

      ~ N

  15. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is probably THE most sad and amazing movie i have ever watched and i love it and it is soooooooo cool!!!!!! the book is also one of my favorite books ever. = D your review was very good and definitely did it justice. i think Rudy is my favorite character, he is sooo sweet and kind and loyal (just right for me, he he!!) just kidding! =D I think that if Liesl couldnt marry Rudy that she should've had Max, because they understood each other really well and, i mean, they r just perfect together! they would eat YUMMY soup and then drink coffee and read aloud to each other in their little library. =D

    1. I KNOW IT'S SO SAD. (Not as sad as Les Miserables, though. *Snort*)
      Yessss, Rudy is so sweet!
      AND YES THEY COULD EAT SOUP. Hahahahaha.

      ~ N

  16. Haha, I was thinking you had recently watched this movie judging by all of your pins recently. :)
    I too enjoyed this movie, almost as much as in the book. I got the book for Christmas too! I adored his writing so much, that I always read a chapter of his before writing some of my own story, and I think it helped.
    BTW, I have a way of marking out cuss words that doesn't mess up the book from a bleeding marker: You first mark over the word with a pen, then you put a little strip of scotch tape over the word, then put random dots with a Sharpie over the tape. No one will ever be able to read the word again, and there's no bleeding through the pages because the marker is on top of the tape. See? That's what I do. :)
    I was kind of hoping they would have Max's visions of boxing with the Furer in the basement, but I still think the movie delivered.
    The accents though! We enjoyed them too. :D For like three weeks after watching this movie, we all said "Ja" instead of "Yes". :)
    About Rosa, I can't really decide if I like how they made her nicer in the movie. In the book, it was much harder to see below her rough exterior and I think that added a dimension to her character, which was lost in the movie. I don't disagree that Emily Watson played her very well, though.
    As for Max, I too have considered the possibility of the two being married. Yet, I think I agree with Zusak, I think it is more romantic if they never marry but remain close friends all their lives.
    After all, Max is great, but he can't replace Rudy, and Rudy is gone, so that's that.
    But that's just my opinion.
    I really loved the movie though. I was SOOO GLAD when they didn't have Rudy's physical in the movie! That's actually what I was scared about that it would be some sort of bad movie. :)
    BTW, that picture of Liesel and Max hugging is the most beautiful picture in the world. The end.
    Thanks for the post!

    1. Hehe, I know, I've been pinning pins like CRAZYYY. :-)
      That's a good idea, about marking the swear words out, but it sounds like it takes a pretty long time. I don't think I feel like that. :-P
      I knowwww, but I just loved Rosa in the movie! She was way more relatable. :-)

      ~ Naomi

  17. Ah, I really did enjoy this book AND the movie. I love seeing my imagination come to life in a motion picture, especially when they match up so well as it did in this example. And yes, this movie was just beautiful! And all the costumes, definitely swoon worthy! :)

    <a href=">Wildflower</a>

    1. I know, this movie is beautiful and everything. :-) The costumes were so adorable! I especially love Liesl's red dress in the scene where she hugs Max in the end. :-) She looks so grown up in it. *Sniffle*

      Thanks for commenting, Kaylee!

  18. This.Movie.
    *Bawls into pillow*
    Oh adn your design is GORGEOUS! You should do designs for people if you wanted to of course cough*pointsatself*cough
    Liesel and MAX Yes yes yes!

      Aww, thank you! If you ever want some help, feel free to ask. I'm afraid I don't have time to organise full-on-designs, though.

      ~ Naomi

    2. I was literally sobbing and the only one in my English class as we did it for school. :-D That's fine of course! Silly of me to ask though.. I'd love some assistance with the side bar.. anyway I will email you. sorry about the late reply I just got my new laptop for uni and I've only just set everything up again.

  19. I loved this movie! In my humble opinion I never thought of Rudy and Liesel as a couple. They were childhood friends!!!! Who knows what could've happened years later? I loved Leisel and Max together. They had such a sweet bond. I totally thought they were going to get married after the movie ended. They were meant to be together! Oh that scene where Max was hiding under the flag! I definitely got all tense. And lastly... For those of you concerned with swearing we watched it on ClearPlay which is a DVD player that takes out all the bad words or scenes :)

    1. No, I don't really ship Rudy and Liesl either. Max and Liesl, however, THEY WERE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER. :-)

  20. I loved the book and the movie so much. The thing about the book was that it was just written so richly and uniquely and was just so wonderful to read. The movie was superb...I loved a lot. It didn't include every detail (like when Rudy and Liesel steal with the gang), but it was still sooo good! I loved Rudy. Like a lot. He's just such an adorable character through all his cheekiness and mischief :). I always kind of assumed that Liesel and Max married. Because it makes sense, as a reader, after reading about the death of pretty much everyone she knew, the recurring thought for me was - Max. She just needs Max. He has to come back and get her and then he'll understand and everything will be fine.....
    So that's how I read it :)
    (It's the only novel ever that made me cry. And yes, it was because of Rudy. Obviously.)

    1. Emily, yes, the writing style is amazing. And yes RUDY IS ADORABLE. And yessss, I agree, SHE JUST NEEDS MAX AT THE END. :-D


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