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My dear friend Eva is hosting a Lucy Maud Montgomery week! It's her (Lucy's, not Eva's) birthday today, which means a lot of celebrating is in order. You all know me. I AM A HUGE MONTGOMERY FAN. I even started a blog about Montgomery once (but took it down because I preferred having all my posts together in one place.) Anyway, it's a no-brainer that I'm going this tag. I mean DUH.

(Click here to join the fun, and here to find the post with the questions. Seriously, go.)

Even Google is celebrating. :-)
How did you first discover LMM's books?

Oh, I remember this magical moment. It was love at first hear; of course, and it started with me listening how Rachel Lynda hobbled over to Marilla to hear all about The Reason Behind Matthew Leaving. I LOVED IT. My mum got recommended the book by a friend and she read it for me and my siblings. I just wanted her to go on and on and on. My siblings were like, 'okay' when she stopped at a certain point (it was the point where Anne and Matthew went into the carriage and she talked about the blossom tree) but I was like, NO READ ON. PLEEEAAASE.

So yeah. I adored it to bits.

What's your favourite LMM book?

(Mwuhahah, I changed the favorite to favourite.)

My favourite LMM book is *guessguessguess* Rilla of Ingleside! Man, it's ridiculous how much I adore that book. I adore it to bits and pieces, to tears and shatters. No, really, it IS ridiculous. Every time I sit there to reread it, I have to reconsider. "Am I ready for all the huge feels?"

I also love, LOVE 'The Blue Castle' (which is her book I've read the most) and 'Anne of Green Gables' and 'Emily of the New Moon', 'The Story Girl', 'The Golden Road' and 'Jane of Lantern Hill.'

A collage I made for Rilla of Ingleside.
What's your least favourite LMM book?

I've read them all, and 'The Tangled Web' and some of the middle Anne books impressed me the least.

Who is your favourite character in alllll of LMM's works?

I have to say... Walter.

HE'S JUST MY BOY OKAY?!!! He's the fictional character that has made me shed the most tears, and has given me the most feels. He's just... my favourite. Seriously, when I read Rilla of Ingleside, I don't read the name 'Una.' I kind of replace it with my name. (No kidding.) (Hush, I'm sixteen. Let me do silly things.)

Basically Walter is awesome and he's a bluestocking and kind and AZAROEZIREUUUURAUT. I love him.

Eva and I agree that Eddie Redmayne would make a good Walter. :-)
What couple is your favourite?

I have to side with Hamlette and say Valancy and Barney from 'The Blue Castle.' As much as I love Anne and Gilbert, and Rilla and Ken, Valancy and Barney make me SO giddy with their cuteness. Their Christmas. Their wedding. Their car trips! IT'S PRICELESS. 

A collage I made for The Blue Castle.
What's your favourite quote from LMM (either a quote from one of her books, or from her personal life)?

Hard one. *Goes to Goodreads Quotes to make up my mind*

I'm going to go with the classic "Isn't it nice to know that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in them?" quote, said by the very charming Anne-spelt-with-that-important-last-letter Shirley.

How many LMM books have you read?

I haven't read many of the Anne books for ages, but I've read all LMM's books at least once. (Although I haven't read all the short stories yet. But I plan to.) Lucy Maud Montgomery is my favourite author. Her writing dazzles me.

*flings around hearts* (I love her books so much, people.)

Which LMM book would you most like to see made into a movie?

Basically EVERYONE knows this answer. BECAUSE IT'S RILLA OF INGLESIDE OF COURSE. *Tries to Calm Down* *Fails*


I also really want to see a movie of 'The Blue Castle', and 'Kilmeny of the Orchard' and a good one of 'Jane of Lantern Hill.' I can imagine all the beautiful scenery and romantic-looking actors and actresses, can't you? And the sweepy violin music on the background? Basically please.

Have you found a kindred spirit?

Of course! Many! Many very exceptionally good ones. :-)

I knew Eva would be a kindred spirit from the very first time we spoke of LMM together. We have a shared brain on LMM. Apparently.

And of course Emma. She's a kindred. And all of youuuuu.

Thank you for the lovely questions, Eva! And people, go check out the week. :-) Links up there in the post.


  1. Such a pretty and colorful post! I love that you used the Google images. They're adorable! I chuckled when you flung around hearts. Also, I think Eddie Redmayne should play Ashley Wilkes, but I can definitely see him as Walter, too. You are awesome for so loving Montgomery's work. I wish Margaret Mitchell had written countless books so I could answer which one is my favorite. Well, I mean, I can answer that anyway, butthe answer is unsurprising :) xox

    1. Yes, thank you for telling my about the Google Doodles in the first place. I didn't get them here. I suppose Google thinks Europe isn't interested in Anne Shirley. HA. :-P Silly Google.

      Eddie would make a good Ashley! :-)
      Yes, I see what you mean. No, the answer is DEFINITELY not a surprise. Hahahaha.

      ~ Naomi

  2. Happy birthday, Maud! (Yes, I do know that she went by the name Maud in real life. I am so smart. Congratulate me.) ;-P

    Naomi, this post was so delightful! I love all the pictures you used. (I squealed this morning when I opened my laptop and there was Anne on the google page! Yeeeep!)

    I am growing increasingly excited to read Rilla of Ingleside. Naomi, if your package arrives waaaay before Christmas, can't I just open that and still save the rest? Pretty please???

    I had to laugh at how many times you used the word 'basically'. I just recently noticed, you use that word a lot in blog posts. It's your word. ;-)


    1. WOW. I AM PROUD. :-D

      I answered the Rilla question. No. :-P
      Haha, really? I never realised that myself. Now I think about it, I do use that word a lot, also when I talk. My English cousins do, too. :-D That TICKLES me. :-P

      ~ Naomi

  3. Oh yes, and WE ARE KINDREDS. I remember exactly when I first met you and thought that. :-)

    1. Yes, you said it in your second email. I WAS SO HONOURED. :-D

  4. I love your answers! And your collages!! Especially the Rilla of Ingleside one. Duh :P

  5. Oh, I'm so glad you answered this tag right away! I was really looking forward to your answers :)

    (I answered it over on Eva's blog, so I won't repeat all my answers here. Just respond to yours ;) )

    Yes . . . Actually, I didn't truly *love* LMM's work till I read Rilla of Ingleside (after I'd read most of the other Anne books.) I was . . . just Blown Away. Like, What Even. I looooooooove that book. Mahbe I was too old when I read the earlier Anne books to really appreciate them? I think they were kind of written with young girls in mind, and I was already in college at the time. Whereas, Rilla is a much more "adult" novel (in a good way of course) and so it "clicked" with me better.

    I love Walter too . . . He isn't my favorite ever, but I do love him very much.

    You know who else I like? Miss Oliver. Yes, I know she's weird, and yes, I know she's kind of sarcastic and biting. But I love how honest she is, and I love how she's so imaginative and so receptive to her own intuitions. The moment she says "Germany and Austria are suing for peace" is one of my absolute favorite parts of the story. (Along with Rilla and Ken on the porch, and Rilla kissing baby Jims, and Dog Monday, and EVERYTHING ELSE BASICALLY.)

    1. I know. RIO is beyond amazing. I cannot even describe my love for it. I started with Anne of Green Gables as an 11-year-old, I think, so yes, my love started there immediately.

      Oh yes, Miss Oliver! I never loved her that much, though - I'm always focusing my mind on The Others. :-) YOU KNOW WHO. Walter and Rilla and Una and Kennnnnnnn. :-)

      ~ Naomi

    2. Oh, btw--I agree with you about Eddie Redmayne being a great Walter :) Who would you pick to play Rilla and Ken, if there was a movie being made?

    3. I think Colin Morgan would make an excellent Walter too. :-)
      Dan Steven's would be a PERFECT Ken. And for Rilla? Carey Mulligan would be good, but she's getting too old. :-/

    4. Yeah . . . There must be somebody new coming up who could do Rilla's part well. Problem is, I just don't know who . . .

      Hey, by the way, Rosie and me have some pretty exciting news:


      Yes, I know that sounds crazy, but we really ARE. We just found out that they're coming to our city, and amazingly, cheap tickets were still available and so we bought ours last night. AND WE'RE ACTUALLY GOING TO SEE THEM AND I CAN'T EVEN STAND THE AWESOMENESS. Seriously, this is like a dream come true for me. I never thought I would actually get to see the show live.

      So, I was thinking about all this, and I had an idea. I know that you and Emma and Eva and a lot of our blogging friends are HUGE fans of Newsies, but I don't think any of you have ever gotten a chance to see them in the theater. Rosie and me thought maybe it would be fun if we wrote a guest post for your blog after we see them in the theater, telling you all what it was like? Because it's going to be a purty amazing experience, I think, and we'd love to be able to share it with everybody.

      Of course you don't have to do this if you don't want to! I just wanted to offer and see what you thought :)

      *goes away humming "Seize the Day"*




      YES. YOU TWO NEED TO WRITE A POST FOR ME. :-D (Comment with your email address - I won't publish it.)

      ~ Naomi

    6. There's a little problem. My computer tells me your email-address wasn't valid. Could you resend it please?

    7. Hey, my email still giving you trouble? Bad, naughty, evil email account. ;)

      If it doesn't work, maybe we can use Rosie's Gmail instead?

    8. It's fine. I sent it on the second address you sent me.

  6. So, I haven't much to add to this but I'll go through and comment on whatever jumps out to me. I liked it all though, don't worry. ;-)
    I know, I've been watching Google's little snippet for a good while. It's so cute. I wonder who makes them. :-)
    Okay, so I haven't read Rilla of Ingleside and therefore haven't met Walter yet but if Eddie Redmayne is playing him I know I'll love him. ;-P He's so handsome.... *swoons*
    Oh, it's Fisher Bloom from Lark Rise! :-D He was cool. I liked him.
    Oooohh, wow, I'm a kindred spirit to somebody?! That makes me feel swell. :-D
    I thought I might add here, Naomi, that I'm going on holidays for 2 weeks (and don't have a laptop or any means of using the internet down there) so I won't be commenting on your posts for quite awhile. I'll probably come back and catch up on them when I return. But for now, au revoir! ;-)
    ~Miss Meg

    1. I think different people make those Google Doodles, as they are called. I love them. :-)
      You MUST read Rilla of Ingleside!!!!!!!!!!! Like, really, must. :-P
      I didn't really like Fisher, apart from how he looked like. Daniel's my favourite. (No, Fisher was okay. Really. I liked him.)
      Yes, of COURSE you're a kindred spirit!
      Oh, you're going!!!! Bye. I'll miss you. :-)

      ~ Naomi

  7. I basically had a huge, ridiculous grin on my face through this whole post.

    LOVED it.

    And cried over Walter. Again. :( (Isn't Eddie PERFECT to play him, though? I mean, just PERFECT.)

    Hey, you stole the quote I was going to put as my favorite! :) (Ah, well, I'll still put it down.)

    Awesome post, as usual! <3

    1. I'm so glad you loved this, Eva!!!!!

      Either Eddie Redmayne or what's-his-name - Oh, Colin Morgan. I think I might have a sliiiight preference for Colin Morgan, but I'd be REEEELING if Eddie got chosen. (Yes, there WILLLL be a movie ONE day.)

      Oh, oops. Told you we shared the Montgomery-part of our brains. :-P

      ~ Naomi

  8. Your answers are adorable... especially that you replace Una's name with yours. We all do silly things... even when we're older than 16. ;)

    1. Haha, thanks. I'm sure I'll replace Una's name with mine for years and years to come. I mean, why not. :-P

  9. That Google doodle is just perfection - so many details, I'm impressed.
    Though RIO isn't my favourite book I definitely agree it is the one with the most feels. The last time I read it I was sad for such a long time after that I decided not to reread it anytime soon (but I just realise that was 3 years ago, so maybe it is time for areread after all)
    Eddie Redmayne could definitely play Walter (if they dyed his hair) he has that otherworldly look perfected.
    We really need a Rilla Of Ingleside movie! Ever since you made that trailer on Youtube I've wanted someone to make it.

  10. Google's Doodles were SO sweet and they made me so happy! Finally, a doodle for something I actually care about! Ha
    Naomi, as usual, I love all the pictures you used and your collages and just everything. Your post was so bright and lovely! And hahaha your "guessguessguess" was very amusing. ;)

  11. And oh! Look! We used the same photo. I actually didn't steal that from you-I searched for "L.M. Montgomery books" on pinterest and found that lovely image. ;)

  12. Such a great post! And I totally love the collage you made for The Blue Castle. I would watch that movie for sure!

  13. Haha, my heart is skipping from so much L.M.M. Rilla of Ingelside and The Blue Castle are amaaaaazing. I will always always love my Anne of Green Gables. But RI is sooo good and BC speaks to my soul!!!! I literally just finished reading it :)
    And the collages are so cute too!


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