10 Favourite JA dresses

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The Jane Austen movie have the PRETTIEST gowns. They're generally not too fussy, as the Regency style/pattern was a more simple one. (I mean, you know, no endless hoops or furbelows like the ladies wore in other time periods. I love those too, by the way.) Here, dear people, are my ten favourite. And ohhhh, choosing where which one will go in the list is going to be HARD. But I'll try. :-)

(Most of these are going to be from Emma Woodhouse in the 2009 wardrobe, just warning. I'm very much in love with her entire wardrobe. :-/)

#10 - Elizabeth Bennet's gold sprigged dress
Elizabeth's whole wardrobe is entirely simplistically gorgeous and naturally elegant. I'm the most in love with her blue spencer (I mean, it's seriously the most beautiful spencer in the entire world - go click here) but as that's not a dress, it cannot appear on this list. One of my favourite of Elizabeth's dresses is this one. I love the goldish-brownish design, and the fresh white-ness. It's just scrumptioussss.

#9. Catherine Moorland's light blue/white dress
I actually am not crazy about Catherine's wardrobe in general, but this one is just adorable. And the neckline is not atrociously low, which is nice, you know. I love it - it captures Cathy's youthful-ness and innocence very well. :-) (There, wasn't that a clever thing to say?)

#8. Maria Lucas' yellow dress
I know Maria Lucas isn't one of the main characters in Pride and Prejudice, but I've always noticed and completely LOOOOVED her yellow dress. The bell-like sleeves, the buttons in the shape of flowers... it's just so adorable and angelic. She wears it at the Netherfield Ball (where she gets to hold Mr Darcy's hand during a dance - lucky girl) and several times at Rosings.

#7. Emma Woodhouse's Christmas dress
Okay, maybe it's just me being in a disastrous Christmas mood already, but this dress of Emma's is absoblumelutely adorable. We don't see her wearing it enough, but from what I've seen, I think it's made from a kind of velvet-y material - maybe not, but it looks kind of velvet. And I LOVE Velvet. I personally think the sash is a bit too large, but for the rest this dress is VERY Naomi-Approved.

#6. Kitty Bennet's blue patterned dress
I don't know why I love this dress of Kitty's so much - it's very simple. Maybe it's the little tiny puffs at the top of the sleeve, or the tiny blue dots. I just love it so much.

#5. Emma's pink afternoon dress
AHH. EMMA'S WARDROBE. It was agony choosing 'at least four', I tell you. But this pink inside-the-house dress definitely deserved a place on the list. I mean, look. It's gorgeous and yet it looks super comfortable too. I actually (shockingly) love Mrs Elton's outfit in this scene too. Yes, it's over-trimmed, but it's really surprisingly gorgeous (or it would be, if someone else wore it) - look at her bonnet. 

#4. Isabella's yellow dress
Okay, most of Isabella's gowns aren't my favourite ones. They generally tend to scream: "FLIRT" - you know what I mean. But this yellow one; I mean, it's SO pretty. And it suits her so well and OH I WANT IT THANKS. (Ahhhh, look how it flows... and the perfect puffy sleeves. Looook.)

#3. Marianne's peach cross-over dress
Marianne wears peach SO. DARN. WELL. (My favourite outfit of hers is the one with the peach pelisse and the peach hat with the ostrich feathers. As this isn't a 'dress', I cannot add it into my list, but I have to give you a LINK to it. Because it's gorgeous.) Anyway, this dress - I LOVE IT. I love the cross-over pattern and the gold-y peachy-ness. It's so elegant and simple and golden... Ahhh, I really like it a LOT. :-)

#2. Emma's orange flowered dress
This dresssssss. Wow, guys, it's AMAZING. It's really Autumn-y, with the rusty tones and the burnt-orange, and the peachy flowers.... GAHH. Someone sew this for meeee.

#1. Emma's pink ball gown
AND NOWWW. MY FAVOURITE DRESS. I have mentioned this dress many times before, I know I have - but that won't make me stop right now. (Sorry if you just got your hopes up, haha.) In the 'behind the scenes' of Emma 2009, the costume designer (forgot her name. Or maybe his name. I can't even remember if it was a man or a woman. Probably a woman, because that's more typical.) said that this dress has loads of thin layers to create a shimmery, elegant effect. Well, that's just why I love this dress - it's the shimmery party-ness - and ohhh, it's pink and sparklyyyyy.

I LOVE IT. :-)

What are some of your favourite Jane Austen Movie dresses?

Oh, and I WOULD have added this dress, but I didn't because it's not really in a JA movie, and us Janeites aren't completely happy with this movie (because Jane Austen never eloped and she does in the movie, and that makes us angry.) But anyway: I LOVE THIS DRESS TOO. Like, I love it like crazy and I'm completely in love with it.

Oh, and I mentioned the word 'love' seventeen times in this post. We are all surprised.


  1. 10. Oh, that is a lovely dress of Elizabeth's! I don't always think about the costumes very much when I'm watching a movie, but...yeah...I really like that one!
    9. Haha! Yes. Very clever indeed, my dear.
    8. Oooh! Maria's dress! I kind of forgot about that one. But I've always liked it, too. Yes! The SLEEVES! And the whole lacy over-lay. It's so pretty.
    7. That dress does put one in a Christmas mood, doesn't it? I like that it's such a dark shade of green. You don't see too many of those in Jane Austen movies.
    6. Kitty's dress is very simple. But it's cute, too. A very nice, practical, everyday dress. And I agree, the little puffed sleeves are adorable.
    5. Yep, yep. That is a very nice dress of Emma's. She really does have an amazing wardrobe!
    4. So cute! I really am partial to little puffed sleeves. And they look cool with long sleeves under them, too.
    3. Hmm...this one probably wouldn't be a favorite of mine, but I don't dislike it. Marianne definitely looks good in peach! :)
    2. Oh my yes! This dress seems so simple, and yet it has a really neat pattern. Quite unique.
    1. Absolutely! Emma's ball gown! So beautiful! (And it's got lovely puffed sleeves, too!)

    I'm not sure what my favorite Jane Austen dresses are, but I like quite a few of Jane Fairfax's dresses from the '09 movie; also Emma's red dress (the one she wears when she has her epic argument with Mr. Knightly). And Harriet Smith's flowered dress is pretty cool, too. :)

    ~Miss March

    1. I know, aren't Maria's sleeves pretty? I love her dress so much.
      Marianne and the colour peach go together so well. She rocks that colour!
      Oh yes, I LOVE Emma's dark pink dress in the arguement scene! I think it's dark pink rather than red, actually. :-)

      ~ Naomi

    2. Haha! It is kind of pink, isn't it? I do believe you're right! :) Don't know why I thought it was red, except...well, red and pink ARE rather similar, aren't they??? :/ Heehee.

  2. Gah, Emma's wardrobe!!! I love the her coat and beret type hat too.
    I really love Jane Fairfax's blue dress at the picnic; also Emma's yellow and blue floral dress.
    These are all so pretty though! I used to not like the style of that era, but I've warmed to it solely because of Jane Austen.

    1. Oh, yes Jane's white and blue dress. That would is really pretty!
      Same, I used to think it was a tad boring - not anymore! Now I love it. :-)


    I looove that peach dress of Marianne's. Another one of hers I really like is the dark mauve-ish one with the flowers -- you know the one I mean? *sigh* All the dresses in that movie are so lovely.

    But I don't think any wardrobe can compare to Emma's. :-)

    1. Ohhh yes! That dress of Marianne's. I really like that one, too. :-)



    The End.

    No wait, I've more to say :P

    I really really love Emma's green Christmas dress, I wish I had one just like it, as it would look SO GOOD on me :D But really, it's lovely! Oh and I love Emma's orange flowered dress. It just looks so LIKE HER if you know what I mean :)

    YES EMMA'S BALL GOWN! You know, I think I like all of Emma's clothes . . . :P

    There were two costume designers I think; one woman and one man. But I think the woman was the Main Designer :)

    1. Haha, I bet the Christmas dress would look good on you. :-)
      Same, I love ALL Emma's dresses.
      Oh, I see. I didn't realise there were two. Well, they both did an EXCELLENT job!

    2. Thanks :) Yes I think it would. AND ABSOLUTELY THEY DID A GREAT JOB!! I wish I had Emma's wardrobe.

  5. Lizzy's wardrobe would be a blast to have, wouldn't it? :) Maria gets the short end of the stick in P&P, doesn't she? But she plays her part well. Her nervousness around Lady Catherine and having to repack her trunk because L.C. had informed her of the correct way to pack dresses - so funny! I did not realize the buttons on her yellow dress were flower-shaped. Emma does have some fun dresses. Wouldn't a velvet Regency dress be perfect for a Christmas ball? Of course, one would need a Christmas ball to go to in order to need a dress to wear for it. :) This is rather off-topic (ha! shocking indeed that I would go off-topic :) ), but do you have any idea why, in P&P, Lydia and Kitty have side parts in their hair while Lizzy and Jane do middle parts? Oh dear! Emma and Mr. Elton have great facial expressions in picture #5. :) Marianne dress is lovely. :) She has a rather Grecian look, doesn't she, with her hair and necklace and crossover dress. Her wardrobe is delicious.

    1. Aaahhh! Marianne's* dress is lovely. Typo. :)

    2. I know, Maria is SUCH a well-acted character! Did you know that the actress first auditioned for the role of Lydia Bennet?
      I don't know why - about the hair! Kitty's hair is parted in the middle, isn't it? Well, kind of. I think they made Lydia's hairstyle look kind of 'wild' - maybe that's why her hair isn't done like Jane and Lizzy's. :-) I don't know. :-)
      Yes, Marianne does have a lovely Grecian look about her!

  6. I've been kind of in love with the Lark Rise to Candleford costumes lately, but oh this post has swung me right back to thinking about regency gowns, too!

    Oh, yes! Maria Lucas's yellow daisy dress. Love that one -- so cute and girlish yet not silly. "Angelic" is a great description. :)

    And Marianne's peach-y gold one is one of my favorite dresses ever!!! I so wish I could pull of peach -- and the regency dress style too -- just so I could wear that one! But it still makes me amazingly happy inside just looking at it on her. :)

    Ah, and the intricacies of Emma's ballgown with such neat details and all rather fairytale-ish too...

    1. Ah, I love the Lark Rise dresses TOO; :-)
      Ahhh, same. I REALLY want Marianne's peach dress! It's SO PRETTY. :-)

  7. Lovely Dresses. I will do a dress post later.

  8. These dresses are soooooooooo pretty :) I especially like Catherine's blue-and-white one.

    My favorites? Well, we already talked about Emma's wedding gown . . . I also really, really like Elinor's purple striped dress (from 08). You know, the one she wears during THE proposal scene? The proposal scene to end all proposal scenes? *grins happily* Her green ball gown is nice, too. And Marianne's yellow dress with the little flowers is also so lovely.

    I'm also really fond of Elizabeth's dark-brown dress from P&P 05, and also the striped dress she wears to Pemberly. They're both really simple but pretty and "fresh" at the same time, if you know what I mean.

    1. Ah, yes, Elinors purple striped dress. It's pretty. :-)
      Oh, did you know that Marianne Dashwood (from the 08 version) wears Lizzy's dark-brown dress (from the 05 version?) She wears it in the picture Olivia posted on her blog for my tag answers, for example. It's the same dress!

    2. WHAT??? Hey, now that I think of it, that's actually really cute--hand-me-downs, y'know :)

  9. All of Emma's dresses are ADORABLE!♥ I want every single one♥

  10. Okay, let me scroll up....
    #1. Oh, I think that's my favourite of Elizabeth's dresses. :-) Or maybe her ball gown comes in first, I can't decide...
    #2. I think it looks very pretty on her. I like blue and white kind of dresses. :-D
    #3. Yes, I always liked that one! It looks perfect for her age - pretty, but not overly 'grown up'.
    #4. Oh my, I'd never noticed it look like velvet! Now I like it even more!! :-D And I agree, the sash should have been a little smaller. Actually, there's one part of the film, where Emma's sash changes it's length inbetween two scenes. (I think it was when Mrs. Elton said her, "And in Bath, we would have CERTAINLY had dinner by now" *waiter comes in announcing dinner* *Emma gives that knowing look and cheeky smile* Hehe. I love that scene. ;-D)
    #5. Haha, I never really noticed Kitty's dress that much. I suppose it would be nice just for a 'at home' dress, but I personally prefer Emma (2009)'s dresses a lot more. ;-)
    #6. Speaking of which, I love that dress too! (I love her one she wears to Box Hill also! :-D) It DOES look super comfy. *Sigh* I wish MY house dresses were that nice. ;-)
    #7. Oh, I like that one, it looks very pretty. :-) I like how flow-y it is. I think it'd be nice for winter. (I don't get very cold, and often times end up wearing shorts and a T-shirt during winter, on the warmer days.)
    #8. Hehe, really? I never actually liked that one a whole lot. :-P No offense and so on, but I don't really like 'cross over' dresses much. I LOVE the one you linked to though, and THAT HAT.
    #9. Oh, oh yes! That one is a BEAUTY! You know what? :-) I've seen it in another movie, exactly the same one! It was in a movie called, "The Count of Monte Cristo". It's around that time era, also, so it makes sense to wear it, but I don't like seeing the same dress in different movies. :-P Emma was the one that copied it though - The Count of Monte Cristo was made first, haha. ;-)
    #10. You know my feelings on this dress. ;-D ME WUVES IT.
    Well, a lot that you mentioned I like! I also like Jane Fairfax's dresses in the 2009 Emma. They're very pretty. But my favourite wardrobe would have to be Emma's, and since you covered it quite nicely, I shall hush. ;-D
    ~Miss Meg

    1. I know, I LOVE VELVET. I just want to weeaaarrr it. :-D Oh, I didn't notice that, about the sash! I'll have to look at it next time I watch it. :-) I love spotting errors. :-P
      What?!! You don't like Marianne's cross-over dress?!! Miss MEG. :-O
      I personally LOVE spotting double costumes in movies! It's like, one of my one weaknesses. :-)
      Haha, EVERYONE's favourite wardrobe is Emma's. :-)

      ~ Naomi

  11. How could you chose just ten????? I think I'd have to go with top dresses from P&P to narrow it down just to ten! And you're right... a lot of Isabella's dresses scream flirt but that one is nice. :)


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