My 8 favourite JA Minor Characters

*Naomi starts off 'minor characters' post with two major characters.* Whatever.
Ahhh, those poor lil' minor characters that get shoved into the corner. Today I will pull them (as in, the Jane Austen minor characters, duh) into the middle of the room, and give them some love and praise.

First though, let me tell you how I define a 'minor character.' To me, Mr Bennet or Henry Crawford are not minor characters. They are part of the plot. To me a minor character is - to be blunt - a character that doesn't really do anything to the plot. If you'd take it away, the story would be more or less the same. But that doesn't mean they HAVE TO GO. Because, as I said, there are SO many dear Jane Austen minor characters that I love. (This is why I got angry at P&P05 for taking away Maria Lucas (and Louisa Bingley). And that old S&S version which took Margaret away. That was mean. I love Margaret.)

Okey? Let's start.

8. Maria Lucas
Maria! She's a bit empty-headed, but I just can't help but love her! HER SCARED FACE THOUGH. Like, she's so scared and nervous and stressed out about everything to do with Lady Catherine de Bourgh; it's pretty hilarious. "Maria! Lady Catherine will never know!" I love that she and Kitty are friends and that they hold up the bough-things at The Wedding in the end. Aww.

7. Mrs Palmer
I can't heeelp it! Mrs Palmer just makes me laugh SO HARD. I love the way she states the obvious, and JUST AHH. SHE'S HILARIOUS. Mrs Pole Imelda Staughton (However you spell that - I'm horrible at spelling actor's last names) did a such an amazingly good job acting. :-)

6. The Capital Capital Man
... aka, Sir William Lucas. But we always call him 'the Capital Captial Man' - because that's what he always says. "Good, Good. Excellent, Excellent. Capital, Capital." We love this character SO much in our house. Giggle every time he's on screen. (He's one of my brother's favourite P&P character; which says a lot, right?) What I also love about Sir William Lucas is that he SHIPS it. It's awfully embarrassing for them, but he makes the match. :-D

5. Margaret Dashwood
How can you not love Margaret. I love both the tomboyish-twelve-year-old Margaret in the movie (where she hides under tables (in both movies?!! Really?) and where she builds treehuts and blows on grass) and the lady-like-thirteen-year-old in the book (who wishes she was rich and delights in watching Whilloughby cutting bits of Marianne's hair and then kissing it. *Shudder*) Yes, I wish they would have kept the movie-Margaret more like the book-Margaret, but I still love the movie-Margaret(s.) "Yes, and his name starts with an F"!
(Gotta love her.)

4-3. Isabella and John Knightley
Ahhhh, Isabella and Johnnnnn. I love them SO much. When they fight in the garden and Emma makes the match. When they marry and then have children. And when they look at their younger siblings going off on their honeymoon and they're like, 'Awww, there go our younger siblings.' IT'S SO CUTE. Yes, they are a bit broody and sometimes grumpy, but they're so adorable and I still love them. I JUST LOVE THE KNIGHTLEYS AND THE WOODHOUSES together in general. :-D

2. Kitty Bennet
I LOVE Kitty. She's so forgotten, poor girl. I think Polly Maberly did a very good job-  she made Kitty both 'peevish' and 'adorable.' I love how she improves over the book - it makes me so happy to see my little Kitty turning out so well.
- When she peeks through the window to see if Mr Collins is gone all-ready.
- When she makes the bonnet and then gives up.
- When she falls off the swing and falls in Denny's arms. (Hmmmmm.)
- When she says her 'Why are you winking at me?' line. BEST EVER.
I just love Kitty. :-) In fact, I love her so much that once when I was like, twelve, I wrote a (very stupid, never-ever-to-be-shown-to-you) sequel where she was the main character. (It's a very embarrassing 'book.')

1. Mr Palmer
Just LOOK. This picture.... IT GIVES ME SO MUCH JOY. :-D

"Oh, if only the rain would stop!"
"If only YOU would stop."


"She'll be wet when she comes back!"
"Thank you for pointing that out, my dear."


Who are some of your favourite JA characters?

Sorry I don't really address Mansfield Park and Persuasion in many posts. Although I love all Jane Austen's books to some extent, my four favourites are S&S, P&P, Emma, and Northanger Abbey. You probably have noticed that I mentioned those four the most in my posts. Yeah, sorry about that. :-/


  1. I love John and Isabella! John especially has some of my favorite lines -- like when Emma says, "John, please, be agreeable," and he's like, "Duh, when am I not?" (Of course he doesn't say 'duh', but that's what he means, duh.) ;-P

    1. DUH. :-D

      I love them too. John is hilarious. He really seems like the kind of guy I'd get along with very well in real life, actually. :-D Funny enough.

  2. This is such a cool idea for a post! I like all the characters you mentioned! Mr. and Mrs. Palmer! They're hilarious! And ISABELLA and JOHN! Oh, they're such dears! (Is John older than Mr. Knightly? I was under the impression that it was the younger brother. Mr. Knightly is the owner of Downwell, after all.) Oh, and Kitty!! I love Kitty! She's so honest. "Well, I'm not going to sit with him for anyone!" "Is he gone?" (About Mr. Collins.) Hahaha! She's just saying what everyone else (except Mary) is feeling. Oh! And she's so clueless, too, with the whole winking thing! So sweet. I'm really glad the book tells us that she improves, because she needs to be a good character...not like Lydia. :)

    This Jane Austen week has been so much fun, Naomi. You've had some really, really good posts so far! I'm looking forward to the rest! Oh, and I do hope you're not too worn out. Doing a blog party must be a lot of work. :)

    ~Miss March

    1. I know! Kitty is so honest!

      Oh yes, who is the older one?!! I always thought it was John, but now you've made me doubt...

      It's really fun; although I have to admit it's slightly more work than I thought! (Especially because I've got a DREADful cold. :-/) But overall, I'm really enjoying it! I'm especially loving all the comments. :-)

      ~ Naomi

  3. Yes, I love John and Isabella! I even named John Knightley as the JA character that I thought the funniest in my tag. What do you think?

    But there is still Mr. Palmer. It is hard to over look him! Unless it's in the newer version of S&S. I wish it could have been possible for Hugh Laurie to play the part again or something!

    I like Kitty because I feel like her sometimes around certain people. You know how there are those few people that you just need to avoid! hehehe. I am guilty of peaking out windows.


    1. John is SO funny. Really good choice, Cordy!

      Yeah, Mr Palmer in the newer version is boring. :-/ They didn't even try to outshine Hugh Laurie.
      Haha, same. I have an inner Kitty, too.

  4. I actually had this idea, too!!!!! ;D Sorry, this week's been craaaaaaaazy busy.... ;P AndohIwaslaughingsohard. Each And Every Selection!!!!! ;D Margaret's not my top favorite, but I think she's definitely SO sweet in the '08 and (though I love it very well) it was FRIGHTFUL of them to leave her out in the 80's. :P

    Maria Lucas!!! Actually, I don't think she's tooooo empty-headed. She's just.... sweet.... and LIKE what a 15 year-old should be. (I.e. showing up Lydia's behavior even more... that scene in the inn when they're getting back from Lady Catherine's?? ;)) And "Sir William Lucas SHIPS it. It's awfully embarrassing for them, but he makes the match. :-D) !!!!!!!!!! Hee. I hadn't thought of it that way before. HILARIOUS!! ;D And Mr. Palmer and Kitty. YES!

    And... and.... and the John Knightley's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE they minor characters?? I'm going to take issue with you.... No *sigh* I guess they really are.... but but but.... by their presence they illuminate SO many different characters! ;) SOMEBODY would have had to fill that role in the story... sooooo aren't they essential?? ;) (But then if so they wouldn't have made this list and had such LOVELY things said about them.) Hee. Okay, maybe next time I watch the '09 I just need to do a post of their very own. :D Seriously, John Knightley's like one of my favorite characters ever in all Austen country -- even more than Mr. Palmer. ;D His perception and dry humor and the way he drives Emma crazy sometimes....!!! Okay, I'll save it for a post. ;D

    1. Heidi!!

      Haha, well, he does make the match! :-D

      YES THE KNIGHTLEYS. I love how you love them so much! I know, they might not be considered as minor characters - but I think they are more 'minor' characters than 'major.' Don't you LOVE the bit where John and Mr Knightley and the kids play in the snow?!!! ALL THE FAMILY FEELS?!!!

      And I'd LOVE to read that post. :-D

      ~ Naomi

  5. Mr Palmer is so funny! One of my favourite minor characters too!
    And John and Isabella...their dynamic is just wonderful.
    Ooh, and that scene where Kitty's looking out to see if mr Collins is gone is just perfection.
    A good selection you have made!

    1. Hahaha. I know. "Is he gone?" "Yes." "Good."

      Thanks for reading, Rose!

  6. Ha! John Knightley is so funny. I like the part where Mr. Woodhouse echoes Mr.Perry's advice about traveling and then JK says "Mr. Perry will do as well to keep his opinion till it is asked for. Why does he make it any business of his to wonder at what I do?" Ha! And then the line "I want his directions no more than his drugs." Makes me laugh every time :)

  7. This post was hilarious, Naomi! Although to be perfectly honest, all of your posts are so full of funnies and delightfully nice things! :)

    I was just wondering, is Mrs. Palmer played by the same person who played the cook in Nanny Mcphee?

    1. Aww, thank you!! That's so sweet of you.
      I have never seen Nanny McPhee, but I just looked it up, and yes Imelda Staughton does play the cook. :-) Brilliant actress. :-D

  8. Great post Naomi! I think Margaret is my favorite minor character, especially the way they do her in the '08 movie. Oh and I do like the John Knightleys! :)

  9. I love Mrs. Jennings, actually :) She's so much fun--she was a little over-the-top (for my taste) in '95, but then I really liked her in '08. She has such a good heart, you know what I mean?

    Oh, yeah, John Knightley is cool. I kind of think of him as a slightly-less-handsome-and-witty Mr. Darcy, in a way. I mean, they're both introverts and they both want nothing more than to be left alone, and they never quite get their wish. Poor guys :)

    1. I would have added Mrs Jennings - but she's a major character to me! :-D I love her too. She reminds me a teensy bit of my Grandma (although my Grandma is NOT that over-the-top. Haha. And my Grandma isn't that embarrassing.) So yes, I love her. :-D

      Aw, poor guys. :-)

      ~ N

  10. Fun post Naomi! Margaret Dashwood is definitely my favorite minor character though Mr. Palmer ranks high up on the list too. I also like Jane Fairfax. She's always seemed like a sweet sensible person.

    By the way I did the JA question tag. Here is the link if you wish to read it!

    1. Yes, but Jane Fairfax is a major character, in my opinion! She's nice, though.
      I've commented on your post! :-)

  11. These posts just fill me with joy! We should have Jane Austen week EVERY week!!!!!

  12. Hahahaha, I love so many of the characters in this post. How could they possibly be "gotten rid" of?!?!

    Yes to poor, dear, sweet Maria...Mrs. Palmer!! She is SO funny!! I love it when she runs over to Elinor and Mrs. Jennings and Lucy when they're talking of going to London. She's so excited!! haha

    "The capital capital man". Ha. Yes. OH MY. He ships them!!! I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT AND IT'S SO TRUE.

    I love Margaret so much. You mean she's not a tomboy in the book? Oh...that's a pity. :( I'm sure I'll still like her, though.

    1. OH YES. Mrs Palmer when she's excited. SO FUNNY. (And when she crumples up the newspaper. HAHA.)

      Yes. He DOES ship them! :-D

      No, she isn't! She reads novels and spies on Marianne and Whilloughby. :-D (She isn't mentioned a lot, though.)

      ~ N

  13. Hehe, Mrs. Palmer. ;-) I've seen that actress in another movie, David Copperfield, and t'would appear she loves playing the utterly silly women in movies. ;-D
    I like Margaret too. She gets 'pushed to the back' but is still memorable!
    OH YES JOHN AND ISABELLA ARE ONE OF MY FAVOURITES!!!! I NEVER tire of hearing them and watching them - I REALLY wish there was more of their screen time. John Knightley is hilariously dry, and Isabella matches him so perfectly. And I LOVE the idea of two sisters and two brothers marrying each other. :-D (My Mum knew some friends in real life who did that, hehe.)
    I think I appreciate Kitty more than I used to. She's still not in my 'top 5 favourites' from P&P though. :-P
    Haha. Mr. Palmer. Hugh Laurie played him to perfection. :-D
    I like Mr. Woodhouse (how could one forget him? or Miss Bates? ;-D She's rather unforgettable!) and Ann Steele. :-D That's off the top of my head. But John and Isabella are my favourite minor characters. Indubitably. :-)
    ~Miss Meg

    1. I know, Imelda Staughton is a BRILLIANT actress. Have you seen Cranford? She plays Mrs Pole and she's SO FUNNY. :-D

      AHHH JOHN AND ISABELLA. I know two sisters who married two brothers, actually. I really love it. Did you know that Laura Ingalls' mum and dad (Pa and Ma) had three Quiners marrying three Ingalls'? (So Ma and her sister Eliza and her brother Henry married three Ingalls'.)

      AH, yes, Mr Woodhouse. He's funny. :-) Although he annoys me a bit sometimes.

      Thank you for commenting. I really appreciate it!
      ~ Naomi

    2. (I'm sorry to hear you've had a terrible cold! I've had one myself, and they're not at all pleasant. :-/)
      No, I haven't seen Cranford (YET!) but it's on my to-see list. I did know she was in it, though, which is one of the main reasons I want to see it, hehe. ;-)
      Aww, really? Now I'm jealous. :-D I wish I personally knew someone who did that! Ah, really?! No, I didn't know that! I'll have to tell my Mummy, hehe. ;-)
      Oh yes, he does annoy me a little bit, but I still like him.
      That's okay! I love getting replies from you. :-)
      ~Miss Meg

    3. Thank you - it's getting better. (The cold.)

      I hiiighly recommend 'Cranford.' It's brilliant. :-D
      Actually, my dad's brother married the second cousin of my mother. I always thought that was cool, too. :-D

      ~ N

  14. I love Mr. and Mrs. Palmer along with Mrs. Jenkins. I could laugh over them forever. Mr. Palmer can't be funny without Mrs. Palmer annoying him, and Mrs. Palmer gossiping with her mother.

    You remembered Margret! I wish I could have seen more of her. I always felt like we would have been great friends, but I never got to know her better because she was just mentioned here and there throughout the book, especially in the movie. I like that the 2000 something Sense and Sensibility has Margret more often, compared to the 90's version.

    I didn't really like Mansfield Park that much either. I have noticed that a lot of people don't connect to Fanny Price, I wonder if that is why they don't like the book that much either.


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