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So, as promised, here is a Tag Answer Roundup. Basically I'm pasting my favourite of your answers. If you aren't 'in' this post, that doesn't mean that I don't like your answers. I mean, DUH; I loved them all. Although, SO many of you answered these, I'm bound to not add millions. :-) I'm just pasting some random answers of yours. I don't really have any 'favourites.' This is all disastrously random, (as I like to say.) :-)

Thank you all Everlastingly much for completing the Tag. Here are all the ladies who did, with their own respective links for you to enjoy:

If you want more, you can go to the first Jane Austen Week post and read all the answers of people who don't have a blog and commented it. :-)

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1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a Jane Austen fan do you consider yourself?

"Hmm.  Probably an 8.  I really enjoy her books and many movies based on them, and I love learning about the history of her era, and about Jane Austen herself.  I consider myself an Austenite, not a Janeite, just because "Janeite" seems to be used by people who are more interested in the romantic aspects of her novels, whereas I enjoy them more for her writing style and the characters as a whole.  Which doesn't mean I don't enjoy the romances too, but they're not what primarily draws me to her books -- they're more like the whipped cream on top of the hot chocolate." (Hamlette)

"10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously!!!!!!!" (Lois Johnson)

2. If "they" would make a new Jane Austen Movie, and you would be able to be cast in it, which Jane Austen character would you most like to play?

"Oh, I know, I would want to play Margaret Dashwood! I'm around her age, she doesn't have to kiss anyone (:-P) and her character isn't entirely developed so I'd be able to add my 'twist' to her character. I love acting, I've actually done quite a lot of it. :-D" (Miss Meg)

"Emma Emma Emma! All the way. I could be made to look quite like her I think. More than any other character." (Lucy Amanda)

"First of all, this is so cool that I'm being cast in a movie! My big break! (haha) I would love to play Emma, really. She may not be the heroine I relate to the most, but I'd have sooooo much fun being cute and bossy and annoying. ;-P" (Emma Jane)

3. Is there any felicity in the world superior to a walk?

"Walks actually are rather nice, but dancing is wonderful. Your partner twirling you, and your body moving with the music. I guess dancing is more superior to walking. :-)" (Ekaterina)

"There is no felicity superior to a walk in the sunshine. However, there are PLENTY of things superior to walk in the RAIN. (Lookin' at you, Marianne Dashwood.)" (Jessica Prescott)

"How about a nap?  They're awfully nice.  :)" (Miss March)

4. Who's your favourite Jane Austen 'villain'? (As in 'villain' meaning 'the bad guy.')

"I really like Henry Crawford. Not that I in any way condone his actions, but I think he was a nice layered character that had the potential for both good and bad. (Just a shame he chose wrong)" (Rose)

"That would be Willoughby -- because I actually like Willoughby, even though he's considered the villain of the story. He's selfish and shallow and pretty much a jerk, but I have compassion for him and I think if he gave it a little effort he could reform his ways. Plus, I can't resist Greg Wise. That's the plain truth." (Emma Jane)

5. What/Who introduced you to Jane Austen?
"Although I think I had heard of Sense and Sensibility 1995 before, I was introduced to the wonderful world of Miss Austen by Pride and Prejudice 1995.  It was my birthday (not sure which birthday – maybe my 18th?).  My mom, brother, and I stayed up late to watch the five-hour miniseries.  They fell asleep and missed the first proposal which prevented the rest of the movie from making sense.  :)  That viewing of P&P started my obsession with JA." (Kerry)

"My past English teacher.. she bought me Pride and Prejudice when we were at a literary festival in the city for extension.. and let's say my love for Austen blossomed. " (Evie)

"My parents.  I can't really remember not having watched P&P '95--I guess it's always just been one of those unspoken forevers." (Olivia)

6. Did you love/enjoy Jane Austen immediately, or has there been a time when you hated (um, prejudged) it?
"Yes. I've always loved it. I was a janeite from the womb...even if I didn't know it at the time. XD" (Jess)

"Never! I've always adored Jane Austen, ever since my first introduction to her." (Natalie)

7. Who, in your opinion, is the funniest Jane Austen character?
"Oh, Lydia Bennet, hands down. My goodness, you should have seen my mom and sister after we first watched the movie! They were mimicking Lydia in just about everything. :P" (Blessing Counter)

"I have seen that Mr. Palmer seems to be the popular answer here so while still agreeing with you I want to suggest another candidate. Mr. John Knightley...not to be confused with his brother the Mr. Knightley." (Cordy)

"I'm going to go with '95 Mary Bennet!  She's really rather hilarious--her line delivery, her facial expressions, everything:D" (Olivia)

"That's not fair!  I mean it!  That is NOT a fair question! How in the world am I supposed to decide between so many characters?  Alright, alright.  I'll do it. 
Mr.BennetHenryTilneyJohnKnightlyMr.PalmerMaryMusgroveMr.KnightlyEmmaMr.EltonMrs.Elton. And that's all I have to say on the subject!" (Miss March)

8. Do you quote Jane Austen randomly in public?
"Yes! I quote Jane Austen randomly wherever I go! There are people who don't? ;)" (Lois Johnson)

"Not usually.  However, if I am around another JA devotee, it is quite likely that we will start speaking in Austenese." (Kerry)

9. Are children allowed to eat cake on weddings?

"Why should they NOT be? Don't pay any attention to Mr. Woodhouse. I love him, but don't listen to what he says." (Jessica Prescott.)

"YES!!!  What's the use of taking them if they can't eat cake?" (Erudessa)

10. What is your reaction when you hear that an aquaintance of yours loves Jane Austen?
"REALLY?!! We Must Talk. Why Did We Not Know Each Other Before. That sort of thing :D" (Rosie McGann)

"Instant friendship!!!!!!! If it's a guy..... instant marriage!!!!!! ;) Just kidding. ;)" (Lois Johnson)

"Well, my eyes would probably light up with pleasure, and I'd say "Reeeaaallyyy?! Is that so! Well now, do you prefer Mr. Darcy 1995 or 2005?"
I'm serious. That would literally be my first question." (Phoebe)

11. Who writes better letters, Mr Darcy or Captain Wentworth?
"That is really hard to decide as the letters in themselves are so different. Captain Wentworth's letter was really sweet and romantic, but Darcy's letter shook me to the core and completely changed my perception of everything I had read this far, so I'm gonna choose that one." (Rose)

"Captain Wentworth. I mean...a proposal letter is more interesting than a slightly bitter letter of explanation. I'm amazed however how eloquent both can be under such stress!" (Lydia)

12. Which Jane Austen heroine do you relate the least to?

"This is so so hard because I have all the JA heroines in me. I'd say the least though is Fanny Price. But I still love her!" (Kristen Gutierrez)

"like her, but I find it hard to relate to Catherine Morland." (Heidi)

"Well... I THOUGHT this would be an easy question.  I relate to all of them for different reasons!  I feel, though, when I read the books, that Anne Elliot is the one I have the least empathy for." (Melody)

13. What's your favourite Jane Austen house (from one of the movies)?

"The Bennet's' (P&P 2005). It's so big and spacious and lovely!" (Anonymous commenter.)

"The Bennet's!! I looooovvve their little cottage, it's such a darling little thing! :)" (Blessing Counter)

Lol. Duh. just duh.
Though, Northanger Abbey 2007 wasn't a bad place either.
This is a hard question." (Jess)

14. What's your favourite Jane Austen dress (from one of the movies)?

"The dress Emma wears to the ball (the 2009 one) that's that soft peachy colour. I love that one!" (Miss Meg)

"I am hereby rewriting this question into "What's ONE of your favorite Jane Austen dresses (from one of the movies)?" Along with the correct American spelling of favorite. hee
Catherine's white blue floral dress that she wears to her first ball in Bath is just sooo pretty. I love it." (Natalie)

15. Can you turn off lit candles with your fingers?

"Yes, but it took some practice. I had a burn the first few times I tried." (Anonymous commenter)

"Haha! This made me laugh when I read it. But no I cannot do that. Maybe one day though..." (Kristen Gutierrez.)

"I just lit a candle and tried with… success! So yes, I can. :)" (Heidi)

"Can I?  I daresay yes.  Would I?  No." (Melody)

Thanks for all the lovely answers!
You are all so creative and THANK YOU. :-D


  1. What a lovely idea to do a compilation of tag anwers!
    Thanks for a lovely week, Naomi. It has been absolutely brilliant.

    I've just done a post on Emma's wardrobe in the 2009 series, here's the link:


  2. Oh, LOOK! I got quoted! And so did Rosie!! Now we're famous! :)

    "Ya don't need money when you're famous--they gives ya whatever ya want!" "Such as?" "A pair a'new shoes with matching laces--" "A permanent box at the Sheepshead Races--" "Salami on rye with a sour pickle--" "LOOK AT ME, I'M THE KING A'NEW YORK!"

    (Yeah, Rosie and I have become officially obsessed with Newsies over the past two weeks. At your recommendation. Thanks SOOOOOOOO much, Naomi--they're AWESOME!)

    It was such a fun tag to do. I really liked the "dresses" question especially--it's so much fun to see everyone's answers!


      "Let's get drunk!"
      "Not with liquor - fame goes quicker, when you're king of New York."

      It's SO MUCH FUN AHHHH. :-D So glad you're listening to it too!!!!!

    2. It is that--and I'm afraid I've fallen slightly in love with Jeremy Jordan, haha :) And Crutchie!!! He's just soooooooooooooo . . . No words. None.

  3. Yay I got quoted! That's always been my dearest wish :P No, just kidding . . . But it's amazing to see myself in print! Thank you, Naomi!


    "Pulitzer may own the world, but he DON'T OWN US!!"

    This was such a cool tag :) I loved reading everyone's answers to #2.

  4. Oh I say! *blushes* I've been quoted on your blog! :D Thanks ever so much dear!


  6. I LOOOOOOOOVE IT. So much, I'm having difficulty breathing. It's that gorgeous.

  7. Yyyaaaayyyy you quoted meeeeee! :D Now I feel famous! :D Thanks for the lovely week!

  8. Oh, what fun!!! Thanks for such a splendid week, Naomi! And oh look-you quoted me! Twice! I feel so honoured.(Look, I put that u in "honor" just for you.)


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